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Travel Warning WARNING: Grozny remains extremely dangerous and is emphatically NOT safe for tourists. Chechen rebels are active and the Russian Mafia is highly active within the city. Government officials are currently trying to reconstruct the city.

Grozny (Russian: Гро́зный GROHZ-nyh) is the war-torn capital city of Chechnya. Since the end of the Second Chechen War, Grozny has undergone a renaissance in development and many abandoned or low-quality apartments and houses demolished and replaced with newer re-built apartment buildings and suburbs. Grozny was originally a Russian fort and named after Ivan the Terrible, as Grozny is Russian meaning "terrible" and Ivan the Terrible's Russian name is Ivan Grozny. Throughout 1994 and the early 2000s the city underwent chaos as Russian military battled Chechen rebels. As of today, Grozny is undergoing redevelopment but is extremely dangerous and the Russian Mafia is very active in the city.


Grozny was originally founded in 1818 as a Russian fort. It was a major stronghold for the Russians during the Caucasian Wars during 1818-1864. During the early 20th century, population boomed because of the city's rich oil reserves which drove many Russians from other parts of the country to work in the city.

During World War II, Josef Stalin thought the Chechens were working with the Nazis to overthrow the Soviet government. It was decided to deport all Chechens to Northern Kazakhstan to concentration camps. Although they were allowed back into the city after Stalin's reign, many were angry with years of inequality.

In the 1990s, rebels began to form groups to destroy Russian power in the regions. The government lost control and the city was very much dangerous every day. Peace finally began to restore during the late stages of the war in the 2000s and currently the government is beginning to reconstruct the city.

Get in

Because of Grozny being highly devastated by years of war, transportation is often tricky and hard as much of Grozny's transportation system has been destroyed. However, since reconstruction began, it's possible to take a flight to the city or use a train, bus or the convenient highway system.

By plane

The only way to get to Grozny by air is by using the Vnukovo Airport in Moscow. The flights to Grozny are extremely guarded since the war and 9/11, so expect delays.

By train

A train leaves from Moscow to Grozny every 2 days. This train is heavily guarded, so expect a lot of delays and hassles.

By car

Grozny is connected to the rest of Russia by a large highway system. The P-308, P-307 and M-29 highways connect the city to other cities in Russia. Keep in mind that it's best to take a map with you, or else you can get lost.

By bus

A bus usually leaves from Nazran to Grozny and other cities in the Caucasus region of Russia, so remember when you are going to stop.

Get around

It's very difficult to get around Grozny since during the Siege of Grozny the tram and trolley system was almost destroyed. The tram is not expected to re-open, but the trolley has re-opened this year. The trolley still has not fully developed, so it's advised to use a car to travel the city.


  • The main attraction to Grozny is the Grozny Central Dome Mosque, which was recently completed and is the largest mosque in Europe.


  • On weekends, you can go and watch some football (soccer) at the Sultan Bilimkhanov Stadium. FC Terek Grozny plays there in the Russian Premier League.


Because of the region's war's affect on the economy, many items in Grozny are cheap. Don't expect to find much Western essentials you can find in other parts of the country in many stores. Many authentic swords and daggers can be bought at low prices. There might be some flea markets, but you may usually find bootleg copies of well-known products.


  • Café Oasis is a reasonable place to eat in the capital Grozny. It will be difficult to find though. You might want to bring a guide.


There aren't many bars in the city, but there are many local vendors which sell beer. Common sense must be used when approaching alcohol, and beer can only be sold legally between 8:00 and 10:00 AM.


  • A good and cheap hotel to find in Grozny is the Hotel Arena City, a new hotel built by the government. The hotel is new and modern, and has many essentials you can find in other hotels. Many other hotels are being built. It's important to note though that rebels keep an eye on the hotels like a hawk.

Stay safe

Grozny is a extremely dangerous city to visit at the moment. Currently, there are many Chechen nationalists fighting in the area and it's said that the Russian Mafia have more members in the city than there are police. It's advised NOT to speak Chechen in the city as a foreigner speaking the language will attract a lot of attention. Nationalists do not take kindly to tourists, so sometimes you may want to wear a rag on your face to avoid attention. In general, it's advised to avoid traveling to Grozny at all times. If you really need to go there, take a lot of precaution.

Get out

  • Argun: Argun is a city that is just a few miles east of Grozny. Just take the highway if you want to visit Argun.
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