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London/East End

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London : East End
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London/East End

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The East End is an area of London.

This area was traditionally a poor area, and mainly populated by various immigrant communities.

The East End is an area made famous by the TV show EastEnders, a BBC soap opera about the life of people living in Albert Square, Walford, which is a fictional location.

The East End is the home of "Cockney Rhyming Slang" a dialect of English where words are substituted for other words which they rhyme with. For example "Apples and Pears" is cockney slang for "Stairs", "Plates of Meat" is slang for "Feet".

Exploring the East End can be a great way to get off of the main tourist track, while staying in walking distance of the historic center of London. A good place to start is to go east from Spitalfield into the nearby Brick Lane neighborhood.

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