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[[Image:Kemahboadwalkinn.jpg|frame|300px|right|Kemah Boardwalk Inn]]
'''Kemah''' is a city on the [[Gulf Coast (Texas)|Gulf Coast]] of [[Texas]]. The boardwalk is a popular destination for people in the [[Houston (Texas)|Houston]] area. The best time to come if you want to relax is during the week, but if you have kids and want them to be able to play in the fountains and things, come on the weekends.
==Get in==
[ Kemah Harbor Marina]
==Get around==
Due to the small size of the town there is no public transportation. Taxis are available, and plenty of parking is available.
*[ Joe's Boardwalk Beast] - A fun ride through Galveston Bay, on a speed boat. Closed during the winter.
*Boardwalk Train
*Tabasco Country Store - On The Boardwalk - For anyone that wants alittle spice in there life, this is the place to go. Every Tabasco is here from the popular red Tabasco to Tabasco candy. Tabasco is made on [[Avery Island]], [[Louisiana]]
*[ Aquarium] - On The Boardwalk, Near the end - 281.334.9010 - An underwater adventure, the price is high, and the seafood is not the best, but only locals notice. The whole building is a huge aquarium with sharks, and exotic fish. This is a must, even if you just go to the bar, you have to go in and look.
*[ The Flying Dutchman] -  On The Boardwalk, Near the center, look for a huge sign. - A local favorite, this was the first restaurant on the bay and will probably be the last too. The atmosphere is great, but like everything else on the boardwalk, the price is high.
There are really no bars or pubs in this town, but almost every restaurant on the boardwalk has a good bar.
*Passport Inn & Suites Kemah - 601 Texas Ave - This two story motel is not recommend, nothing but bad experiences, way over priced, and very dirty.
*[ Kemah Escape] - 617 9th Street - 281.538.3200 - A great place if you want some more privacy, a small boutique hotel. Each room has a hot tub, a full kitchen, high speed internet access, and first floor rooms have a patio, and second floor rooms have a screened deck.
*[ Kemah Boardwall Inn] - Bradford and 2nd Street, On the Boardwalk - 281.334.9880 - '''The Boardwalk Inn''' is a full-service 52-room hotel. The Inn is nestled in the center of The Kemah Boardwalk and is a great place for a quick stay in Kemah, somewhat expensive, but worth it. Price $100 US to $250 US
==Get out==
*[[Galveston (Texas)|Galveston]] - With its sandy beaches and history it is a perfect place to go after a great stay on the boardwalk.
*[[Houston (Texas)|Houston]]
==External links==
*Houston Travel Guide -
*Kemah Boardwalk -
*Kemah Boardwalk Inn -

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