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Hualien (花蓮; Huālián) [6] is a city in Taiwan situated near the spectacular Taroko Gorge.


Located on a strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range, Hualien is considered one of the most pleasant cities in Taiwan. Tourists visit the city to enjoy the scenery and fresh air and also to see the famous Taroko Gorge, which is located few miles north of the city.

The Visitor Information Center for the Hualien area is located in front of Hualien Station (right side). Tel: 886-3-8360634, it is hosted by Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College, that has been authorized, by the Hualien County Government since December 2004, to operated and manage the Visitor Information Center (VIC) at Hualien Airport as well as the Hualien Railway Station. These two centers provide general services such as tourism guide and tour bus information, home-stay information, bi-lingual traveling brochure, travel inquiry, emergency handling and so on.

Get in

By train

There are frequent trains from Taipei, and depending on the type of train, the journey can take from two to four and a half hours. Express trains (Taroko Express) take 2 hours and cost 440NTD. The train follows the coast for part of the journey, and the left side of the train offers the best views.

There are also frequent trains to Taitung and, less frequently, to Kaohsiung and then Tainan.

During peak travel season, train tickets are sometimes are hard to get. It is recommended to book your trip early to ensure your seat.

By plane

Domestic airlines connect Hualien with all of Taiwan's major cities. It a thirty minute flight to Hualien from Taipei's Sungshan Airport.

There are currently (Dec. 2009) also irregular (charter) flights to Yonaguni Island and Ishigaki Island in Okinawa (Japan), possibly the only international service from this city, and a regular service to Ishigaki Island is being planned.

Get around

The city center is small and easy to navigate on foot, although scooters are available to rent at several places around town for about NT$400 a day (125cc automatics). Pony rental near Chin Yen Hotel (across from the train station) is the only rental agency that will rent scooters to foreigners. Getting around by scooter is the best way to see the gorge. The Giant bike shop in front of the train station offers daily bicycle rentals for as low as 100NTD during the off-season. This is another great way to navigate the city and the coastline if you are unable to ride a scooter.

Hualien is a small city without an extensive public transport system, and so it is worth considering taking taxis to areas outside the city center. NB: Hualien station is at least a thirty minute walk from the center of town.

If you plan to travel long distances to the East Rift Valley, East Coast, or Taitung from Hualien, renting a car gives you more flexibility and saves a lot of time. One of the few English service car rental companies, roundTAIWANround, is located near the station. You can get a free map and travel advice there before starting your journey.


  • Taroko Gorge
  • The Abode of Still Thoughts (Tzu Chi Jing-Si Hall), No 703, Sec 3, Zhongyand Road. This small Buddhist temple at the foot of Mount North Jialiwan is the original facility of the world-famous Tzu-Chi Buddhist foundation. In keeping with the foundation's ideals, the temple is very simple, and incorporates a Japanese style garden. Information on Tzu-chi's international activities is also available at the temple.
  • Yenpin Prefectural Temple, (Near Zhongyang Road, sec 4.). Established in the Qing Dynasty, this is the oldest temple in Hualien.
  • Pine Garden, 26 shuiyuan street (Zhongmei). 9am-6pm. A peaceful garden with 63 pine trees. It was built around 1943. There is a souvenir shop as well that sell many things made locally. Outside there is a another enclosure with two shops. One sells jelly in ice-cream shapes. Really delicious. There is another ice cream shop and Chinese food restaurant. 50NT$ per adult.
  • Chi-Hsing Tan (七星潭), (North of Hualien City. Follow the bike path from Nanbin Seashore Park.). Excellent vistas of the ocean, delicious and cheap seafood, friendly people, and a special goat restaurant specializing in goat milk coffee. Great place for leisure cycling and walking. The beach is not popular for swimming, though, as the tides and currents are quite dangerous, the bottom drops off steeply, and doesn't have much sand (mostly pebbles). It is important to stay near the coast.
  • Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum, (At the Hualien County Cultural Center.), [1]. 9AM-5PM. Displays both traditional and contemporary stone sculptures. NT$20.
  • Beibin Seashore Park, Nanbin Seashore Park and Meilun Seashore Park. A scenic area of palm trees and landscaped greenery that runs the full length of the city's foreshore. The views over the Pacific Ocean are especially spectacular at sunrise.
  • Qixintan Beach, haian road, xincheng road. A must visit. The crescent gulf of Qixintan has facinating view of the Pacific. It has sightseeing trails and beach pavillions. The beach is not a sandy beach but with fine black pebbles.


