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(In Town)
(In town)
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* Restaurante '''El Dorado'''  Phone + 574 845 5556
* Restaurante '''El Dorado'''  Phone + 574 845 5556
* Restaurante '''Las Margaritas'''  Located in the main plaza
===In the country===
===In the country===

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Jardín's Basilica

Jardín is a small village located in the southernmost part of the department of Antioquia. Unlike many other hamlets in the country, Jardín has remained largely unchanged since established 140 years ago. Less than 20,000 people inhabit Jardín, in the past most dedicated their lives to grow coffee, plantains, beans and sugarcane. Today many will be glad to show you their town and surroundings. Mean daily temperatures are 19°C with moderate humidity. Days are comfortable while nights are colder and a jacket/sweater is required. The area of the municipality is 224 kms2 (87 mi2).

Get in

By bus

  • From Terminal Sur [1] in Medellín take a bus of Transporte Suroeste Antioqueño Andes-Jardin to the last destination. Trip duration 3 hours. Price 10,000 pesos (5 USD). Phone +57 4 361 1998 or +57 4 232 1923.
  • Rápido Ochoa [2] also travels to Jardín from the same bus terminal. Phone +57 4 444 8888.
  • From Riosucio in the department of Caldas (South of Antioquia) take a small bus - once daily - to Jardín.

By car

  • Departing from Medellín take Autopista Sur through the towns of Caldas, Amagá, Bolombolo, Hispania and Andes. It will take 2.5 hours for the distance of 134 km.
  • From Riosucio (Caldas - make a note this is a different 'Caldas' that the one mentioned above) drive north through a small and dirty road suitable only for 4x4's and jeeps. Trip duration 2 hours.

By taxi

Sharing a taxi with 4 people to go from Medellín to Jardín is also commonplace. They pick you up in your hotel or home. Rates are competitive. Phone +57 4 845 5310 or +57 4 361 7935

Get around

Motorratones -tiny cabs- in Jardín

By moto-ratón

Ride a moto-ratón - a tiny cart pulled by a motorcycle - for fun or for transportation in town and to nearby destinations. These drivers can take you as far as the trout restaurant or to visit the native tribe.

By cable car

Jardín is located in the Andean mountains and this city pioneered the new wave of Cable Car systems Colombia is living. The 2 Cable cars in town are popular for both commuting and tourist transportation [3].


Hiking is most pleasurable in Jardín due to the comfortable weather.


Aerial view of traditional homes in Jardín

  • Visit the first nation people of the Emberá-Chamí tribe just 10 minute away from the town center, or go to their old cemetery in Morro Amarillo.
  • Over a century ago people from the central and eastern area of Antioquia started moving south and conquering this unsettled land, this migration is called the 'Colonización Antioqueña'. The new towns grew with a characteristic architecture and Jardín is a fine example of such. Balconies and doors are in wood painted in colorful reds, blues and yellows, in sharp contrast with the white walls of the homes.
  • The main church dominates the plaza, the town and the whole scenery. Its neogothic style couples perfectly with the materials used to build it: hard rocks from a nearby river.
  • Museum Casa de la Cultura along the main plaza. Phone +57 4 845 5745.


A traditional countryside home in Jardín
  • Countryside journeys to many creeks, ponds and caves (Cueva esplendor a 3 hour-walk).
  • Just hang around the main plaza, listed as a National Monument - together with the basilica -. There are more than 20 cafés and bars with wood-and-leather tables and chairs to sit outdoors and have a cup of coffee, a soda or as many do: your favorite liquor.
  • Visit nearby hills, Alto de las Flores is close by and offers nice views of town.
  • Countryside paintball has become popular in the last few years. The scenery is beautiful and it is great fun. Rates: 6 USD for 90 shots. Camouflage, helmet and guns included. Phone +57 312 286 3243 or +57 300 610 9939
People playing paintball in the countryside


The area's handcrafts are basic. The most popular is Carriel Paisa a handbag with a wide shoulder strap used for carrying money and small personal articles. This bags have many tiny hidden pockets to conceal the valuables: think the 'old & wild west'. The outside cover is finished in hairy leather, a distinctive trait.


In town

  • Restaurante El Zodiaco has been around for almost 30 years. The food is basic, the place is clean. Location: Calle del Medio, half a block down from the main plaza. Phone + 574 845 5615
  • Restaurante El Dorado Phone + 574 845 5556
  • Restaurante Las Margaritas Located in the main plaza

In the country

Five kilometers (3 miles) away from town you will find a couple of creeks and ponds with rainbow trout. The restaurants nearby offer delicious recipes, you can catch your own trout and they will cook it for you. Phone + 574 845 5159


The many bars and cafés around the main plaza should suffice anyones' thirst.


In Town

Accommodations are usually simple and basic, but quite clean and staffed with helpful people. Hotel here usually refers to what you will consider a hostel.

  • Hotel Hacienda Balandú Although small it is probably the only true hotel. Located just outside the village offers the most comfortable stay with private rooms, restaurant, swimming pool, parking area. Transportation is needed to got to the main plaza. Usually quieter than the hostels downtown. Phone + 574 845 6848 or +574 845 5561
  • Hotel Jardín Right in the heart of town, classic architecture, nice views. The rooms facing the plaza are noisy. (Currently under renovations) Phone + 574 845 5651
  • Hotel La Casona Phone +574 845 5514 or +574 845 5897
  • Hotel Los Guayacanes Phone +574 845 5543
  • Hotel Los Balcones
  • Hotel Diana Basic rooms. Phone +574 845 5854
  • Hotel Barajas Phone +574 845 6393
  • Hotel Valdivia Plaza Phone +574 845 5055 or +574 845 5050
  • Hotel el Dorado Phone +574 845 5618
  • Hotel Casa Colonial Phone +574 8456152
  • Hotel Casa Grande Phone +574 845 5487

Renting a room in a Family Home or a FamiHotel is also popular, the options are: MI CASA 845 5548, NUBIA CONDE 845 5597, ROCIO PELAEZ 845 5624, TERESITA LONDOÑO 845 5963, RAQUEL MONTOYA 845 5905.

A furnished apartment is also available: Phone +574 845 5580

In the Country

Trout pond & restaurant, in the countryside

Fully equipped countryside homes, the ones were local farmers used to live in, are a great choice for large groups of people:

  • Finca hotel la Trucheria: Great view of the valley and close to the trout ponds. Phone +574 845 5181
  • Finca la Esmera Phone +574 845 5546
  • Finca Kantarrana Phone +574 845 5184. Contact in Medellín Phone +574 238 5484


  • There are a couple of internet cafés in town.
  • You can buy cell phone 'minutes' to wholesalers in the main plaza.

Get out

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