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Jangyu is a myeon in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. It is the site of the new city of Jangyu. It is located in the historical Nakdong River valley of southern Korea, where the Gaya confederacy was once located before being absorbed into Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. Rapid development in this area began approximately 5 years ago in order to take pressure off the neighboring cities of Gimhae, of which it is commonly referred to as a suburb, and Changwon, the provincial capital. By Korean standards Jangyu, with a population of 110,000, is considered the countryside.


For a town considered the "countryside" there are a plethora of options for wetting your whistle. Your average drinking hole will set you back won2,000-3,000 for a 500cc mug of draft beer. The following are a few noteworthy places.

B & Girls:

Wa Bar: New to Jangyu (as of Summer 2008), this is a great open-air option when the temperatures are mild. Draft beer will set you back won4,000 for a 630cc tall glass, but there is also a full bar to choose from.

Rock and Ice: Very eclectic atmosphere, with the most fun bar tenders in Jangyu. The downfall is that there's no draft beer. Drink prices are a little higher than the average hof, but then again, this isn't your average drinking hole.

Tudari: A Japanese styled beer bar, offering cheap draft beer and a variety of side dishes. There are a few of these places spread out across the town.


Just as with drinking options, there is no shortage of places to dine. The town is dotted with inexpensive kimbap/bibimbap restaurants for a quick and cheap meal, raw fish houses, and Korean barbecue restaurants.

Choshim: Excellent Korean barbecue restaurant.

Te-ran: Great option for samgypsal (thick slices of barbecued bacon) on a budget.

La Pasta: On the 2nd floor of the building across from Lotte Mart, this is where you can get Jangyu's best effort at Italian cuisine.


  • Pizza Etang:
  • Dominos:
  • Pizza Hut:
  • Mr. Pizza:


To Busan: Intercity buses depart for Busan's Sasang Terminal approximately every 15 minutes from in front of the GS 25 mini mart, across from Nonghyup Bank, in old town Jangyu. Just tell your taxi driver "bus-ee terminal juseyo." The trip takes approximately 40 minutes in light traffic and costs won 1,800.

To Changwon: Buses to Changwon's main bus terminal depart from the same place as those to Busan and also costs won 1,800. Travel time is 30 minutes in light traffic. Alternatively, bus numbers 70, 170, etc. follow a route stopping at many places closer to central Changwon, including Changwon National University.

To Seoul: For buses to Seoul, you must first go to either Busan or Changwon, where you can catch a direct bus to Seoul, which takes approximately 5 hours and costs won 30,000.


Near Lotte Mart are an abundance of sleeping options, which are referred to as "love motels." These places offer a clean and inexpensive option for those needing a place to stay. Prices start at won 25,000, and include a private bathroom, cable television, mini refrigerator, and air conditioning.

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