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Kuta (Lombok)

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Kuta (Lombok)

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Kuta is a coastal town in the south of the island of Lombok in Indonesia.


Panoramic view of Kuta Beach

The scenery is spectacular, with cliffs and mountains reaching the coast to create jagged and awe- inspiring landscapes and views. The beaches are some of the best in Indonesia, with pristine white sand, and transparent blue-greens in the water. Kuta has some of the best surfing in the world, so naturally many visitors are surfers.

Kuta has a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants, ranging from backpacker offerings to a four star resort for more wealthy travelers. Many people come to Kuta just to unwind, lie on the beach, rent a motorcycle to look around, or to just relax by reading a book or taking a nap in the afternoon.

Most of Kuta retains its sleepy, natural character as a typical fishing village. The local people live in housing clusters (called kampungs) and are largely unaffected by tourist activity. Travellers can walk along dirt roads and see the villagers going about their normal daily activities. Food is usually cooked over a wood fire and the children live a carefree life of playing on the beach and climbing trees. The people are exceptionally friendly to foreigners. Although most do not speak English, they will often welcome you onto their beruga (gazebo porch) for a glass of local Lombok coffee.

Lombok International Airport is around 20 minutes away, and there has recently been a huge amount of land speculation in the Kuta area from high-end hotel operators and other investors.

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Travel Warning

NOTE: Scheduled airline operations flying to and from Lombok have been moved from Selaparang International Airport (IATA: AMI) across to the new Lombok International Airport (BIL) ICAO: WADL in central southern Lombok near the city of Praya.

Please see the main Lombok article for more details on the new international airport and connecting services to destinations across the island.

From Bandara Internasional Lombok

Lombok International Airport (BIL) ((IATA: LOP), ICAO: WADL) is south west of Praya in south central Lombok. This new international airport will provide facilities for wide bodied aircraft and more modern terminal facilities and cargo facilities.

Kuta is approximately 20-30 minutes from the new airport. A journey by metered taxi should be anticipated to cost around Rp 40,000-45,000.

Please see the main Lombok article for more details on the new international airport and connecting services to Kuta.

From Bali

There are many shuttle bus companies which have scheduled transport from Bali. Expect to pay around Rp 150,000 per person (one way) from main Bali departure centers such as Kuta or Ubud. The price will include the ferry and connecting shuttles. The popular Perama [10] bus company will charge only an additional Rp 10,000 per surfboard. The one-way trip by bus and ferry usually requires more than 12 hr of travel to reach Kuta. It is a slow, but inexpensive and comfortable way to travel if that fits your style.

From Lembar

From Lembar the price to Kuta must be negotiated in advance. Competition is fierce and porters will often place your luggage in a taxi prior to settling the price. If using a taxi you should ensure that the driver uses the meter. Assertive behavior can ensure you choose the type of transport and price that suits your needs. The taxi fare from Lembar to Kuta should be around Rp 250,000. If using a hired car ensure that the price is clearly defined before you enter the vehicle and depart.

Perama will also run this route if there are two of more passengers booked beforehand (Rp 125,000 per person). The Perama bus will be waiting for you when you get off the boat in Lembar Harbour.

By shuttle

Tourist shuttle tickets can be booked at the Perama office from 7AM–10PM, opposite the wartel (telephone office) or the one attached to Segare Anak Bungalow. They have daily departures to destinations on Lombok and Bali. Transport to Lembar, the port for connecting ferries to Padangbai in Bali, costs Rp 125,000 per person. To travel further north, prices to Senggigi and the Gili Islands should be Rp 100,000 and Rp 150,000 respectively.

Get around

In the village of Kuta, all local facilities are within a reasonable walking distance. For local transport in and around Kuta you can use a ojek (motorbike with rider).

By bemo

An extensive, but complex public transport system runs throughout all of Lombok. The standard mode of public transportation is the bemo, a small, covered pick-up truck with narrow benches. The bemo is designed to transport local people; tourists may find them confusing and difficult to use. Public transport is not recommended for the uninitiated traveller, especially if traveling with luggage or surfboards and unable to speak Bahasa Indonesia. To reach almost any destination, expect numerous stops en route, bemo changes, and sometimes very crowded conditions. True backpackers wishing to save money by conquering the bemo system should carefully get advice about the route in advance and write down the name of the destination to show the driver. Traveling on a bemo is certainly one way to experience local culture.

Public bemo's are located at the junction and also on the beach road.

