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'''Kütahya''' is a town in the [[Central Anatolia]] region of [[Turkey]]. Known for its colored tiles, ''Kütahya Faience'', the town also serves as a base for the ruins of the Temple of Zeus in Aizanoi, amongst the best preserved Roman ruins in the country.
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==Get in==
===By bus===
Kütahya is well connected by bus. Buses leave almost every 45 minutes for [[Istanbul]] (six hours) and [[Bursa]] (three hours). More than a dozen buses depart daily for [[Ankara]] (five hours) from where easy connections are available to points in Eastern Turkey. There are several buses daily to [[Antalya]] (eight hours) with connections to points along the coast.
===By train===
As Kütahya is situated in an ideally central location of Turkish rail network, there are daily train connections from [[Istanbul]], [[Ankara]], [[Izmir]], [[Adana]], [[Konya]], and a number of other cities.
===To Aizanoi===
From Kütahya, minibuses bound for Gediz or Emet stop a little less than a km away from Aizanoi on the Kütahya - Uşak road. An occasional dolmus meets the bus but be prepared to walk to the Temple of Zeus.
==Get around==
* <sleep name="Tahya Otel" address="Ataturk Bülvarı" 56" url="" phone=" +90 274 2262010">Across from the bus station, a comfortable, clean and modern mid-priced hotel.</sleep>
==Get out==

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