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Java is actually the main island of Indonesia where more than 65% of the Indonesian population lives. The capital and the main culture and economy cities are also located in Java. The main ethnic in Java is Javanese except for the West Java region where most people is Sundanese. In the province of East Java, 22% of the population is of Madurese descent. Half of them lives in the island of Madura. It has given its name to a programming language (e.g. javascript, java technology, java applets), and a blend of coffee.

Jakarta the capital of Indonesia, is different from other areas of Java. This city has a population of around 10 million or 20 million, including the suburbs. Jakarta today consists of a mix of culture and people where many ethnicities, not only from Java but Sumatra, Borneo and other places live together.


There are 6 regions/provinces in Java. From the west side, Banten, Special Territory of Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia), West Java (the province's capital is Bandung), Middle Java (the province's capital is Semarang), Special Territory of Yogyakarta (a capital of Javanese Kingdom, the other being Surakarta or Solo) and East Java (the province's capital is Surabaya)



  • Banten -- industrial port city but a good starting point


  • Jakarta -- fun and funky, great nightlife

West Java

  • Bandung -- great nightlife, restaurants, cheap fashion

Central Java and Yogyakarta

  • Yogyakarta -- old buildings and inspiring museums
  • Semarang -- old buildings and inspiring museums

East Java

  • Surabaya -- old buildings and inspiring museums
  • Banyuwangi -- the most eastern regency of Java and port to Bali

Other destinations


This is a more subjective description of the region -- what it's like, why someone would want to go there, the culture and atmosphere, the history, the weather, what makes it different and distinct from other regions.

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