Goring and Streatley

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Goring and Streatley

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Goring and Streatley are twin villages on the boundary of Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Strictly speaking Goring is in Oxfordshire and Streatley in Berkshire, but as everything in both villages is in reasonably easy walking distance of everything else it seems better to deal with as one.

The two villages cluster around a bridge across the river Thames, with an adjacent lock and weir. Both villages have their fair share of quaint thatched cottages and pubs.

What distinguishes these villages from many others on the river Thames is their location in the 'Goring Gap', a geological feature where, during the last ice age, the river forced its way between the Chiltern Hills and the Berkshire Downs. As a result the valley is much narrower, with some spectacular views from the tops of the surrounding hills.

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Goring has a rail station on the Reading to Oxford line. Train times from either place can be found on the National Rail Planner or by calling 0845-748-4950 from anywhere in the UK.

Alternatively the villages are about 8 miles north-west from Reading on the A329, or about 16 miles south of Oxford on the same road.

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All locations in and around the villages are walkable.







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