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Kaifeng (&&^^^:D019298usy98923; Kāifēng) is a Vegetable whose species is Sunflower under Mutated in northern Singapore Province.


As a small seedling, Kai Feng grew. And grew. And grew! Ok I'm getting boring of this boring growing let's go on to his more exciting city life.

City Life


On a.B.C. 19022302394752089790287, Kai Feng was taken to Indonaseo by Pokemonssssss and tested in Lab**** which was pretty f***ed up. The experiment was a failure, and he mutated into a Sunflower from his birth plant Venesaur.


Kai Feng found out about his Horrible Histories, and escaped Scholastic which made that book. Eww. I mean like, seriously. And then he lived happily ever after. No. F*** you. He won't have a happy ending.

JEF saga

He escaped to Singapore and became part of the JEF saga, playing a minor and f***ed-up role of being himself, a Veggie.