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London to Istanbul overland

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London to Istanbul overland

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London to Istanbul overland is in Europe.


This itinerary details the four major overland routes from London, United Kingdom to Istanbul, Turkey by means of train, bus, and ferry. The distance is about 1,865 miles and requires 30 hours of straight driving to cover the distance---by car. Trains and buses go slower, but provide a better journey. Each of the four trips are quite easy to arrange.


This journey requires crossing 5, 8, or 10 countries, depending on which route you choose. For information on specific destinations, look at their pages.


  • Via Belgium & Czech Republic:

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Via Belgium & Czech Republic

  • The Eurostar makes a daily trip between London and Brussels, departing London at 08:58 and arriving in Brussels at 12:08. Cost: $109
  • Take the 19:28 Thalys train to Cologne, reaching its destination at 21:15. Cost: $32
  • The City Night Line (CNL) runs a sleeper to Prague, leaving Cologne at 22:28 and entering Prague at 09:26. Cost: $82
  • Spend the night in Prague.
  • A EuroCity train exits Prague at 09:39, arriving in Budapest at 16:35. Cost: $45
  • Spend the night in Budapest.
  • Take the 07:10 InterCity train to Bucharest, entering the city at 22:27.

Via Germany & Austria

Via Serbia & Bulgaria

Via Italy & Greece