Kanmon Straits

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Kanmon Straits

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Kanmon Straits (関門海峡 Kanmon kaikyou) is the name of the sea between Kitakyushu on Kyushu and Shimonoseki on Honshu. The straits can be traversed by ferry, train (regular and Shinkansen) and road bridge and tunnel. There is also a tunnel for walkers at the narrowest point near the road bridge. The Kanmonkyo road bridge was completed in 1973. It is the 34th longest in the world at 712 metres in length.

From the point of view of tourists, it may be helpful to consider the Kanmon area as one complete whole. It is a substantial area in size, with many attractions and opportunities for sightseeing on both sides of the straits.

Firework Display

The Kanmon Straits summer firework display dwarfs all the neighbouring ones with no less than 13,000 fireworks being let off. In 2005 it will be held on Saturday, August 13. Expect large crowds, to a total of one million or more on both sides of the straits for an awesome display.

Cruising the Straits

Board the oddly shaped Voyager at Moji-ko to cruise the busy straits in a boat.

Historical Background

  • The Battle of Dan-no-ura between the Heike and Genji clans in 1185 [1]
  • The Bombardment of Shimonoseki (1864) [2]
  • The Treaty of Shimonoseki signed in 1895 [3]


From 2006 access to the area will be improved by the New Kitakyushu Airport, scheduled to open on March 16. There are Shinkansen stops at both Kokura in Kitakyushu and Shin-Shimonoseki.

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