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Hamams of Istanbul

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Hamams of Istanbul

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There are 237 hamams in Istanbul, 60 of them are still in use. Below is a list of hamams in Istanbul. You can also find detailed information on the hamams from a blog dedicated to the subject on hamamguide.

European Side
Name & Website District Built Date Address & Panaroma Fee & Notes
Ağa Hamamı Beyoğlu 1454 Kuloglu Mahallesi, Turnacibasi Sokak No: 48 (panaroma) Central, near Istiklal- Taksim- Beyoglu
(Opens : 10:00 am Close: 10:00 pm)
Entrance ₺40 (convert)
Entrance + Scrubbing + Massage ₺50 (convert)
Entrance + Scrubbing + Massage+Oil Massage 90₺ (convert)
(Unisex hamam for families & couples)
Galatasaray Hamamı Beyoğlu 1481 Turnacibasi Sokak No: 24 (panaroma) Central, near Istiklal- Taksim- Beyoglu
entrance ₺40 (convert)
withcolor changing LED lights, which some people find annoying and takes the peaceful atmosphere away
Çatma Mescit Hamamı Beyoğlu 1533 Catma Mescit Mah. Hayratci Sk. No:1-3 (panaroma) Central, in Pera / Beyoglu, near Galata
Built by Mimar Sinan. Restorated and opened in 2020.
It is private hammam with reservation, no need to see naked strangers.
Luxurious service with massage therapists.
Çemberlitaş Hamamı Sultanahmet 1584 Vezirhanı Cad. No: 8 Çemberlitaş (panaroma) Very central, near Grand Bazaar, Major touristic, a bit expensive
entrance: ₺45 (convert)
enter & massage: ₺69 (convert)
enter & 30 mins massage with oil: ₺116 (convert)
just near Çemberlitaş tram stop
Ayasoyfa Hürrem Sultan Hamamı Sultanahmet 1556 Cankurtaran Mh. Bab-ı Hümayun Cd. No:1 34122 Sultanahmet (panaroma) Central near Sultanahmet. (Ultra expensive)
Cağaloğlu Hamamı Sultanahmet 1741 Cağaloğlu (panaroma) Central near sultanahmet. Usually busy but good architecture.
Mihrimah Sultan Hamamı Edirnakapı 1562 Fevzipaşa Cad. No: 333 Edirnekapı (panaroma) A bit off the path but still very good
If you plan on visiting Chora Church it would be great if you stop by this hamam as well. Entrance: ₺40 (convert)
around Chora Church, Anemas Dungeons and Mihrimah Sultan Mosque
crawded at summers
Sofular Hamamı Aksaray 1700s
burned & rebuilt in 1800s
Sofular Cad. No: 22, Aksaray, Fatih (panaroma) A basic local hamam built by Mimar Sinan. Great for a cheap and traditional experience. 25TL for entrance. + 10TL for Kese scrubbing service. + 10TL if you opt-in for the below average massage.
Süleymaniye Hamamı Süleymaniye 1550 Mimar Sinan Caddesi No: 20 Süleymaniye (panaroma) entrance €35
(Unisex hamam for families & couples)
Haseki Bostan Hamamı Süleymaniye 1550 Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Caddesi, No: 30, Fatih (panaroma) Another local hamam. The walk to and around Haseki Bostan hamamı was great. You would get off at Yusufpaşa Tram stop and walk up from Haseki Street. And on the way back walk back from Cerrahpaşa-Kocamustafa Paşa street. The entrance to Haseki bostan bath is a mere 10tl, plus 10tl for the kese guy. its not crowded. But not as elegant as other touristic hamams. The male section closes at 10pm and females closes at 7pm.
Büyük Hamam Kasımpaşa Potinciler Sokak No: 22 Kasımpaşa (panaroma) (A nice and a cheap hamam)
Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı Tophane 1580 Kemankeş Mahallesi Hamam Sokak No: 1 34425 Tophane Karaköy (panaroma) An elegant Turkish bath, creation of Mimar Sinan. Recently renovated and opened. Near Taksim and near the cruise ship docks in Tophane.
Gedik Ahmet Paşa Hamamı Gedikpaşa 1475 Hamam Cad. No : 65 - 67 Gedikpaşa (panaroma) enterance ₺50 (convert)
entrance with massage and scrub ₺60 (convert)
with a pool.
The dressing rooms of a Turkish Bath. (Haseki Bostan Bath)
Asian Side
Name & Website District Built Date Address & Panaroma Fee & Notes
Çinili Hamam Üsküdar 1604 Murat Reis Mahallesi, Cavusdere Caddesi No: 204 (panaroma)
Aziziye Hamamı Kadıköy 1860 Kadıköy Haydarpasa Rıhtım Cad. Recaizade Sokak No: 17-19 (panaroma) entrance: ₺20 (convert)
massage & scrub: ₺20 (convert) local and lovely hammam
Küçükyalı Hamamı Maltepe Üçler Sok. No:14, Küçükyalı (panaroma) (non-touristic local hamam, far to the city center)
Kartal Şifa Hamamı Kartal Hürriyet Cd. No: 1 Kartal (panaroma) (non-touristic local hamam, far to the city center)
Ağa Hamamı Üsküdar 1610
Eski Hamam Üsküdar
Yalı Hamamı Maltepe 1771 Hamam Sk, 1-17, 34844 Yalı, Maltepe (panaroma)
İcadiye Dağ Hamamı Üsküdar
İcadiye Hamamı Üsküdar
Beykoz Hamamı Beykoz
Beylerbeyi Hamamı Beylerbeyi


If you have slippers bring them if not they do provide you a pair. Other than that most hamams are VERY (zero germs.) clean inside due to heat and the nature of the marble. Here is the scientific backing: