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Hefei (合肥; Héféi) is the capital city of Anhui Province in China.

Get in/out

By plane

Hefei Luogang Airport (合肥骆岗机场 Héféi Luògǎng jīchǎng) (IATA: HEF) This is an international airport with regular flights to/from most main cities. The airport itself is old and dirty and a new one is currently under construction. Hefei Luogang Airport receives Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Hainan, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shandong, Shanghai, Okay Airways, Sichuan, Tianjin, Joy Airlines flights. The airport is located about 12km from the center of town. A taxi to Municipal Square will cost about 20-25RMB. There is no bus that runs direct from the airport to the city center. You can take bus 11, but you will need to get off and connect with another bus along the way. Chinese buses can be packed, so if you are carrying bags, it is best to catch a taxi.

Hefei Xinqiao International Airport (合肥新桥国际机场 Héféi Xīnqiáo guójì jīchǎng) This is the new airport that will serve Hefei. It is due to open late 2012. It is located near the town of Gaoliu in Feixi County, 31.8 kilometers from the city center.

By train

Hefei Railway Station (合肥站 Héféi Zhàn) All fast trains depart from the one station in Hefei. Fast train codes begin with a D and very fast train codes begin with G. Trains depart regularly to Shanghai and other places. An accurate timetable can be found at

To Shanghai and Wuhan, roughly 3 hours. To Nanjing, roughly 45 mins. There are different trains to Shanghai, many going via Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Kunshan. Sleeper trains to Beijing, Harbin, Qingdao also depart or pass through Hefei. There is no fast train south to Huangshan mountains or direct to Hangzhou.

There are many booths dotted around town for purchasing train tickets. A few in the city center are:

  • 花园街21号 Huāyuán jiē 21 hào
  • 寿春路212号 Shòuchūn lù 212 hào
  • 三孝口联合售票处,金寨路与长江中路交叉口西80米路南 (80m south from Sanxiaokou intersection)
  • 新世纪火车航空售票中心 Lújiāng lù, 111 hào, Xīnshìjì dàshà, 1 lóu. (111 Lujiang Rd, New Century building floor 1)

By bus

Hefei Long Distance Bus Station (合肥长途汽车站 Héféi chángtú qìchēzhàn) 明光路 Míngguāng lù

  • departs every half hour to Tianchang (4 hrs), Ma'anshan (3 hrs), Anqing (3 hrs), Bengbu (2.5 hrs), Huaibei (2.5 hrs), Chuzhou (2.5 hrs), Wuhu (2 hrs)
  • Also provincial lines to Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hebei, Liaoning, Fujian, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shanxi,and Shaanxi.

Anhui Provincial Tour Bus station (安徽省旅游巴士站 Ānhuī shěng lǚyóu bāshì zhàn) 合肥火车站东侧(临近安徽大市场)站前路 Zhàn qián lù

  • This station services Huangshan and Jiuhuashan mountains, Tunxi, Tianchang ,Yiwu, Shanghai, Tongling, Changsha, Lu'an, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places. Buses leave every half hour. Approx. 4 hours to Huangshan.

