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Jerada is a city in Eastern Morocco. Jerada is located in Eastern Morocco sixty kilometers (1 hour) from the largest city in the East, Oujda. It is most easily accessible from Western Morocco via train from Oujda followed by a direct, hour-long grand taxi ride from the main Oujda bus station. Jerada sits on the edge of the Beni Snassen Mountains. Slightly elevated, it receives ample amounts of rainfall throughout the year as well as a brief snow in winter. Temperatures vary from excruciatingly hot in summer, to bitter, teeth-clenching, snow inducing cold in winter. I would estimate the population to be around 30,000 people within the city and about 50,000 in the province.

Get in

• Buses to Oujda – Center of town, 12 dirham, multiple times a day beginning at sunrise. 1hr 15min. • Grand Taxi to Oujda – Taxi station “below” the bus station, 15 dirham, 45min – 1hr. Before sunrise to just after sunset. • Grand Taxi to Bergem (Ain Beni Matar) – Taxi station, 15 dirham, 45min, easier to fill in the mornings. Wait there for transport to Bouarfa / Figuig • Transport to Gafait (Env volunteer site) – Taxi stand near the marche (market) 7 dirham, 30min. • CTM station in Oujda on Rue Marrakesh. • Oujda trains to the west begin at 7:15am, possible to catch from Jerada if leave by grand taxi early. Look on for more information. 7:15am,1:10pm • SAT Bus (Similar to CTM) Leaves from near the post office to Casablanca via Oujda at 6:30pm. • Honda’s (Small transports) cost 10-20 dirham to transport heavy items to anywhere in Jerada • Petit Taxi to Hassi Billal – opposite big roundabout by post office, 3 dirham daytime 5 dirham nighttime. • City bus to Hassi Billal – by SAT station near post office – 2 dirham, stops at round about near Hay Jedid

Get around

There are three main streets that traverse the city. As stated above, a city bus travels down one of the streets all the way to a small satellite city named Hassi Billal. Walking is the preferred mode of transportation, though automobile traffic isn't discouraged or unheard of.




Saturday souq located “uptown” beyond the marche, away from town, Sunday souq located in Hay Jedid, on the road to Hassi Billal. There's a daily market in the center of town and on the various downtown streets. The souq has many different items for sale, from food to second-hand clothing, shoes, etc. there is a wide variety of goods, everything under sun.


• The absolute best Raib, a type of yogurt, can be found at Abdullah’s hanoot, opposite the new garden / open space on the road to the Hassi Billal. • Outside of the daily market are Karan stalls, an Eastern specialty consisting of ground humus in a bagette. ½ dirham to dirham. Opt for the salt / pepper combo and hot spice to give the sandwich some flavor. • Two brothers hanoot, or store. First hanoot “down” from the post office on the left. Extremely friendly, speak some English, love to laugh and make excellent Jebin sandwiches. Also on that road, past the hanoot is a restaurant. • On the road to Hassi Billal on the right is another restaurant with a very respectable lunch, they make a very good tagine. If you're part of a group, eat here ... sizable portions. • Across from the taxi stations to Oujda is a man with a store ... quite possibly the best lunch food in the city. It's a small space, packed during the lunch hour, 12-15 dirhams will buy you a plate of the best food of your life. • Cafe Royal. Enough said. Pastries, coffee, tea and juice. This place is the epitome of class in this small city. On the main road "above" the post office. Can't miss it.


Drink at any of the number of cafe's in the city. Can't really go wrong, they each have their own flavor.



Get out

See above on how to get in!

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