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Specific dates

  • 11th June, 2005 Escape into the Park, Swansea, UK - one of Europe's largest urban dance and rock festivals.
  • 21st June, 2005: Cities across Europe (and elsewhere) celebrate La Fête de la Musique each year on the 21st of June by providing free concerts with local and international acts. The festival was started in 1982 in Paris. Geneva, Barcelona, Berlin, and Prague all participate in a big way, as do many smaller cities in France and Switzerland, such as Lausanne. In the last few years cities outside of Europe have begun to participate as well, such as Haifa, Santiago, Lagos, Beirut, and many more.
  • 24th-26th June, 2005 Donauinselfest, Vienna, Austria - Europe's largest free open air festival - Highlights (PDF)
  • 13th-24th June, 2006 Cities across Ischia Ischia Events.A cinema festival with premieres and retrospective themes dedicated to films located in Europe, especially Italy. Ischia, for example, was one of the favorite locations for films made in Italy from the 1950s onwards. Some of the films made here are “Vacanze a Ischia" with Vittorio De Sica, the colossal “Cleopatra” with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor and the more recent film “The Talent of Mr Ripley” with Matt Damon and Jude Law.

Every year

Fixed dates

  • first week of June: festival to mark the founding of the Republic (Italian: Festa della Repubblica) in Italy

Movable dates

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