Get around

  • Taxis: Green, blue or orange These taxis are metered and start at 6 RMB and there is an additional 2 RMB fuel surcharge added to the final fare. However, now many of these taxis are transitioning to charge 8RMB start price (without 2RMB extra at the end of the trip).
  • Taxis: Black Black taxis are also properly signed and metered and are usually a more comfortable and newer car. The fare for these taxis starts at 8 RMB and there is a 1 RMB fuel surcharge added to the final fare.
  • Unmarked taxis There are other unmarked cars (usually black Santanas) that may offer to give you a ride. You often see these kind of illegal taxis around the railway station, airport, or in the outskirts. These are unmetered and the price is negotiated beforehand. The fare will always be higher than usual. If you don't know Hefei well, the fare will be significantly higher. There is also the risk of taking a car that is not insured to carry you and having an unidentifiable driver. Saying that, there are times when legit taxis are very scarce, and if you really need to be somewhere, it might be an option. Legally, every taxi must have the driver's picture and licence number displayed in a plastic plate affixed to the dashboard. If you have any major problems with a taxi driver, discretely write down this number if you need to make a complaint and ask for a fa piao (receipt) at the end of your journey. Avoid getting into arguments with drivers if possible. Around the city area in Hefei, you can reasonably expect to pay between 10-20RMB.In Hefei, a driver might occasionally try to pick up an extra passenger and carry them with you. ie pooling. They sometimes try this on foreigners who don't know how to object. Make it known if you don't want this to happen. Chances are the other person has negotiated to pay a lower fare and is riding on your back.
  • Motorbikes You can also jump on the back of a motorbike if taxis are scarce. There are plenty of motorbikes and they usually congregate on the corners of busy intersections. They are not legal, but are generally tolerated. They are unmetered and you negotiate a price beforehand.
  • tuk-tuks (ma zi da) These are now banned in the city center areas. However, a little further out you might find them (particularly around the long-distance bus stations. Avoid taking them. Because of the amount of construction that goes on in Hefei, there are a lot of heavy trucks flying around the streets and mazidas are too slow and dangerous. In the townside or countryside, this mode of transport is certainly more common.
  • Public Buses This is the dominant mode of public transport in Hefei. The central hub is in Municipal Square. A single bus fare to anywhere costs 1RMB for an un-airconditioned bus or 2RMB for airconditioned. All bus routes, schedules, and announcements are in Chinese. But don't let this put you off. An excellent way to navigate the Hefei bus system is to use Google Maps app. on your mobile phone. Using the "Get Directions" function, you can search bus routes, find bus numbers/stops in Engilsh and pinyin. The results are very accurate. Beware that in peak hours buses are absolutely crammed to the limit. There is no such thing as a "full" Hefei bus; the driver will alway take more people on.
  • Subway At present, Hefei has no subway system. However, it is currently under construction.


Hefei isn't known as a tourist destination, but if you are using it as a stop-off point there are some pleasant places to see. In particular, Hefei has many fine parks and gardens.

