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Lesvos (Λέσβος) [1], also spelled Lesbos, is the third biggest island in Greece, after Evoia and Crete. Located in the Aegean Sea, it belongs to the prefecture of Lesvos along with islands Limnos (Λήμνος) and Agios Efstratios (Άγιος Ευστράτιος).



The capital city of Lesvos is Mytilene (Μυτιλήνη).

Other destinations

Pirgi Thermis, Thermis, Eresos, Thalia, Madamados


The Ancient Greek poet Sappho, whose erotic poems gave rise to the word lesbian, was born in Eressos (Ερεσός) in the South-Western part of Lesvos.


Get in

By plane

The island is served by Odysseas Elytis (Οδυσσέας Ελύτης) airport, named for the 20th century Greek poet of the same name, which is located in the far South-East of the island, around 8km South of Mytilene. Flights run regularly to/from Athens, Thessaloniki, Chios and Limnos. Internationally, the island is a popular holiday destination so is served by regular charter flights.

By ship

The island is also connected with the mainland and other islands by ship. Many major companies offer routes between Lesvos and Athens. The main shipping company is NEL Lines.

Get around

Local buses run all around the main roads, tickets are 1 Euro each for a single trip. You can buy tickets at local coffee shops or small Deli shops over the counter. The major bus stop and information station is located at Mitilini(Major city).

Taxis are cheap and most use the meter. They do drive like crazy though. Taxis are all yellow and most are turbo Opels.

Walking is most convinient between vilages but if your an attractive women you will be looked at and talked too but nothing dangerous.


The old castle at Mytilene


  • Safari tours [2] Visit traditional old villages, and hidden paths with Jeep safari tours.

See The small village of Pirgi Thermis on the East side of the island.Very friendly people, Small beach, War ruins near the beach. And also forein Uni students between May 2nd till the whole of summer. There is also a 4 star Hotel there that offers rooms from 50-100 Euros a night and excellent service. Its called the Lesvos Inn, every Taxi driver knows them. They also speak english, they also have internet facilities for you to do internet banking as well.


Souvlakia with Pita(Bread wrapped) with french fries and mustard,Tomato sauce and also Tzaziki all served in one is very common take away food for around 3-5 Euros. Hotels offer meals for around 9-15 Euros on Average (2006)


Coffee is the most availible drink on the island, even more than water. Prices start from 1-5 Euros

Alcohol is sold at every Coffee shop in every village or bars in the capital Mitilini near the wharf where the ferry will drop you off. Almost all Major hotels serve Alcohol as well.Price : 3-12 Euros.

OUZO is the most common Alcohol drink on the island especially for older people. The reason: The best is made there called Mitilini OUZO.

Stay safe

Avoid staring at gathered youngsters unless you want to start a fight

When walking on main roads look both directions and look out for motor bikes

Never take photos of Military compounds/bases

Get out

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