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'''Gallup''' [http://www.gallupchamber.com] is a town in the state of [[New Mexico]] in the [[United States of America]].
==Get in==
* Gallup is on Interstate 40, which at this point follows the route of historic [[Route 66]].  It is about two hours from [[Albuquerque]].  This stretch of road, however, is seemingly under nearly constant construction, and you may have some unexpected driving delays.  Dust storms and wind-driven blizzards can also create delays, particularly between Gallup and [[Grants]].
* Gallup is served intermittently by Mesa Airlines, a commuter line.  The nearest major airport is in Albuquerque.  If you're flying into Albuquerque, the distances are such that it's about a toss-up whether it's more time-efficient to take the commuter line or simply drive.  As of December 2005, Mesa is not flying into Gallup anyway, but check back occasionally.
* Amtrak's '''Southwest Chief''' [http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Amtrak/am2Route/Horizontal_Route_Page&c=am2Route&cid=1081442673827&ssid=132], the main Amtrak train line across the Southwest, has a station in Gallup. The westbound train arrives at 7:08PM and the eastbound train arrives at 8:51AM. This stop has no ticket office and no Quik-Trak ticket machine so tickets must be purchased at another station of on-line.
==Get around==
*'''Red Rock State Park''' [http://www.ci.gallup.nm.us/rrsp/00182_redrock.html] is just outside town and features colorful scenery.  Hiking and camping are possible, and there are several special events during the year, probably the best-known of which is the '''Gallup Intertribal Indian Ceremonial''' in early August.  The Ceremonial is a major event with dancing, arts and crafts, Native American foods, etc.
*'''Red Rock Museum''', 300 W. Rt. 66, is affiliated with the park and has historical and cultural displays.
*<do name="" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="9 a.m. to 3 p.m." price="" lat="" long="">If you want to find great Native American art, jewelry, food and shop with the locals, check out the Gallup Flea Market every Saturday, rain or shine.</do>
Gallup has a lot of jewelry stores and crafts stores.
Gallupian cuisine is a mix of traditional New Mexican food and Native American food. It is generally very spicy.
* '''Earl's Restaurant''', 1400 E. Highway 66, ''+1 505'' 863-4201.  Open 6 AM-9 PM 7 days (Fridays until 9:30, Sundays until 4 PM).  A long-time local favorite serving a mixture of New Mexican and mainstream American food.
*<drink name="Jerry's" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></drink>
* <sleep name="Blue Spruce Lodge" address="1119 E. Highway 66" phone="+1 505-863-5211" email="" fax="+1 505-863-6104" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url=""></sleep>
* '''El Rancho Hotel''', 1000 E. Rt. 66, ''+1-505-''863-9311 (''+1-800-543-6351 toll free; email: [email protected]''), [http://www.elranchohotel.com/]. Self-proclaimed "Home of the movie stars", this kitschy hotel was built in 1937 for the brother of Hollywood director D.W. Griffith and was headquarters for a number of westerns filmed in the area in the 40s and 50s. Its current owners keep the hotel in vintage condition, and if the atmosphere is a little patchy in places, the prices are reasonable and the environment worth the trouble. $58-$86 (''1-4 people'').
* '''Gallup Microtel Inn & Suites''', 3270 Highway 66, ''+1-505-''722-2600, [http://www.microtelinn.com/reservations/locationdetail.asp?facid=137].
==Get out==
* Although Gallup is in a desert, there are high mountain peaks and pristine alpine forests within an hour's drive of town. Notables include Mount Taylor(11,301 feet) and the Zuni Mountains.
* [[Navajo Nation]] occupies most of the space north and west of town to the state line, with various points of interest.
* [[Chaco Culture National Historical Park]] and [[El Malpais National Monument]] are [[United States National Parks | United States national parks and monuments]] within easy driving distance of Gallup, about an hour north and east, respectively.  A tip: If you're going to Chaco, ''do not'' approach from the southwest (NM 371 to NM 9 directly to NM 57) unless you have 4-wheel drive; this road has several hairy spots, and you're a long way from help if you get stuck.  Instead take 371 to 9 and around to the much more civilized approach from the east side.  It's 20 miles longer, but much less likely to be impassable.

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