  • Lord Bao Park (包公园; Bāo​gōng​yuán)​ The park is free, the attractions can be accessed for a through ticket of ¥50, you can also buy individual tickets for each attraction for ¥5-35 This a combination of a very pleasant park with tea houses, gardens, a lake, a tower and of course the restored underground tomb of Lord Bao himself as well as the tombs of his family. The park is worth walking through.
  • Xiaoyaojin park (逍遥津公园 Xiāoyáo jīn gōngyuán) 寿春路16号 Shòu chūn lù 16 hào. Many amusement rides and duckboats for hire. Gets very crowded on weekends/holidays.
  • Xinghua Park (合肥杏花公园 Xìng huā gōngyuán) 庐阳区淮河西路482号 Huáihé xī lù. Usually less crowded than Xiaoyaojin park. In spring and summer, people fly kites there and practice tai chi early. Has amusement rides and duckboats for hire.
  • Around the city park (环城公园 Huán chéng gōngyuán) 庐阳区环城南路29号 Lúyáng qū huán chéng nánlù 29 hào (South Huancheng Road,Luyang District)
  • Yaohai Park (瑶海公园合肥 Yáohǎi gōngyuán) 瑶海区 Yáohǎi qū (Yaohai district)
  • Hefei Botanical Gardens (合肥植物园 Héféi zhíwùyuán) 近郊开发区环湖东路123号 Lake Rd. There's a nice bonsai garden there. 20yuan
  • Three Kingdoms Ruins Park (三国新城遗址公园 Héféi sānguó xīnchéng yízhǐ gōngyuán) 庐阳区 Luyang district. North of the Botanical Gardens and a fair way out. Take bus 114 to Botanic Gardens then change to bus 300. 25 kuai entry. There are some minor pavilions etc there, and the trees are very picturesque in Spring.
  • Dashu mountain (大蜀山 Dàshǔ shān) 20 mins by taxi or catch any bus that goes to the end of Changjiang Road (长江路)or Huangshan Road (黄山路) The view across Hefei is great on a clear day and there is a TV tower at the top. It can get crowded on days when the weather is nice. The walk up to the top of the mountain takes about 30 minutes.
  • Kai Fu Buddhist Temple (开福寺Kāi fú sì) Located near the bottom of Dàshǔ shān.
  • Hefei Zoo (合肥野生动物园 Héféi dòngwùyuán) Also located near the bottom of Dàshǔ shān. 望江西路600号 电话 Wàngjiāngxi lù, Shushan district.
  • Snow Villa (雪霁山庄 Xuě jì shānzhuāng). 合肥市蜀山区玉兰大道8号(近名人馆) 雪霁山庄 Héféi shì shǔshān qū yùlán dàdào 8 hào (Magnolia Ave., at the foot of Dàshǔ mountain). A traditional Anhui opera hall + restaurant. Watch performances in the evening and eat hui cuisine. Good ambience. Call for show times ph: 5165777, 5388587
  • Anhui Hall of Fame (安徽名人馆). 蜀山风景区 Shǔshān fēngjǐng qū Dashu shan scenic area. Has 50 wax figures of prominent people in Anhui history and 23 scenes.
  • Emerald Lake scenic area (翡翠湖风景区 Fěicuì hú) 开发区大学城内 Development zone University City. Hire tandem bikes and pedal around the lake. Good place to have a picnic or read a book. Few people and quiet.
  • Anhui University Fěicuì hú campus (安徽大学翡翠湖风景区 Ānhuī dàxué fěicuì hú xiàoqū). Adjacent Fěicuì lake.
  • Swan Lake (天鹅湖 Tiān'é hú) 市蜀山区 Shushan district. There is an artificial beach there + 合肥大剧院 Héféi dà jùyuàn (Hefei Poly Grand Theater). Live theater and concerts and MBox cinema.
  • Hefei Sea World/aquarium (合肥海洋世界 Héféi hǎiyáng shìjiè) 繁华大道321 Fánhuá dàdào. Along the same road is 合肥徽园 Héféi huī yuán (Huī yuán tourist park. Pavilions showcase each city in Anhui) 繁华大道276 Fánhuá dàdào.
  • Hefei Happy Island (合肥欢乐岛 Héféi huānlè dǎo) 合肥市经济开发区繁华大道315号 315 Fánhuá dàdào. A leisure and amusement park with rides, activities etc.