By car

Transport from Kuta with driver in an air-conditioned van
Guideline only, will vary with season and demand

  • Mataram Rp 275,000
  • Senggigi Rp 300,000
  • Bangsal Harbour Rp 325,000
  • Lembar Harbour Rp 300,000
  • Senaru Rp 450,000
  • Mataram Town Half Day Tour Rp 350,000

Many visitors consider the most efficient way to get around is by renting a local driver and a comfortable car. They are readily available at most hotels to transport you around the island at the rate of Rp 350,000 and upward per day.

By motorcycle

If you wish to explore the South Lombok area surrounding Kuta, the preferred way by many is to do so by motorcycle. Motorcycles can be rented at rates of about Rp 50,000 per day, without petrol. Insist the bike be in as new condition, then carefully inspect and make note of the bike for scratches and any other damage. Ensure the bike is in proper mechanical condition including the lights, brakes and tyres. Ask for a surfboard rack if desired as some rental operators have them available. Never give your passport or drivers licence as security to rent the bike and ensure the current STNK – Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan (Certificate of Registration) is with the motorbike.

By boat

Local boatman may be available to take you for an outing but be careful to negotiate the price and details to common agreement before boarding or determining a final price. Do not automatically expect the boat to have adaquate or possibly any safety equipment at all. Ensure you check such equipment for yourself prior to agreeing to the charter. Some traditional perahu boat operators cannot swim so do not expect them to be able to save you should difficulties arise. Also ensure that the price includes fuel and where you will be travelling and for how long a time. Ensure you will return to shore well before dusk. Do not expect the boat operator to be able to communicate with you fluently in English or even Bahasa Indonesian.


View from a hill near Pantai Seger
Mawun Beach from under the tree


Around Kuta there are some beautiful beaches. Kuta offers you the private white beaches you have seen on travel posters and always dreamed of experiencing. There are six main beaches in and around Kuta:

  • Kuta Beach, Kuta village. This is where most of the accommodations and restaurants are located.
  • Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Beach), (about 3 km east of Kuta Beach). This is where the Novotel Lombok is located. It's a beautiful beach, but at low tide it gets almost completely dry and is no longer suited for swimming.
  • Pantai Seger (Seger Beach), (about 3.5 km east of Kuta Beach). Beach suited for surfing, not for swimming because of the very strong currents. There are some drink stalls. Climb the hill here to watch the sunset.
  • Tanjung A'an, (about 7 km east of Kuta Beach). Tanjung A'an comprises of two white sand bays, A'an to the west and Pedau to the east, separated by a rocky outcrop. Smooth turquoise waters offer safe swimming and snorkeling. The only facilities are a few drinks stalls.
  • Mawun, (about 8km west of Kuta Beach). Mawun beach is a secluded half-moon bay with crystal clear water and pristine sand. There's one big tree where people congregate in the shade. An awesome place for relaxing, save swimming and surfing. The only facilities are a few drinks stalls.
  • Selong Belanak, (about 12 km west of Kuta Beach, about 6 km over the steep hill). Beautiful bay bordered by two rocky promontories. Nearby is a surf beach called Mawi.


Visitors can make day trips from Kuta to the pottery village of Penunjak and to the weaving village of Sukarare.



Kuta is a surfers destination, with world class shore, reef and point breaks along the coast. Personal transport is the best way if not the only way to access the surfing spots. Since there have been reports of thefts in Southern Lombok, you should expect to pay a few thousand Rupiah to a local to guard your bike during your time in the water. Board can be hired in Kuta town or at the Gerupuk village.

Popular surf breaks around Kuta:

  • Seger reef: the closest break to Kuta village, Seger provides a heavy right hander and is excellent under most conditions. It's a popular spot during the afternoon tide shift, and especially after the big rains in the wet season. Ride past the Novotel, then turn right after the small bridge and continue taking right turns until the road becomes unsealed. There is free parking at the very end, with a small hill that onlookers can climb for a phenomenal view of the surroundings.
  • Air Guling: Air Guling is a beach to the West of Kuta village. The break is a fair paddle from shore, and is a strong right hander, which can become very hollow during a large swell. Continue West from Kuta, up the mountain and over the other side. There is a view of the beach when coming down, and don't be deceived when the road swerves away from the coast. Eventually on the left there will be an unsealed dirt road which can be very difficult to handle (unadvisable to ride when wet). Continue the road to the beach, and pay Rp 3,000 to watch your bike.
  • Gerupuk: The most popular break in Kuta. There are two main breaks here, although some others pop up in the right conditions. You need to hire a boatman from the village to access the breaks (Rp 70,000 for 1 person, Rp 40,000 per person for 2, and Rp 30,000 each for more). The boat will wait while you surf. To get here, take a ride east for 7 km (about 10-15 min), and pay the Rp 1,000 parking fee.
    • Inside Gerupuk: Insides is located in a sheltered bay and is good for beginners. The floor is a soft reef bed which doesn't cause much damage. The wave breaks both left and right here, and can get busy. Ocean Bar is located a short paddle away from the break (floating on the sea) and offers cold drinks, fruit and basic food
    • Outside Gerupuk: Cannot be seen from the village, it's a short boat ride away. Outsides is generally the most reliable bet for a surf - there is nearly always something to surf here (even in low swell conditions). The wave is a right hander and can be quite heavy.

