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Kumamoto (prefecture)

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[[Kumamoto (prefecture) | Kumamoto]] is a prefecture on the island of [[Kyushu]], in [[Japan]].
'''Kumamoto''' is a prefecture on the island of [[Kyushu]], in [[Japan]].

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Kumamoto is a prefecture on the island of Kyushu, in Japan.


  • Aso highland area, with an immense caldera, numerous hot spring resorts, fine hiking courses, and an active volcano to look down into.


  • Kumamoto - The main city.
  • Hitoyoshi - which is famous for hot springs. There are many other places to visit too.

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There are several unique traditional foods in Kumamoto prefecture. First, karashirenkon is one of the most popular foods in Kumamoto. This is lotus root with mustard stuffed into the holes, covered with soybean and wheat flour, and fried. Second, basashi is also popular as traditional food of Kumamoto. It's raw horse meat, and people in Kumamoto eat it with soy sauce and ginger. In addition, takana, a type of vegetable, is one of the specialties of Aso, and there are many types of seafood in Amakusa. Furthermore, Kumamoto is famous for boiled pork-rib (tonkotsu) ramen noodles. People sometimes form a line to eat it in front of the shop.



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