  • Chao lake (巢湖 Cháo Hú). This is the great lakes of China. Sights on or around the lake include Lao Shan in the middle and Zhongmiao Temple on the northern bank. There are also some natural springs. Catch bus at 合肥汽车站 (Hefei Bus station) at 明光路168号Míngguāng lù 168 hào.
  • Daishan lake (岱山湖 Dàishān hú) 岱山湖旅游度假区肥东县 Daishan Lake tourist resort, Feidong county. Somewhere to go if you have a driver and want to get out into the countryside. There are some minor attractions there incl. 4 wheel buggies, skirmish, and a buddhist temple with large statue on the lake.
  • Hefei Pedestrian Mall (合肥步行街 Héféi bùxíngjiē). Along the mall is 李鸿章故居 Lihóngzhāng gùjū (Former residence of Li Hong Zhang) + 合肥明教寺 Héféi míngjiào sì (Mingjiao temple). From the Suzhou lu end of the mall is 市政府广场 Shì zhèngfǔ guǎngchǎng (Municipal government square).
  • Temple Market (合肥城隍庙 Héféi chénghuángmiào) 庐阳区合肥霍邱路99号 Luyang Rd. A bustling market + temple area where you can buy everyday items. Known for cheap products. UPDATE 14 Jun. Temple Market is being renovated. Still worth visiting but a lot of the sellers have been cleared out for the renos.
  • Anhui provincial museum (安徽省博物馆 Ānhuī shěng bówùguǎn) 安庆路268号 Ānqìng Rd.
  • Anhui Grand Theatre (安徽大剧院 Ānhuī dà jùyuàn) 合肥市芜湖路301号 Wúhú lù 301 hào.
  • Anhui Huangmei Opera Theater (安徽省黄梅戏剧院 Ānhuī shěng huángméixì jùyuàn) 桐城路136号 136 Tongcheng Lu.
  • Anhui Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theater (安徽省歌舞剧院 Ānhuī shěng gēwǔ jùyuàn) 宝他区曙光路45号 bāo hé qū shǔguāng lù 45 hào. (45 Shuguang lu, Baohe district)
  • Anhui Drama Theater (安徽省话剧院 Ānhuī shěng huàjù yuàn) 合肥市金寨路445号 Jīnzhài lù 445 hào
  • Wansheng JAC Grand Theater (万盛江淮大戏院 Wànshèng jiānghuái dà xìyuàn). 合肥市淮河路252号 Huáihé lù 252 hào
  • San He Ancient Town (三河古镇 Sānhé gǔ zhèn)肥西县 Feixi county. Day trip 40km, about 1-1.5 hours from Hefei on minibus. Definately worth a visit. Well-known for its 米酒 Mǐjiǔ (rice wine). Catch bus at 南门环城站 Nán ménhuán chéng zhàn (South Gate Ring station) on 金寨路 Jīn zhài lù
  • Yu Feng Flower Market (裕丰花卉市场 Yù fēng huāhuì shìchǎng) A market that sells plants, pots, sculptures, aquariums, pets, paintings, ornaments etc. Bus 137 from Municipal square.
  • Dà wéi Township (大圩乡 Outskirts of Hefei City). Go there to pick seasonal produce yourself from the farms or go fishing. Very comfortable in Spring. Catch bus 14 from Municipal square to 包河花园 Bāo hé huāyuán (35mins), then change to bus 23 or get a taxi to Dà wéi township. A taxi direct from Hefei will cost maybe 40-50 RMB.
  • Hefei Science and Technology Museum (合肥科技馆 Héféi kējì guǎn) 黄山路446号 Huángshān lù
  • Zi Peng mountain (紫蓬山 Zǐ péng shān) 肥西县 Feixi county. A forest park with some walking tracks. There is a large buddhist temple at the top of the mountain and multi-storey Buddhist statues carved into the side of the mountain. Best to have a driver/take a local. Stop somewhere to try 肥西老母鸡 Féixi lǎo mǔjī (famous Feixi old hen) for lunch. About 30-45 mins drive from Hefei.
  • Feng le ecological park (丰乐生态园 Fēng lè shēngtài yuán) 安徽省合肥市双凤工业区魏武路中段 Shuāng fèng gōngyè qū wèi wǔlù zhōngduàn (Shuangfeng inductrial area, Wei Wu middle Rd)


