Long Beach

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Long Beach

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Long Beach is a city in Los Angeles County in Southern California.



Long Beach is a very large city with a (you guessed it) long coastline. It is situated at the very South-East edge of Los Angeles county, abutting Orange County.

You may hear different people say both wonderful and horrible things about the city. This is because the city is so large that it encompasses everything ranging from a large industrial area to extremely exclusive communities.

Long Beach isn't typically the primary target of someone's tourist visit, but it is centrally located to just about everything else that you'd want to see in Southern California. That said, Long Beach does have some nice people gathering areas as well as genuine tourist attractions such as the Queen Mary floating museum and a pretty-good aquarium.

Get in

By plane

Long Beach has its own airport which is rapidly growing and is the home to JetBlue's Southern California hub. the Orange County/John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles International airports are each about a half-hours drive away.

Get around

You are doomed without a car.

There is a bus system and a light-rail system that heads up to Los Angeles, but you will not find these a convenient sole-source of transportation.


  • Queen Mary
  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Earl Miller Japanese Garden
  • Catalina Express - a boat to Catalina Island
  • Long Beach Grand Prix - Held every April on the streets of LB
  • Long Beach Museum of Art
  • Carnival Cruise Lines - Leaves from a terminal next to the Queen Mary
  • Gondola Getaway - Authentic Gondola boat ride through the canals of Naples Island
  • Belmont Shore - a people-friendly shopping district with many restaurants


There are some nice new common brand hotels downtown. These are centrally located to the tourist area and convention center. If you're just looking for a nice quiet place to stay, Long Beach's nice bedroom communities are on the East side of town.

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