  • Hualien Ocean Park, [2]. M-F 9AM-5PM, Sa-Su 8:30AM-5PM. Hualien's biggest man-made tourist attraction. As well as ferries wheel and cable car, the park contains eight zones that introduce different aspects of ocean and marine life. Kids, in particular, will have great time here but for adventurous travelers or people wanting a more viable experience, there are many places one can go that are much cheaper and provide a better experience of the 'real' Country of Taiwan. Adults NT$890, children NT$790.
  • River Tracing and Hiking in the Hualien area (Hualien Outdoors), 2 Guo Lian 3rd Street, Hualien City (Near Train station). Hualien has one of the best terrains in the world for river tracing and hiking. Ample rain and deep river valleys make it an outdoor enthusiast's playground. Several wild hot springs also make the area a great place to get into the woods and mountains. Hualien Outdoors organizes trips to some of the more wild areas of Taroko and Hualien county.


  • Mandarin at Tzu-Chi University, 701 Jung-yang Road, sec. 3. Tel:856-5501 Ex.7689. (email: [7]) [8]


  • Woven cloth. Hualien is a good place to pick up hand woven cloth in traditional aboriginal designs.
  • Muaji (mua-ji) This sweet made of sticky rice is a specialty of Hualien.
  • Stone Hualien's stone market is near the old bus station on Mingyi Road, and they sell everything from jewelery to tea-pots all carved out of stone.


  • Zhu tung fan (竹筒飯) - rice steamed in a bamboo tube is a specialty of the local aborigines.
  • Muaji (麻薯) - glutinous rice filled (or sometimes covered) with various flavors, such as peanut, sweet red and green bean paste, sweet sesame paste, coconut or fruit.
  • Wonton (餛飩) - Hualien's wontons are very famous throughout Taiwan


  • Laguardia. Good breakfast shop across the street from the big post office near the train station on Chung Shan Rd. Amazing Hamburgers. Try the bacon cheese beef burger or the cod burger.
  • Siam Thai Restaurant Hours:11:30~21:00 +886 38 338600 No.71, Fuxing St. (Just near the All Star Pub) They have one English menu and most tables are filled. Pleasantly spicy, if that's your thing. Not too many choices, but the ones that are there are good ones.
  • Pot Stickers Shop (that has no name) along Zhongshan Road (the stretch that starts with no. 765), opposite "我的水果很好吃“

It is a small shop and the chef is an elderly man. (鍋貼 for 5NT a piece). The pot stickers are perfectly fried, not too oily and with good filling and a special vinegar sauce to complement it.

Mid Range

  • Tosca Pasta, 95-7 Jung Mei Road: European style restaurant with european prices
  • Irrawaddy Myanmar Restaurant, 11-1 Min Quan Rd. (花蓮縣花蓮市民權路11-1號 花蓮市

), 03-831-0077, Aross from the Meilun Coast Park, a favorite restaurant of many foreigners in Hualien. Awesome food!

白俄羅斯餐廳~傳統菜餚 KALILASKA BELARUSIAN CUISINE Belarusian restaurant, serving traditional Russian and Belarusian food. 營業時間:12.00 - 21.00 電話:0963-413744 蘇小姐 地址:花蓮市大同街54號

  • Salt Lick, Western-style barbecue. At the corner of Jung Hwa and Jung Shan Rds.

中山路147號, Hualien City. Lunch and Dinner. Open every day. +886 3 833 2592


Hualien has an abundance of tea houses, cafes and bars, and also many stores specializing in locally produced tea.