  • Walk around the Temple Market (合肥城隍庙 Chénghuángmiào). Be careful of your belongings in this area. Always try to bargain.
  • KTV (Karaoke TV) Going to KTV at least once is an essential part of experiencing China. Many of the bigger, flashier places have a larger selection of English songs. Best to go with some Chinese friends/colleagues so you can see how it's done.
  • Climb Dashu Mountain on a clear day in the afternoon. At the foot of the mountain is Snow Villa (雪霁山庄 Xuě jì shānzhuāng). Have dinner in a tradtional Anhui setting and watch a local Hui opera show. There is usually one show every evening. Call for show times ph: 5165777, 5388587.
  • Have free tea and tea snacks at Ten Fu teahouse These are nice stores on Huayuan St (花园路) and near the corner of Mengcheng and Shouchun lu (across from the main gate of Xinghua Park). You will be presented with some tea sets etc. but there is no pressure to buy.
  • Take a picnic to Emerald Lake scenic area (翡翠湖风景区 Fěicuì hú). A good place to escape the bustle of the city and ride bicycles around the lake.
  • Ferris wheel at Xinghua park Costs 10RMB/person and you can get a good birds-eye view. Early in the morning you can also see observe people practising Tai Chi in groups. At other times of the day you might see older people singing traditional songs or playing er'hu or flute in pavilions. In summer, the park is filled with people flying kites.
  • Have a massage There are a few well-known places (incl. Laohu massage) along Hupo Ave. in Hǔpò shānzhuāng (琥珀山庄) area. 40RMB/hour.
  • Go-Karting at Anhui Fu Bang Racing Club D1 Indoor Go-Karting (安徽馥邦赛车俱乐部D1卡丁车馆 Ānhuī fù bāng sàichē jùlèbù D1 kǎ dīng chē guǎn)新站区铜陵北路与物流大道交叉口馥邦汽车城3栋 New Station area, intersection of Tongling North Rd and Wuliu Ave., Fu Bang Motor City 3.
  • Tian an Bowling Alley 合肥天安保龄球馆 Héféi Tiān'ān bǎolíngqiú guǎn)马鞍山路68号 68 Ma'anshan Rd
  • Anhui Grand Theater (安徽大剧院 Ānhuī dà jùyuàn)合肥市芜湖路301号 Wúhú lù 301 hào.
  • Anhui Huangmei Opera Theater (安徽省黄梅戏剧院 Ānhuī shěng huángméixì jùyuàn)桐城路136号 136 Tongcheng Lu.
  • Anhui Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theater (安徽省歌舞剧院 Ānhuī shěng gēwǔ jùyuàn) 宝他区曙光路45号 bāo hé qū shǔguāng lù 45 hào. (45 Shuguang lu, Baohe district)
  • Anhui Drama Theater (安徽省话剧院 Ānhuī shěng huàjù yuàn) 合肥市金寨路445号 Jīnzhài lù 445 hào
  • Wansheng JAC Grand Theater (万盛江淮大戏院 Wànshèng jiānghuái dà xìyuàn). 合肥市淮河路252号 Huáihé lù 252 hào
  • Walk through Yu Feng flower and pet market
  • Drive duck boats around the lake at Bao Gong park or Xinghua park. Costs about 30RMB/half an hour.
  • Watch dancing in the square Go in the evening to Municipal Square (市政府广场 Shì zhèngfǔ guǎngchǎng)or the square outside the main gate of Xinghua Park to see mass numbers of people (mainly older women) dancing.


