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From Ukraine to Balkans

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From Ukraine to Balkans

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Crossing from Ukraine to Balkans can be a nice experience of Eastern and Southern spirit. You can also can learn the contrasts and similar points between Ukraine and Balkans.


  • Things you need the most're:
  • first aid kit
  • medicines ( if you suffer from any disease, especially hard allergies)
  • 3-4 pairs of clothes and underwear
  • phrasebooks
  • torch
  • canned and instant food
  • water supplies
  • toilet paper and liquid soap/wet tissues

Get in

The best place to start your journey's Kiev. Its two main airports: Zhuliany and Boryspil have excellent connections between world's cities. There're many low cost connections from Western countries offered mostly by Wizzair or Ryanair. Popular world's airlines also offer international connections as well as the national carrier Ukraine International Airlines.

Get around

The best way of transport could be bus or train. In Ukraine and Moldova there're small buses called marshrutka.


  • Day 1-4

Kiev sightseeing

  • Day 5

Zhytomir, Berdychiv and Vinnytsia sightseeing.

  • Day 6

Uman sightseeing

  • Day 7

Kamyanets-Podilskyi sightseeing

  • Day 8

Khotyn castle sightseeing

  • Day 9-11

Exploring Podilya landscapes and caves

  • Day 12

Chernivtsi sightseeing

  • Day 13

Border with Romania, Suceava sightseeing

  • Day 14

Piata Neamt sightseeing

  • Day 15-16

Iasi sightseeing

  • Day 17-19

Border with Moldova, Chisinau sightseeing

  • Day 20-24

Flight from Chisiniau to Bucharest. Bucharest sightseeing

  • Day 25

Border with Bulgaria, Varna sightseeing

  • Day 26-29

Relax in Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

  • Day 30

Burgas sightseeing

  • Day 31-34

Border with Turkey and Istanbul sightseeing

  • Day 35

Leaving from Istanbul


The Documentation objects level's quite high in the all countries. Campings in Ukraine or Moldova can have lower level but they're clean.

Stay Safe

Safety in rural areas or smaller cities is really high. You have to avoid pickpockets or beggars in the cities. One of main problem of this region are stray dogs. Most of them're sterilized and vaccinated but if you become bitten by a one, call the doctor!

Stay Healthy

Health service condition in most of following countries isn't good enough (especially in Ukraine and Moldova). The best way's to find a private one which represents more higher level. Drinking tap water is strictly not recommended, especially in the poorer countries. The best way's to drink bottled water or use special water filter. There aren't any special health hazards in mentioned areas. Diarrhea isn't much common there.


People in Ukraine or Moldova rather don't speak Western Languages, the most common foreign language here's Russian, you can also try to speak Polish in Ukraine. English's much common in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The flights between Chisinau and Bucharest are mostly operated by Romanian national carrier- TAROM and takes about 1.15 h. Some countries as part of Bulgaria and Turkey don't have Western-style toilets.