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Kassandra peninsula

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Kassandra peninsula

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The peninsula of Kassandra is the most famous and popular part of the province.

The traveler may visit the town of Kassandria, with its strong traditional atmosphere and colorful buildings, and the famous seaside resort of the village of Siviri. A place with long, golden-sand, scenic beaches.

At the root of the peninsula lies the town of Nea Potidea. This is also a town that was founded by Minor Asian refugees in 1922 on the exact location of the ancient city of Potidea. The ancient city was founded by colonists from the city of Korinthos during the 7th c. BC. The strategic location of the ancient city had caused a number of severe conflicts among many neighboring city states, which rivaled fiercely for Potidea's domination. In 540 AD the city was totally ravaged by hordes of Huns and was rebuilt by the Byzantine emperor Ioustinianos. But it was not possible for the city to regain its former strength and glory. The long way of the city's decline ended during the 14th c. AD, when it was totally deserted. A visit to the site is mystifying, a true taste of history for the modern traveler.

During the 14th c., monks from the monasteries of the Athos peninsula came in the area and founded a number of farming communities. In order to protect their members, a number of fortified towers were built in the area. Among the few surviving, are the towers of Apostolos Pavlos and Stavronikitas. The sites were named after the monasteries of the Athos peninsula where the monks had originated.

Further to the south lies the small historic village of Athytos with its scenic golden sand beach. The village's history is a full of successive ravaging, that goes as back as the period of the rule of Philip II , and the persistence of its people to survive and rebuilt their homes. The nearby village of Kallithea is a popular summer resort that offers beautiful beaches and significant archeological sites. The traveler may visit the ruins of the temple of Ammon Zeus and the temple of Dionysos and the Nymphs, both significant religious shrines during the period of the ancient Makedonian state (4th c. BC).

On the coast of the peninsula of Kassandra with the Thermaikos bay, lies the village of Nea Skioni, built amidst a scenic landscape on the very same location of the ancient city of Skioni, the oldest colony to be founded in the peninsula. The exact time of the foundation of the city is believed to be contemporary to the Trojan War period. The summer resorts of Paliouri and Kalandra are also located in the surrounding area. 12:22, 24 August 2007 (EDT)