  • Temple Market (合肥城隍庙 Chénghuángmiào). A bustling market area with sellers peddling low end household goods and knicknacks. Always bargain. NOTE: As at Jul.2012, this area is under renovation. So the number of sellers has diminished, but still worth a look.
  • Wanda Plaza (合肥万达广场 Wàndá guǎngchǎng). A very large shopping mall + cinema complex. Has Starbucks, movie cinemas, and a variety of restaurants on the top level. The mall is very new. 包河区马鞍山路与芜湖路交叉口(Ma On shan lu)
  • Yintai Center (合肥银泰购物中心 Héféi Yíntài gòuwù zhòngxīn). Another very large shopping mall with restaurants on top level. This mall has a huge range of designer stores, from high-end to mid-range. As at Jul.2012, the mall is very new. No cinemas. 长江中游路98号 Chángjiāng zhōngyóu lù 98 hào (98 Changjiang middle road)
  • Baida CBD Mall (百大CBD购物中心 Bǎidà CBD gòuwù zhòngxīn). Comprises one large, multi-level department store. There is also a Habitat Coffee lounge in the center that has a very nice atmosphere. No restaurants or cinema. 庐阳区长江中路150号CBD中央广场 (Chángjiāng lù 150 hào)
  • Guo Gou Plaza (合肥国购广场 Guo Gou guǎngchǎng). A large shopping mall + cinema complex. Has a number of restaurants on the top level (but not as much variety as Wanda) + movie cinema. The center contains a very large Carrefour supermarket/dept. store. This is one of the older malls in Hefei. 长江路199号 Chángjiāng lù 199 hào (Changjiang West Road)
  • Grand Ocean Department Store (合肥大洋百货 Héféi dàyáng bǎihuò). A brand new shopping mall complex with ice skating ring and cinema complex. Has some restaurants on top level and in basement level. Good place for clothes shopping. Ice skating ring is not huge. 60RMB/1.5 hours. 长江西路199号(近国购广场) 199 Changjiang West Rd (next to Guo Gou plaza)
  • Yuan Yi Times Square (元一时代广场 Yuán yī shídài guǎngchǎng). Has a Walmart and Parkson department store + cinemas. This is one of the older malls in Hefei. 新站区胜利路89 Xīnzhàn qū shènglì lù 89
  • Hefei Bai Shui Ba (合肥白水坝 Bái shuǐbà). A medium-sized mall mainly based around one large TESCO supermarket. The center has quite a few clothing stores and restaurants, incl. Thai and Korean. In warmer months, sellers set up a small night market in the square outside. 蒙城北路 MengCheng bei lu.
  • Carrefour Shopping Center on Ma’anshan Rd (家乐福 吗 鞍山路 Jiālèfú Ma'ānshān lù). 马鞍山路1000号 (1000 Ma'anshan lu Baohe district)
  • Hóngxīng lù (红星路 Hóngxīng St. ) A tree-lined street with little boutique clothing stores and some homeware/knicknack stores.
  • Hefei central pedestrian mall(合肥步行街 bùxíngjiē). Includes Gu Lou, a well-known, high-quality department store on the Suzhou lu end of the mall. Also includes a Parkson department store and a Starbucks. Many clothing retailers. A cinema complex is near the temple. After 9pm, street sellers peddle goods and the pedestrian street is transformed into a night market.
  • Huizhan Center (会展中心) Has a market of locally produced Chinese products, including painting, wooden sculptors and furniture, jade and tea pots. This is a fairly tourist free zone so expect to be able to get deals you might not be able to get in bigger cities.