Surf shops

  • Kimen Surf, Jl Kuta Mawun, Pujut, Kuta (at the junction), +62 370 655064 (). The original surf shop in Kuta, operating since 2004. Also rent bikes.
  • Kuta Reef Surf Shop, Kuta Beach (on the beach, near Surfers Inn).


There is excellent sport fishing to be had in waters off Kuta. Unfortunately, the only charter boats available locally are local wooden outriggers and these are not always ideal for the challenging fishing conditions. You can though get a decent day's fishing by hiring one of these boats with a captain from the local guys on Kuta Beach. Those requiring a bigger, more comfortable boat will need to bring one around from the Senggigi area, or across the Badung Strait from Bali.


The village of Kuta provides all the basic necessities for a traveler, such as toiletries, tropical clothing, souvenirs, fruits and bottled water. However the closest place where you can buy pharmacy supplies, luggage, develop photos, and make travel reservations is the city of Praya.

An ATM has recently been installed in Kuta, next to the Tastura Beach Resort, with a service fee of about Rp 30,000 (approx US$3).

In case the ATM doesn't work, there is another ATM in Praya, which is about an hour ride away.


Most of the hotels and bungalows serve breakfast which is included in their room rates. Kuta beach area restaurants have many food options. Most of the restaurants serve Indonesian, European and international cuisine.

  • Ashtari Cafe, Kuta (on the main road west of Kuta village, about 3 km uphill). Open from 8:30AM-6PM, no orders taken after 5:30PM. Closed on Mondays. Located on the hill with spectacular views of the south coast. You need transport to get there. Relax and enjoy the daily fresh menu. Delicious food and cheap prices. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Bamboo Cafe, (near the junction). Local food and fresh seafood. Still has waterfront views.
  • Dwiki's Cuisine, Jl Raya Kuta-Mawun (150 m west of the junction), +62 819 16456423 (+62 818 03680911). 8AM-10PM. Serves a variety of european and asian cuisine. The owners have a love for good food and for their customers. Highly recommended.
  • Family Cafe, (near the junction, next to Matahara Inn). 10AM-11PM. A large restaurant with an Indonesian menu and some western dishes. Serves cocktails as well.
  • Ilalang Cafe, Kuta Beach (at the beach, on the eastern edge of town). Local food, especially fresh seafood.
  • Lombok Lounge, (near the junction, next to Matahara Inn). A reasonable restaurant with cheap prices. Indonesian menu and some western dishes.
  • Stella Cafe. A simple cafe incorporated with a boutique gives you a different atmosphere, daily food menu, seafood on order.
  • Warung Melati, Kuta (at the beach, on the eastern edge of town). Good Indonesian food in a real beach side warung.
  • Cafe Cherry, a simple cafe offering Indonesian and western food, seafood on order including lobster and prawns.
  • Ocean Life Cafe, a bamboo and wooden cafe, gives you a bit of option in the menu. Incorporates shop providing imported drink and wines.
  • Bong's cafe, wood oven pizza and tacos for a different taste in the Kuta area.
  • Purnama Cafe, a simple and enjoyable cafe.
  • Cafe Seger, a skillful lady chef offers tasty Sasak food next to the beach with views of the sea, best fish in Kuta.
  • Alang-Alang Cafe, cafe on the beach with beruga style seating in a small, open sitting area with grass roof.
  • Warung Bule. A simple cosy place which faces the sea. Run by a local man, with a selection of Western and Sasak food. Highly recommend the Ayam Taliwang (might be a little spicy).
  • Warung Murah Meriah, run by a local couple.
  • Magic Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Kuta Beach (turn left at the junction, just a few metres across from Lombok Lounge), +62 370 653985. 7AM-11:30PM. Western and Indonesian cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. The only bar in town that serves you Illy coffee for cappuccino and espresso, also choices of tea. Good internet speed with free wifi provided and an onsite generator to assist with the frequent power outages.
  • Solah Bar and Restaurant, Jl Pantain (on the beach, at the eastern edge of the town). 12PM- 11PM. Large, friendly, with candlelit tables both inside and outside for dining, bean bags for lounging, billiards, and a big TV screen. Sasak, Indonesian and International food with a bar/drink menu. 10% of your bill supports the 'Solah Foundation' which teaches English to the locals, and sponsors disadvantaged kids to go to school.


