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Givat Shmuel

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*<do name="Ramon Park" alt="" address="Between Begin, Hammer, Yoni Netanyahu, and Gur" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">A park with playground for kids.</do>

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Givat Shmuel is a small city of nearly 30,000 in Israel. It is in the Center District, which also includes Tel Aviv, Bnei Brak, and Petah Tikva.


Get in

By bus

Egged provides service from other cities to Givat Shmuel. The transfers can be tricky, so check here to plan your trip. All fares are as of May 2011.

  • From Haifa, take the 921 to Petah Tikva and transfer to the 164. 35 NIS.
  • From Jerusalem, take the 402. 19.5 NIS.
  • From Tel Aviv, take the 561, 641, or 921 to Ha Yarkon Junction Centre and transfer to the 564 (6am to 1pm). 22.6 NIS. Alternatively, take the 525 or 531 to Ramat Gan Ayalon Mall and transfer to the 318 (3-5pm). 12 NIS

By car

Get around

By bicycle

Like most of Israel, it is easy to navigate the city by bicycle. Always watch for cars.

By bus

There are several buses the run thru the city. Look at the bus stop nearest you (it shouldnt be too far) or ask a local for help.

By car

Givat Shmuel is welcome to cars, but there are many narrow and one way roads. Also, be prepared for roundabouts/traffic circles.

By foot

Givat Shmuel is very walkable. Watch when crossing streets and be ready to switch sidewalks several times on the same road due to cars parked on the sidewalk or because the sidewalk ends. Be sure to map out very carefully where you are going if you have a destination in mind. It is easy to get lost. Google Maps can sometimes be inaccurate.



  • Ramon Park, Between Begin, Hammer, Yoni Netanyahu, and Gur. A park with playground for kids.


  • Shopping Mall, Landau and Yoni Netanyahu. A nice semi-outdoor shopping mall with many stores, restaurants, and a supermarket. There are also two banks in and one nearby where you can withdraw Shekels with foreign credit cards.





Get out