  • Cafe Jade (璞石藝文空間), 8 Ming-li Road (花蓮市明禮路8號) Tel:+886 3 834-5968. A spacious and very pleasant art cafe offering regular live music and art exhibitions. Open:Mon-Thurs 8AM-6Pm Fri-Sun 8AM-10:30PM
  • Wang Ji Tea House, 565 Jong-Shan Road (中山路565號).
  • Farmers' Kitchen, (Refer to the map on their facebook page), 03 824 6820, [3]. Tues-Sun 7am-2pm. Delicious vegetarian brunch cafe stocked by a co-op of organic farmers. They also bake their own whole wheat bread and have fresh organic produce for sale every day. Full English menus and friendly English-speaking staff! 100-200NTD.
  • Dos Tacos, 177 Bo Ai St. (Downtown), 038311733, [4]. Mexican food and draft beer. Free WiFi.
  • 邦娜比堤 Bon Appétit, No.192, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974, Taiwan (Near by Dong Hua University), +886-987059559, [5]. Mon.-Sun.12:00~21:00. Espresso Coffee · Brunch · Pasta · Waffle (Free Wifi)



  • Amigos Hostel, No.68, Guolien 2nd Rd. (國聯二路68號) Tel:+886 3 8360243, Email: [email protected], [9]. Offers dorms - NT$450. Free WiFi, tea, and coffee. Great location, close to train station, complimentary sandwich breakfast, friendly and helpful staff.
  • Colorful Taiwan Hostel No.121, FuQiang Rd (富強路121號) (west (rear exit) of the train station, about 7 minutes walk) Email: [email protected] [10]. Tel:+886 955703456. Staff is very friendly, helpful and able to give tips about Hualien (transport included), that are the most economic for backpackers. Rooms are very clean and spacious, with bright & colorful decoration. Dorm rooms from NT 520,with long stay discount.
  • Chan Tai Hotel (east of the train station, on the first corner past the Visitors Centre). Tel: 886 3 8330 121/3. The more expensive rooms have a/c, TV, refrigerator ADSL and are double, with ensuite. They are very clean. 24h reception. NT$500-800.
  • cozy house Hostel [11],No.5, Ln. 148, Yanping St(延平街148巷5號). About 10 min walk from the train station. phone: +886-918-266-489 email: [email protected] This brand new hostel (from July 2013) offers free WiFi, internet PC, air conditional.clean bathrooms/toilets. communication area. plus a very helpful and friendly owner. Dorm rooms from NT$500. also have private twin room from NT$1500.
  • Formosa Backpackers Hostel, 206 Jian Guo Road. Tel: 0913-810828, email: [email protected] 600 books in English library (but no book exchange!) beautiful Art Deco living room with exhibition show all year around, a room with tropical garden, friendly English-speaking staff who can offer advise on the area. Fridge for guests and a bar downstairs. 15 minutes walking distance from the train station and conveniently located in the city. Free WiFi. NT$380 (Student discount available).
  • Hualien Student Hostel, 40-11 Kungyuan Road. Tel:+886 3 832-4124. Offers dorms and twin rooms.
  • Hualien Monkey Surfing Backpackers Hostel, No.5-1, Jinfeng Street (Bars area, Downtown , near the 7-11 (No.258, Linsen Road)台灣 花蓮市 進豐街5-1號) 猴子衝浪背包客棧 +886-938921330. located along a quiet street on Lin-Sen Road. Hostel is peaceful, spacious, clean and cozy. Beds are safe with sturdy wooden bed frames instead of metal. Every room has a private toilet equipped with strong shower jets. Dorm bed per night NT$498.
  • i-packer Hostel (愛背客民宿), Min Le Street (民樂街), Hualien, Meilun. Tel: 0938 -530-000, 0938-520-000. [email protected] NT$500 to NT$1,000. The only hostel in Hualien’s Meilun district close to the harbour, Chi Xing Tan, and Beibin, located on the 3rd floor with seaview; 22 beds in 2 male and 2 female dormitories; lounge with large screen TV, kitchen, coffee machine, washing machine, dryers and more conveniences.
  • Police Hostel, 15 Shuren Street (behind the main police station). Tel:886 3 834-9433~5. Officially for officers of the law, this clean and pleasant hotel is also open to the public. Twin room - NT$1,000, double bed with single bed - NT$1,300.
  • Sleeping Boot Hostel [12], No.73, Jinfeng St. About 10 min walk from the train station. Watch out for the house number 73, the hostel is not obviously visible. phone: +886-978-093-273 email: [email protected] This brand new hostel (2011) offers free WiFi, internet PC, kitchen, lobby with TV plus a very helpful and friendly owner who knows his way around the city. Dorm rooms from NT$430.
  • Yihua Daily Accommodation, located in Downtown, 10 minutes to Nanbing Night Market. Clean and convenient room type. Single/Twin room -NT$1,000, double bed - NT$1,200. Contact: Jackie Email: [email protected]
  • The Wood Hostel, intersection of Guolian 3rd road and Guolian 2nd road. If you come from the train station it is about 50m past the 7-11 store at the next corner on the right side. The hostel is very new and still partly under construction (as of July 2013), which is done in a ecological way. However, they are already offering probably the cheapest beds in town (~300 NTD). Staff is friendly and there are clean bathrooms/toilets. The manager speaks good English and is keen to help you planning your days in and around Hualien.0975494851(mobile). [email protected]

