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(By plane)
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==Stay safe==
==Stay safe==
There were fraud cases reported in [[Kupang]] about foreigners who were robbed by local women. This seems to be a big problem in the city so just be aware about the kpang u  must need local trusted guide from hotels,don't be morefriendly with everyone and for relationship,just look beauty of kupang and leave,once u touch to scammers,u will finish,in lavalon bar also these scammers will come and sit for sex(prostitiue) and scam.they will communicate with u first like hi u r alone or u came with u r wife or girlfriend,plese avoid gold,gadgets if possibel to take to kupang,travel bag and mobile is enough,don't give u r personal name and facebook account name,mobile no's,any visteing cards to anyone .avoid to tell u r real name,country to anyone,use u r nick name.actually in kupang all scammers and prostitues will use these tricks.u must need guide in kupang.these scammers have big networs inkupang,these have a connection with illegal people like mafia,even from airport they will get u r updated info.kupang is that much danerous fro tourists in now a days and past,many many stories,in kupang is better place to stay in kupang,mainthing is for foreiners but lavalon bar many many scammers  coming for sit and attract foreiner and even hostel also come and staying like a guest.this is the biggest problem,but lavalon is the best for foreiner in kupang for info,english seaking stff,more experinced about travel,other hotels and hostels have but that will attract  mainly  local people.behind the beauty and food(enjoyment) inkupang have much illegal darkness.if any scammers will show her id that is fake with fake name,even passport,visa stampins,even her stories,useually here women is the biggest problem to tourist who r culprit. once scammer or prostitute look gold ornmnts and gadgets,they will come and touch with u,mainly don't infrom u r  about next travel pleace,this is also very importnat,specially in country like indonesia,most of illegal activities r interconnected they know excatly where is u r movemets,so they will be upto date about u,mainly in kuapng,careful kupang is the very important place in indonesia as for human trafficking to australia,past poor people r now rich mafia men ,they r handling these scammers and prostituets and drugs,even they have weapons.women r playing big role here.u won't get any dought  most of these scammers r emplyess and from teen girl to women,teen boy to men.they r too smart and experienced.even scammers willmeet u outside resturents also,they will help to as indonesian language translator,so they will get u r details  and where u r staying.these scammers r look like a rich,they have all gadgets r robbed one,so u won't be fool.yuni lidya dethan,she is a big scammer belongs to lasina conencted with mafia.
There were fraud cases reported in [[Kupang]] about foreigners who were robbed by local women. This seems to be a big problem in the city so just be aware about the scammers.  
this warning also for refugges who r coming from other countries,so here mafia will robb everything from u ,they have a women,so even u r coming from strict rules on sex from countries so,so sex will make u poor .sometimes u won't get suport from police beacuse some of the police also involved and money play major role.
don't go lasina except beach,careful about that place hub to mafia, human traffickers,drugs,local hard drinks(sopi-don't drink that one very dangerous,vodka is bettter,sopi is most powerful local stuff many times powerful than vodka and from rice,if u have that one inside of u will get a problem,prostitutes and scammers. this place is will touch on the way to kupang airport and to kupang city from airport.lasina is outskirts of kupang.
{{IsPartOf|West Timor}}
{{IsPartOf|West Timor}}

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Kupang is a city in West Timor and the provincial capital of West Nusa Tenggara.

Get in

By plane

Kupang's El Tari Airport (IATA: KOE) has services

direct flights from koe to indonesia( atambua(susi air),bali,waingapu,larantuka,tambolaka,loweleba,komodo,mali,ruteng,soa,maumere and ende).kupang also connected to different destantions of both dometic and international by using indonesian airport transit points.specially one indonesian airport tansit points.

go through these websites for update info

There is no flight to Dili!

By bus

Kupang is a 12-hour bus ride away from Dili, East Timor.

Get around

You can use "Microbus" (or Bemo). The uniqueness of public transportation in the city of Kupang is due to the appearance filled with accessories, decorations and music blaring.



If you like loud music, you can try "Diskotek Berjalan" style of Kupang.

  • Roslin Orphanage, Kupang (Timor), [1]. If you are in Kupang a visit to the Roslin Orphanage is a definite must. Google and youtube "Roslin Orphanage" for more information. Peggy and Budi Soehardi are CNN heroes and once you read about their story, you will understand why. Better yet, don't just read about it- go and visit the orphanage and meet them in person.



Grilled corn (jagung bakar) is a popular snack. It is available at Pantai Teddy's (near Pantai Laut and Teddy's bars) and along El Tari street.

Pasar Malam (Night Market) is a popular dinner location for both tourists and locals alike. It specialises in grilled fish but other seafood, chicken and common Indonesian staples are available as well. It is occasionally even possible to find the local dish "Jagung Bose" for sale at the market.

The main local disk is Sei Babi (smoked pork) which while most popular from Baun (a town about 25km west of kupang) there are a number of options available in Kupang as well. The most popular of these are Bamboo Kuning near the mall, Pondok Sawah near the stadium and Aroma near the school SMP2. There are also many smaller warungs that sell sei around.

Pantai Laut bar and restaurant by the old harbour (now just a broken pier) is a popular place for tourists to eat and have a cold drink by the sea.

Rotterdam Steakhouse is located near Hotel Kristal. It specialises in steak and is known for a nice seaside setting.

Nalayan restaurant located by the sea is a large restaurant that is popular for larger groups. They have a wide range of food but are occasionally full with a wedding or similar celebration.

Palapa Resto is a newer restaurant that serves mostly chinese and seafood dishes. It is located near the Governer's house on a moderately busy road. You are subject to some street noise from here but it has a nice courtyard enclosed by trees that offers an escape from the nearby traffic.

OCD beach cafe in Lasiana is a recent addition to Kupang. It is about 15 minutes out of the main city of Kupang at the popular Lasiana Beach. It offers both open indoor and outdoor seating at a lovely location. However it may be difficult to get back to Kupang in the evening when the bemo's stop running unless you have other transport arranged.


Pantai Laut bar and restaurant is a popular open air seaside bar that draws tourists, expats and a small number of locals. This is probably the most popular of the drinking options although is called "Teddy's" by many locals as the side used to be occupied by Teddy's bar.

Teddy's bar is small bar across the road from Pantai Laut that can be heard playing karaoke until the early hours of the morning.

Rotterdam Steakhouse is a slightly more expensive option but has a well decorated seaside setting and live music on weekends. It is more of a restaurant than a bar and closes earlier than the others but is a nice place if not planning to stay up until the early hours of the morning.

OCD Beach Cafe on Lasiana is a quiet cafe on the popular Lasiana Beach (and is currently the only place to get a drink on the beach in Kupang). It is about 15 minutes out of the main city and may be difficult to get too and from in the evening by bemo. So if planning to stay late private transport should be arranged in advance. The staff may be able to assist with this.


  • Lavalon Hostel, [2] tel: +628123770533 is an actual backpacker spot with a friendly English speaking staff, who will happily (and accurately) answer any question about flights, buses and ferries, flyers and maps on other hostels in Roti and East Timor, and is a good place to meet other backpackers with whom you can talk and share information. They have cheap rooms (40,000 rupiah). It seems to be the backpacker pick for Kupang. Also has has quite a good menu including the only western breakfast in town (pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs, omelette, garlic soup) as well as more typical Indonesian fare (Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng).

Get out

Fast ferry running from Kupang to Dili is not running as of January 22, 2012. You can only go to Dili overland and you will have to arrange your visa in advance.

Stay safe

There were fraud cases reported in Kupang about foreigners who were robbed by local women. This seems to be a big problem in the city so just be aware about the scammers.

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