  • Riviera Cafe, Kuta (opposite Matahari Inn). Local cuisine, good quality sea food and beverages offered with live acoustic music every Wednesday night.
  • Shore Bar & Restaurant, Kuta (at the beach, on the eastern edge of town). This beach bar is probably the only place that boosts somewhat of a night life in Kuta. Cold beers and cocktails. A local rock band playing covers will entertain you on a Saturday night, other nights disco DJ show. Happy hour from 4PM-7PM. Also serves lunch and dinner. BBQ fish and any kind of seafood.
  • De Guru, Kuta (between Surfers Inn and Tastura Hotel). Local surfers meet here so it's a good place to have a cold bintang and get some information about the local surf scene.
  • Ocean Bar, Inside Gerupuk (next to Inside Gerupuk break). 8am - sunset. Floating bar at Inside Gerupuk, good place to have a cold drink in between surfs or chill while watching other people surf. Also serves fruit platters and basic food
  • The Gecko Lounge and Bar, (50 m from main intersection). A work still in progress. Good food and cocktails with a selection of local and imported beers, free WiFi. Specialises in wood-fired pizza.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under Rp 200,000
Mid-range Rp 200,000-500,000
Splurge Over Rp 500,000

Kuta has a good range of accomodation from cheap and slightly shabby huts all the way up to the 4 star Novotel. Most accommodation is located along the beach strip. Listed prices for budget and mid-range accommodation can change by a factor of 100% depending on the season. Even within one hotel complex the price of rooms can vary greatly depending on amenities, such as air conditioning, hot water and a television. The prices listed are only provided as a guide. In low season, you can bargain for discounted rates, in high season you may be thankful to get a room for any price. Call or check the hotel website directly for availability and/or reservations. Third party reservation agents are sometimes not reliable.


  • Anda Bungalows & Restaurant, Jl Pantai Kuta, Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), +62 370 654836 (""+62, ). Locally owned hotel, has a peaceful garden setting and clean rooms to offer. The restaurant has a good selection of Indonesian and western food and serves pizza. Standard room with fan Rp 100,000 and A/C room Rp 150,000.
  • Are Goling Bungalows & Restaurant, Are Goling via Kuta (follow Jalan Selong Balanac 7 km westward from Kuta, follow signs southward to destination 1.5 km from turn-off, go 50 m past school, near beach), (), [1]. Beautiful views over Are Goling (Sasak: rolling waters), 600 m to beach, clean, safe accommodation. The restaurant has a good selection of Indonesian and western food. Opened August 2011 Standard double bungalow from Rp 200,000.
  • G’Day Inn, Kuta (located near the wartel (telephone office) close to the bemo stop), +62 370 655342. Budget place set inside a family compound with 5 rooms, fan and cold water. Family is great and provide good food.
  • Mimpi Manis Homestay, Jalan Raya Mong, Desa Mong, Kuta (about 2 km north of Kuta village), + 62 818 369950, [2]. A small, friendly, family run homestay (British/Balinese). All rooms have a safety box and DVD player and the owners have an impressive DVD selection to choose from. Mimpi Manis offer a free orientation tour to some of the local beaches. They have a generator to deal with the frequent power cuts. Fan-cooled room Rp 100,000 A/C Rp 150,000 and house Rp 200,000.
  • Puri Rinjani Bungalow & Restaurant (Formerly Rinjani Agung Beach Bungalows & Restaurant), Kuta (located on the beachroad, on the eastern edge of town), +62 370 654849 (+62 370 653749, fax: +62 370 654852). Simple clean place with 1 A/C room and 5 fan rooms. The restaurant overlooking the beach serves Indonesian, European and local food. Standard room with fan Rp 150,000 and premium air-con room Rp 400,000.
  • Seger Reef Homestay, Kuta (located on the beach road, on the eastern edge of town), +62 370 655528. Four new rooms, very clean and safe.
  • Segare Anak Bungalow & Restaurant, Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), "+62 (""+62, ), [3]. Different options from backpacker accommodation with fan rooms and nicer rooms with A/C, though none of the 20 rooms has hot water. Restaurant overlooking the sea and a small swimming pool. Perama office, internet cafe and money changing facilities. Standard room with fan from Rp 80,000-150,000 (depending on the size of the room) and A/C room Rp 200,000.
  • Sekar Kuning Bungalow and Restaurant (Yellow Flower Bungalow), Jl Pariwisata (centrally located on the beach road), +62 370 654856. Budget accommodations of 17 rooms, all only have cold water. Standard room with fan Rp 100,000.
  • Surfers Inn, Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), +62 370 55582 (, fax: +62 370 655583), [4]. Budget style accommodation with restaurant, bar and a really nice swimming pool. There is a wide selection of 25 fan-cooled and A/C rooms, all with cold water. Guests are mostly Australian surfers. Standard room with fan Rp 110,000, A/C Rp 180,000 and superior A/C room Rp 260,000.
  • Yulis Homestay, Kuta, +62 819 17100983 (), [5]. Small, quiet and discreet bungalow complex, about 1 km out of Kuta village on the main road. Just three spotlessly clean and comfortable en-suite rooms with air-conditioning. Has a small communal and kitchen and a pool. Owned and run by a New Zealand guy with his local wife. Rp 300,000.


