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Kävlinge is the capital of Kävlinge municipality and is located about 9km from the city of Lund. Kävlinge is renowned for its friendly people, beautiful villages, implicable golf courses and low taxes.


Kävlinge is the oldest town in Europe and was founded by ancient cavemen coming from the south. The name "Kävlinge" originates from the word "Kaavleingeere" which means "Land of the squirrels" in old swahilii. During the middle ages Kävlinge was an important trading harbour. Ships from all over the world sailed down the Kävlinge river to trade slaves, gold and all kinds of sausages. During the industrial revolution Kävlinge evolved into the most important city in Europe supplying the alliance with 76% of its demand of mashed potatoes during the Second World War. In north-western part of the city a monument was erected called the "Vattentornet".

Get Around

There are buses...

To get in touch with the citizens, ask a local if he or she might be able to drive you for the price of a friendship on facebook? Be aware though, make sure that the driver drives you to the agreed location... Otherwise it is likely that you will wake up naked in the ditch the next morning...


There are several shops downtown Kävlinge, although the best ones are Ica supermarket where you can buy plenty of great food, Systembolaget where you can buy alcohol and the book shop "Hellbergs" which has books dated several years back which still haven't been sold...


When in Kävlinge, it is mandatory to make a visit to the famous pub in Furulund called Milas which serves high quality pizzas. Another great restaurant is "Stinsen" located by the station. However, visitors with a minor budget might choose the "Sibylla" hamurger and hot dog container placed by the station (behind the bicycle stands)...


There are several places to stay in Kävlinge, for instance there is a low budged "hotel" located close to the station... Though, if you want to get in touch with the genuine Kävlinge culture you should park the car and go around knocking door hoping to be invited for the night. When inviting your self into somebody else's home it is important to bring gifts to the family. For the children you are expected to brind Lego, to the women of the house you give all sorts of cleaning equipment and to the father you give some kind of alcohol, "Folköl" is usually the most successful gift. If you don't get accepted by the man of the house it is not a good idea to stay, you should just turn and run...