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There's more than one place called '''Hell''':
=== [[Africa]] ===
* [[Hell-Ville]] - A town on the island of Nosy Be, [[Madagascar]]
=== [[Europe]] ===
* [[Hell (Norway)]] - A village in [[Norway]].
* [[Hel]] - A pensinsula and city in [[Poland]].
=== [[North America]] ===
* [[Hell (Michigan)]] - An unincorporated community in [[Michigan]].
* [[New York (city)/Manhattan|Hell's Kitchen]] - A neighborhood of [[New York City]] in the [[New York (city)/Theater District|Theatre District]] of Manhattan.
* There is also the abandoned community of Hell in [[Riverside County]], [[California]]; and a group of black limestone formations called Hell near [[West Bay (Grand Cayman)|West Bay]], [[Grand Cayman]], in the [[Cayman Islands]].
=== Underworld ===
* '''[[Hell (Hades)]]''' - A place of eternal torment. Non-essential travel discouraged as of 2008.
=== see also ===
* [[Heaven]]
* [[Paradise]]
[[wikipedia:Hell (disambiguation)]]

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