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List of phrasebooks

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List of phrasebooks

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This page lists the phrasebooks currently available on Wikitravel. If you need a phrasebook for a language not listed here, try adding it to the Requests for phrasebooks page. Phrasebook development is organized through the Phrasebook Expedition.


"Complete" here means simply that the standard template has been fully translated, but there may still be much room for improvement!


These guides have enough content to be useful, but there's still lots of room for improvement. These guides have at least a full pronunciation guide and the first big section of phrases filled out.


The following phrasebooks are incomplete. They have been templated, but still have parts untranslated. Please help contribute if you speak the language in question.


These phrasebooks have little or no content, or are just lists of random phrases. They should be converted to use the standard template.


These special "phrasebooks" are for people interested in learning to read or write a complex script.

In other languages

These phrasebooks are available in other languages but not English. Plunge forward and translate them!

Some new and featured phrasebooks appear on the Main Page.