Mid range

  • Appledore Seaside B&B (艾波朵) , Dongxing Second Street 5, Alley 28, Lane 67, Hualien City. Tel: 0938-530-000. [email protected] NT$1,680 to NT$7,200. Family-friendly B&B in Hualien's laid-back Meilun District. Close to Chi-Hsing Bay/Beach (七星潭), the harbor, and downtown. New house with four cozy rooms including one with a children's play-castle bed. Bicycles provided for free. Tours and additional services can be provided upon request.
  • Hotel Bayview (七星潭渡假飯店) , 10 Mingtan St, Sincheng Township, Hualien County 971. Tel: 03-8232345. [email protected] NT$2,000 to NT$5,500. Lovely boutique hotel at Chi-Hsing Bay/Beach (七星潭), with rooms having fantastic view of the ocean. It has a free bicycle rental service, allowing you to cycle leisurely along Chi-Hsing Bay.
  • Ching Yeh Hotel, 83 Kuolien-1 Road, Tel:833-0186. Near the train station. From NT$1,300.
  • Hua Tong Hotel, 165 Minkuo (Minguo) Street, Tel:+886 3 834-7568. A pleasant and centrally located hotel.
  • i-sea boutique B&B (愛曦住海邊民宿) Address: 28 Linsen Road, Lane 257, Hualien City. Tel: 0960-370-067. [email protected] NT$2,500 to NT$5,000. Exclusive B&B with backyard pool, and roof-top steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzi in a side lane of downtown Hualien. Within walking distance to some of the city’s best restaurants and shopping areas.
  • Your majest B&B (King Hotel), No.13, Jieyue St., Tel:+886 38 322-666, Email: [email protected], [13]. Opened in January 2008, featuring quirky rooms decorated in individualistic styles. Close to night market and general downtown. Deep bathtubs good for soaking sore muscles. All rooms have ethernet, but wifi is limited. Friendly, helpful staff - if you have a Mandarin speaker in the party. Mid-week rate from NT$1,500 do not include breakfast.
  • The Rosestone Inn, 48, Haibin Avenue. Tel:+886 3 854-2317, E-mail: [email protected], [14]. Built in the style of a traditional Chinese house with courtyard.
  • Fisherman's Inn, #10 Chong Shan Rd. Sec. 1, Lane 115, Jian, Contact: Zac Harper Tel:+886 9555-37142, email: [email protected], [15]. Weekend and weekday prices are the same, NT$2240/2640 for two person rooms, and NT$3040 for our 4 person room.
  • Sheep house B&B (hualien minsu) phone:+886-931-297-277 Email: [email protected], [16] Country style guesthouse with a beautiful garden and the lovely cottages in the site of the Sheep House, within 10 minutes you can also get to all the famous sightseeing spots in Hualien by car. BBQ area, bicycle and motorcycle rental, free breakfast, WiFi, free shuttle service to train station. Room rate between NT1800-NT3000.


  • Bellevista Hotel, 18 Shanling, Yanliau Tsuen, Shoufeng Shiang, Tel:+886 3 812-3999 Fax:+886 3 812-3988, [17]. A sprawling resort-style hotel offering spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean.
  • Parkview Hotel, 1-1 Lin-Yuan, Tel:+886 3 222-2111. One of Hualien's most luxurious hotels.