  • Kuta Inda Hotel, Kuta (on the western edge of town; walk west from Matahari Inn for another 400m), +62 370 653781. Kuta Indah Hotel has 10 fan-cooled rooms and 25 A/C rooms (5 standard A/C, 12 superior, 6 deluxe and 2 family rooms). All A/C rooms have a private balcony and bathroom. Restaurant, bar and a nice swimming pool. From about US$25.
  • Lakuen Bungalows, Lakuen, Gerupuk (about 15 min driving, east of Kuta village), +62 801 907 006 138, [6]. Lakuen Bungalows is the only accommodation in Gerupuk. The bungalows have satellite TV, DVD players and hot and cold water. Lakuen has it's own restaurant. Bungalow Rp 500,000.
  • Matahari Inn, Kuta (from the junction, turn right), +62 370 655000, [7]. Basic rooms. Slightly old hotel but large rooms are laid out in a beautiful garden. With swimming pool. From about US$ 20.


  • Novotel Lombok (Mandalika Resort, Novotel Coralia), Pantai Putri Nyale, Lombok Seletan (''South Lombok'') (about 3 km east from Kuta village), +62 370 653333 (, fax: +62 370 653555), [8]. 4 star Novotel resort on the picturesque white sandy beach of Kuta. Built in the style of a traditional Sasak village. Renovated in 2011 with 77 superior and deLuxe rooms and 23 'Sasak' villas, each with a private garden and terrace. Two beachfront restaurants, a fitness centre, 2 spas, 4 swimming pools located in the hotel gardens and beachside, a natural lagoon, water sports, Kids Club, daily activities, health programs and meeting rooms for up to 120 people. All rooms are equipped with individually controlled A/C, wifi, IDD telephone, satTV. Located near popular surfing areas with horse riding and Dive Zone-Novotel available at the resort. Fairly remote location, but taxis are available. This is the best hotel on the south coast. Expect Western prices for lunch, dinner and drinks. From US$218.79 inc taxes, breakfast not included, US$147.90 with breakfast and taxes included.
  • Tastura Beach Resort, Jl Raya Pantai Kuta, Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), +62 370 655540 (, fax: +62 370 655398), [9]. A 3 star resort with 20 deluxe rooms, 4 suite rooms and 1 bungalow. From US$65.



Several hospitals are located in the main city of Mataram including the islands main public hospital Rumah Sakit Umun and also the Risa Hospital in Cakranegara near Mataram mall.

  • Please see the Lombok main article for a list of medical facilities available in Mataram.


  • Klinik Risa (Risa Centra Medika Hospital), Jl. Pejanggik No.115, Cakranegara (Just east of Mataram mall on the right hand (south) side of the road), +62 370 625560. 24 hr Emergency room. Full hospital facilities available on site, specialist consulting rooms and dentist.

Emergency service

  • Ambulance In emergency dial - 118
The reality is that unless within the confines of the main city of Mataram/Ampenan/Cakranegara an ambulance is normally too far away to provide prompt transport in the case of a true emergency. Most often a taxi, police vehicle or a private car is used to get someone requiring urgent medical attention to a hospital. The ambulances in Lombok are more often used in the role of assisted patient transport rather than for first responder/paramedic supported emergency assistance and transport.

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