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Kokoda Track

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Kokoda Track

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The Kokoda Track is in Papua New Guinea.


The Kokoda Track was made famous during World War Two when the ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) and Japanese Imperial Forces fought a long and arduous battle along its route.


The most important thing for a prospective Kokoda trekker to think about is footwear. Get good shoes and really good socks. Without those you WILL get terrible blisters on your feet and might get junglerot which will put you in crutches for a long while and might cost you your feet. Every morning you should rub your feet with vaseline and every night with talcum powder to keep them in shape for the walk. The second thing is the importance of a decent water purifying system, iodine pills work great but they taste awful so think about complementing that with water purification tablets to take away the taste. Sometimes it might be far between the streams to refill your bottles so be sure to carry a few (or one of those snazzy camel paks.) A flashlight or even better, a headlamp is almost a must as it gets very dark in the jungle at night. Its also important to bring warmer cothes to wear at camp since the weather up in the mountains is quite cold at night and sometimes even during the day.

Before walking the kokoda it is also important to carefully assess how fit you are. There are incidents of people dying of heart attacks (most recently the summer of 2006) from over-excertion. There are several speeds one can walk the kokoda at, from a leisurely 10 days to a gruesome 22 hours, 14 minutes, and 1 second which is the world record held by John Hunt Hiviki. Basically the most important thing is that you have fun doing it, going too fast isn't fun, taking it too slow can be boring also if you have to wait for the others all the time.

Get in


Port Moresby to Imita Ridge

Imita Ridge to Ofi Creek

Ofi Creek to Nauro

Nauro to Menari

Menari to Naduri

Naduri to Myola

Myola to Templeton's Crossing

Templeton's Crossing to Allolo

Allolo to Kokoda

Stay safe

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