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Goderdzi is a mountain-ski resort in Georgia. Situated in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara near to Beshumi village. It is situated on the north-facing plateau at a top elevation of 2366 m from sea level.


Goderdzi mountain-ski resort is only 110 km from the most popular seaside resort in Batumi, Adjara, and is the ideal four-season mountain resort by its location and infrastructure. Mountains are snow-covered from November till April. Pristine, forested mountains create a fantastic setting in the winter, spring, summer and most dramatically, when the autumn colors create an intense display. Sitting at an elevation around of 1700 m (top elevation 2390 m), the resort base is below the tree line, offering an attractive and welcoming character throughout the seasons. Building of the ski resort started in 2012 and was opened for the first time for the winter season 2015-2016. There are 2 ski lifts - 8 place Gondola and 6 place chair lift (bobble). 8 km of ski runs offer different levels of pistes (intermediate, advanced and expert).

Get inEdit

Each and every one aiming to visit Goderdzi resort has different opportunities of reaching it - via plane to the nearest airports and from there via car or route taxi.

By planeEdit

Batumi International Airport [1] is located 110 km from Goderdzi. Transfer by Bus is about 3:30 to 4 hours.

Tbilisi International Airport is located 288 km from Goderdzi ski resort via Akhaltsikhe. If the pass is closed you will have to get to Batumi and then drive to Goderdzi. It usually takes about 7 to 8 hours. The distance from Tbilisi to Batumi is 374 km.

Kutaisi international airport is 242 km from Goderdzi.

By carEdit

If you are driving to Goderdzi take into account that you may be required to equip your car with snowchains. Also note that during winter it is not possible to access Goderdzi from Akhaltsikhe, as the pass is usually closed due to a heavy snow.

By route taxiEdit

Getting to Goderdzi ski resort is possible by route taxi. From Tbilisi Okriba station route taxi will take you to Akhaltsikhe (every 40 minute), where you will have to change the transport and another route taxi will take you to your final destination, to the resort. From Batumi bus station route taxi goes to Goderdzi ski resort four times a day.

By trainEdit

Domestic trains run between Tbilisi and Batumi tree times a day and every even number. From Batumi train station one can reach the resort via route taxi four times a day.


Green Lake
Petrified forest
Rabati Castle

As the snow melts, the attractiveness of Goderdzi resort extends into the springtime.

Green Lake is situated in the northern part near Beshumi on 2058 m above sea level (5-6 km from the resort). Situated between mountains this beautiful lake is surrounded by spruce and beech trees. The clear and transparent water is slightly mineralized.

Khikhani Castle is min centuries castle situated in Khulo Municipality, Autonomous republic of Adjara. Castle has only one way to be reached with, from south-east side. The exact date of its built is not know, but scientists think that castle belongs to X-XIII Centuries.

Petrified Forest is unique place of natural monument of Pliocene fossil flora and fauna, which is located at an altitude of 1600-2100 m, 8-10 km from the resort, on the territories o Adigeni and Khulo municipalities. The total area is 365 ha.

Rabati Castle is a medieval castle complex in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia located 52 km from Goderdzi resort. Its history starts in 13th century, the time castle was built. In fact it is the city in the city. Besides the historical fortresses, towers, churches and mosque there are various modern facilities like informational center, restaurants and cafes, shops, museum, room where visitors can see the model of Akhaltsikhe town, marriage bureau, Turkish baths, Pasha necropolis, citadel, amphitheater and of course a wine cellar, when you can taste and buy more than 24 brands of Georgian wine.

Zarzma Monastery of Tansfiguration is a medieval Orthodox Christian monastery located at the village of Zarzma in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, sowthwest of Georgia. It is nested in the forested river valley of in Adigeni municipality, 18 km from Gederdzi Resort. The facades of the church are richly decorated and the interior is fresco-ed. A smaller replica of the Zarzma church, known as Akhali Zarzma ("New Zarzma") is located in the same municipality.

To DoEdit

Winter activites: Skiing, Snowboarding, Free-riding, Ski Tours, Hiking

Summer activities: Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Camping, Bird watching, Hiking




There are several options of staying:

“Hotel David” - (+995 558 543 554) located 100 m from the lift, provides reliable accommodation in rooms (80 lari) or hostel (40 lari).

’Hotel Meteo - accommodates 35 persons;

Cottages' - 6 cottages accommodating in total 72 persons;

Guest Houses - in Beshumi, 10 km from the resort.