Get out

  • To Taroko Gorge, frequent buses from Hualien train station will take you directly to the gorge's major sites. If you purchase an unlimited day-pass for 250NTD (or a two-day pass for 400NTD), you can hop on and off buses at all stops throughout the gorge all day. Be aware that the last buses from Hualien depart early (about 1.50pm), and the last buses leave the gorge at about 5.00pm. The distance to Taraoko Gorge is not very large, but buses usually take 2 hours at least to Tianhsiang, due to frequent stops and low speed inside the gorge.
  • RueiSuei Hot Springs and the Siouguluan River Basin - Rueisuei's pristine natural beauty is a must to experience during a trip to Hualien. Rueisuei Hot Springs originated from the upper stream of Hongye Stream. The water from Rueisuei Hot Springs is alkaline sodium carbonate, perfect for osmosis detox and cleansing, with a pH ranging between 6 and 7. The high altitude of Rueisuei Hot Springs offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and plains. Rueisuei Hot Springs have helped boosted tourism in Rueisuei, and Rueisuei Organic Farms, especially the dairy products, is loved by all who visit. Rueisuei is of course the most famous for its hot springs; however, there are tons other things to do as well. Soak in the Hot springs for an evening, then wake up in the morning and River Raft down the incredibly beautiful Siouguluan River basin down to Big Harbor, where you can then hop on a yaght at #96 Shi Ti Bay and head out whale and dolphin watching. The seafood in Shi Ti Harbor is the freshest in Taiwan, caught twice a day by local (mostly aborigines) fishermen and delivered fresh to your plate!
  • Hehuan Mountain - About a four hour drive fron Hualien City, it is a fantastic journey through the wonders of Taroko Gorge and past, ending in a treeless, absolutely different ecosystem. Hiking available ranges from easy to hard, and can be hiked on one day or multiple days, depending on the route you choose. English literature is available but very basic. It is possible to just set out on a trail and see where it takes you. Being a (mostly) treeless environment, it is difficult to get lost, but beware of the dangers of high altitude hiking - most peaks are above 3000 meters.
  • River Valleys - The might of typhoons and heavy rains have, over millions of years, carved out of the soft bedrock magnificent river valleys. If you find a river valley (Mugua RIver, for example) and follow it and hike along some tributaries, you are in for a wonderful adventure. No gift shops or 7-11's here, just the wonders of Taiwan.
  • Tongmen - south of Hualien City, between Jian and Liyu Lake, lies Taroko's little brother. It is a village along the Mugua River, and boasts a 'scaled down' version of Taroko, but with scaled down geology also comes scaled down tourists and people. It is a very pleasant way to spend a day or weekend, and there are excellent swimming opportunities not available in Taroko. A lot of it is paved, or cement, so it is drivable. Stop at the entrance where there is a police guard (friendly and happy to see foreigners enter the pride of their village) show your passport and pay a fee (at this time it was about $150) no matter how big or small the group, and they wil direct you on your way. The road forks - one takes you to the Tongman hydro plant, the other takes you to a scenic and more rustic river valley where swimming and adventure await. Both are, however, well worth your time.
  • Highway 11 - Rent a scooter and hit the road. The beauty of the coastline in Hualien can be enjoyed from this gorgeous stretch of highway. Although many buses and cars are also drawn here and many cite this as a cause for safety concerns, this is by most accounts false. Take care, drive responsibly, and always be careful when around traffic, but do not let anyone deter you from this drive. Pack a lunch and picnic on the coast with the turquoise ocean lapping at the coastline below. Buses and Taxis will take you along this road also. Taxis are more flexible (they will stop when you say 'stop') but buses are much cheaper. However, both pale in comparison to the experience of driving yourself.
  • Sun Moon Lake and Taichung - Contrary to what you might read elsewhere, it IS possible to travel to Sun Moon Lake and Taichung from Hualien without going back to Taipei. Take Highway 8 through Taroko National Park and over the mountains, connecting to Highway 14 in Dayuling. There is a daily bus that departs at 8:40am from outside the train station in Hualien through Taroko National Park to LiShan, Heping Township (326NTD). A bus leaves LiShan at 8:00am daily to Taichung, passing Puli where you can connect to the hourly buses to Sun Moon Lake (30minutes). Catching this bus will require overnighting in LiShan, Dayuling, or alternatively, GuanYuan (where there is a youth hostel [18] 5km short of Dayuling crossroads). It is also possible to hitchhike the rest of the way to Puli from Dayuling.


  • Area code: The Hualien dialing code is 03. For calls made from overseas, dial: +886 3 XXXXXXX

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