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Havana (province)

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Havana (province)

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There are many Spanish speaking countries—twenty-- one to be exact! They each have there own culture, food, ETC. One of those twenty- one countries is the lonely planet. The lonely planet? Yes! The lonely planet! Don’t know what I’m talking bout? I thought so. The lonely planet is a nickname for Cuba! Cuba has many features to it. Cuba’s capital is Havana. It lies on the northwestern side of the country. Havana is an old time country. If you go there you will feel like you are in the 1950’s. Theodore Roosevelt fought in the Spanish-American war. The Republic of Cuba gained independence on the 20th of May in the year of 1902. The first leader of Cuba is named Tomas Estrada Palma. However, it did not work out. Independent Cuba’s government could not handle Cuba. They had many failures. Cuba was on US occupancy for three years. The lonely planet seems to give freedom of religion. This means not only one, but Galore amount of religions that is practiced in Cuba. It is said to be about 40% to be Roman Catholic, $ the rest are Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, & lastly, Jewish. Cuba has an appetizing dish. They have breaded shrimp. There is also black beans and rice. These foods are part of there cultures. Cuba’s culture is a meeting point of European, African, Amerindian and continentally North America cultures. Cuba has many cities and states. This means that the climate changes with in the south, north, west and east areas. Cuba is mostly lets say, semi tropical. This means it is about 77 F and to be averaged – 81 F. WOW! That’s the climate.

         The Lonely planet is well populate--2,266,132 at the age of 14. Now its population is about 11,346,670. That’s a lot of people living there!