Local specialties include:

  • Crayfish (小龙虾 xiǎo lóngxiā). This is Hefei's signature food. The longxia are boiled and then eaten with dipping sauces, usually vinegary or spicy. One pound (一斤 yijin) of longxia is now around RMB50. Longxia are known as a spicy food and are typically eaten outside with beer. Chinese are often selective about where they buy longxia because longxia needs to be cleaned and cooked thoroughly.

Hefei's most famous longxia street is Níngguó Rd. 宁国路龙虾美食街 Níngguó lù lóngxiā měishí jiē).

Another good area to find longxia is Hupo eat street (琥珀山庄美食街 Hǔpò shānzhuāng měishí jiē).

  • Fish Bites Lamb fresh mandarin fish stuffed with lamb
  • Li Hongzhang's Combination prepared with fresh water prawn, snails, chicken, sea cucumber, abalone and shark's fin.
  • Clay Pot Fish fresh fish from Changjiang River cooked with ham
  • Pigeon and Mushroom soup Yellow Mountain fungus, baby pigeeon slowly cooked in a clay pot



  • Bitburger Hefei’s first German bar and one of the first establishments in the city to serve imported draught beer – German, of course. With its helpful staff, spacious layout, mellow ambience and a decent selection of bar snacks and East-West fusion food, Bitburger is a popular destination for the more discerning tourist or business visitor. German-brand draught beers start at around 45 RMB. Imported wine store sells red and white wine at medium to top range prices (100–500 RMB). 芜湖路256-8号 Wúhú lù 256-8 hào (258-6 Wuhu Road)
  • Soho Bar (苏荷酒吧 Sū hé jiǔbā) Top range sports bar located in The Hilton Hotel. Showing live sports on a multitude of widescreen TVs and with its athletic-themed staff, Soho Bar is the best place in town to watch EPL football, rugby and whichever international sports events you care to imagine. Due to the plethora of TVs available, staff are quite happy to let you take over the remote control to find the game or event of your choice. Draught Tiger beer is chugged out for about 45 RMB. 合肥元一希尔顿, 胜利路198号 Héféi yuán yī xī'ěrdùn, Shènglì lù 198 hào (Hefei Hilton, 198 Shengli Road)
  • Bacchus (巴克斯酒吧 Bakè sī jiǔbā) A German restaurant and eatery with a microbrewery. Sells all kinds of fresh beer, incl. Paulaner. Prices range from 40-100RMB for a beer. Live entertainment + large screen TV for watching football matches. Located on the new 1912 bar st, Huangshan lu, Shushan district. 蜀山区黄山路1912街区13号楼 (Shǔshān qū huángshān lù 1912 jiēqū 13 hào lóu).
  • Madison Bar (廊桥酒吧 Láng qiáo jiǔbā) 永红路(Yǒng hóng lù)(not far down from Changjiang Rd intersection).
  • MGM (美高美国际商务联谊会 Měi gāo měi) Dance club with DJs, dancers, laser lights etc. Very loud, not a place where you can do much talking. Mechanical dance floor that moves up and down. 40RMB for a bottle of Budweiser. Cocktails and other drinks also. 长江路199号 Chángjiāng lù 199 hào
  • Phebe Nightclub (合肥PHEBE酒吧 Phebe jiǔbā) Another dance club similar to MGM. 50RMB/beer. It's a short walk up from intersection of Ningguo and Wuhu Rds. 宁国路芜湖路交叉口 Níngguó lù wúhú lù jiāochā kǒu.
  • SOHO A dance club right next to Phebe on Ningguo lu.
  • Phever Club Another dance club over the road from Phebe and SOHO on Ningguo lu.
  • Knight Bar (骑士酒吧 Qíshì jiǔbā). This is a popular hangout for foreigners and Chinese alike. Full range of spirits. One of the cheapest places for beers in Hefei. Live band most nights, pool tables. Formerly called Revolutionary bar. The entrance is down a small alley almost directly opposite the west gate of USTC university. (对方的道路) 中国科技大学, 西大门 金寨路96号
  • Stone & Wood (石木酒吧 Shí mù jiǔbā)near intersection of Jinzhai Rd and S.Ring Rd. 走进金寨路与环城南路交叉口老报馆308巷子里
  • Morgan's Bar (摩根酒吧 Mógēn jiǔbā) A nice, dimly-lit atmosphere with quiet music. Usually not a lot of people. Quiet place to relax and have a few drinks and conversation. No live music. Mid-range prices. 守春路阜阳路交叉口 Shòu chūn lù fùyáng lù jiāochā kǒu. Short walk down Shouchun lu from intersection.
  • On The Way Bar (在路上酒吧 zài lùshàng jiǔbā) A fair way out of the city center but worth a visit for the adventurous. Cheap prices, live music, good atmosphere, friendly laoban, usually no foreigners. 市蜀山区,合肥工业大学(新校区)北门,对面金星商业城,丹霞路 引针路路口 Shì shǔshān qū, héféi gōngyè dàxué (xīn xiàoqū) běi mén, duìmiàn jīnxīng shāngyè chéng, dān xiá lù yǐn zhēn lu lùkǒu (in Venus Business City, opposite north gate of Hefei Industrial University new campus, near intersection of Danxia and Yinzhen roads, Shushan district).
  • Hupo Food Street (琥珀山庄美食街 Hǔpò shānzhuāng měishí jiē) Go at night for street food, beer, and bbq. Best in spring and summer when people are eating and drinking outside. Prices for beer and food are cheap. Street is blocked to traffic. There are also some DVD vendors there.
  • Jiuhuashan Beer garden This is a large outdoor beer garden with fresh beer and a large selectrion of BBQ. Prices are cheap. You first load money into a card which is then scanned whenever you buy something. Any money left over when you leave is refunded to you. (九华山路马鞍山路交叉口 Jiǔhuàshān lù mǎ'ānshān lù jiāochākǒu). It's on Jiuhuashan Rd almost directly on the intersection with Ma'anshan rd.
  • 88 Club (极地88酒吧国际俱乐部 Jídì 88 jiǔbā guójì jùlèbù) 马鞍山中路77号 Mǎ'ānshān zhōnglù 77 hào
  • Tang Club(唐俱乐部酒吧 Táng jùlèbù jiǔbā) 蜀山区黄山路金大地1912街区16号楼(近岳西路) 1912 jiēqū 16 hào lóu (jìn yuè xi lù) 1912 Street (near Yuexi street)Ph: (0551)6119999


  • Crowne Plaza Hefei, Tower A 598 Huangshan Road, Hefei, 230088, +86-551-2971888 Fax:+86-551-2971999 Email: [email protected], [1]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Crowne Plaza Hefei is a 5-star hotel located at the new Hefei High-Tech Industrial Development zone, the perfect place for your business trip or meetings and events.


  • Hilton Hefei, 198 ShengLi Road, Hefei, China 230011,  +86-551-280-8888 (, fax: +86-551-280-8889), [2]. The Hilton Hefei hotel is located on the crossroad of Sheng Li Road and Feng Yang Road. It is just 3 minutes from Hefei city centre and 5 minutes away from Hefei Train Station.
  • Novotel Hefei (合肥诺富特齐云山庄), 199 Wuhu Road, [3]. >A 4 star hotel in the centre of Hefei, ideal for a business trip to this important centre for science and technology.
  • Westin Hotel, 150 Ma'an shan Road, +86-551-298-9888"", [4]. checkin: 15:00; checkout: 12:00. Westin is the best hotel by stars - 6 star hotel - in Hefei. The price is relatively high but very nice service. Because of the spending, only recommended for business trips.

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