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Fredericton [5] is the capital of New Brunswick, Canada. It is located along the St. John River. Fredericton is the cultural, artistic and educational centre of the province. Fredericton boasts two universities - the University of New Brunswick and the liberal arts focused St. Thomas University. Fredericton is also home to cultural institutions such as the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the York-Sunbury Museum and the Playhouse, the latter which serves as a venue for local talent/writers. As well, adding to the city's rich cultural milieu, Fredericton is home to the annual Harvest and Jazz and Blues Festival every fall which attracts regional and international jazz and blues artists. The city also contains a growing IT and commercial sector. The city boasts the highest percentage of residents with a post-secondary education in the province and one of the highest per capita incomes.

The population of City of Fredericton is 48,000 (greater Fredericton 81,346, both per 2001 census), although unofficial reports more around 50,750 (greater Fredericton 84,523) due to the student population which is often not counted in official censuses. The City of Fredericton comprises Fredericton proper, and the boroughs of Silverwood, Nashwaaksis, Devon, Barker's Point and Marysville which were incorporated into the city in 1973.

The city is situated in the west-central portion of the province and, along with Moncton and Saint John, is one of the main urban centres in Southern New Brunswick. The St. John River flows in a west-east direction, bisecting the city and providing the dominant natural feature for the municipality.



Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) -4 -3 3 10 17 23 25 25 19 13 5 -1
Nightly lows (°C) -15 -13 -7 -1 5 10 13 13 8 3 -2 -10
Precipitation (mm) 10.4 7.2 9.5 8.3 10.0 9.2 9.0 8.5 9.5 9.9 10.5 10.4

See the Fredericton 7 day forecast at Environment Canada

Get in

By plane

  • Fredericton Airport (IATA: YFC). Located in Lincoln.

By bus

  • Fredericton Bus Station 85 Hubbard Rd (506) 458-6000 [6]

Get around

  • Fredericton Transit Information call: (506) 460-2200 [7]
  • Taxi companies:
    • Checker Cab 506 450-8294
    • Budget Cab 506 450-1199
    • A-1 Taxi 506 455-4444
    • Loyal Taxi 506-455-6789
    • George's Sky-Cab 506 459-1100
    • Standard Taxi 506 450-4444


It is highly recommend taking an afternoon to walk around the historic district with some historic residences dating back to the late 18th century and the arrival of the British Empire Loyalists. The historic district is located behind the beautiful homes fronting Waterloo Row along the Saint John River.

Other historic and natural attractions around the city include:

  • Legislative Assembly [8]
  • Odell Park [9]
  • Historic Garrison District- Experience Fredericton's vibrant heart, where Colonial history and dynamic modern culture meet by the majestic St. John River. Visit this National Historic Site in the City's downtown and spend the day discovering the colourful Changing of the Guard, the Guard House, Soldiers Barracks, York Sunbury Historical Society Museum, City Hall tapestries depicting the history of Fredericton, Lighthouse Adventure Centre, museums, fine craft shops, walking tours, and outdoor theatre.
  • Beaverbrook Art Gallery [10]
  • Old Government House [11] is where you'll enjoy a free guided tour in the elegant surroundings where galas and balls were hosted in yesteryear. Built in 1828, this important national and provincial historic site has been gloriously restored to its earlier splendour, and is the official residence and office to the Province's Lieutenant Governor. It features many antiques original to the house, a New Brunswick art gallery, gift shop, and interpretation centre which tells the story of our city and province's past.
  • Great Pumpkin Sacrifice - This event takes place every year on Halloween at the Harrison House Residence on the University of New Brunswick campus. Event begins somewhere around 11PM. A very strange yet interesting ritual in Fredericton.


  • Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, [13]. Usually held in the middle of September and should not be missed. It is a very beautiful time of year and the festival music is top notch.
  • Walking/biking trails. There are many to enjoy as well.
  • Calithumpians Tour & Theatre Company, [14]. Established in 1979 Calithumpians Theatre Company continues to provide the humorous and historical theatrical entertainment that they have become known for locally and throughout North America.
  • Fredericton Golf & Curling Club, 331 Golf Club Road, 506.458.0003, [15].
  • Mactaquac Golf Course, [16].
  • Mactaquac Park, 506.363.4747, [17].
  • York-Sunbury Museum, 571 Queen Street.
  • New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, [19].


  • The University of New Brunswick, [20]. Founded in 1785.
  • St. Thomas University, [21]. The province's only Catholic university and has been located in Fredericton since 1964, when it moved from its Chatham, New Brunswick campus.
  • New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, [22].
  • New Bunswick Community College Fredericton Center, [23].
  • Meritus University, [24].
  • Maritime College of Forest Technology.


  • Boyce's Farmer's Market, [25]. This is the place to be Saturday morning; it is not to be missed! Get there early because by 10:30AM it gets unbearably busy. The market opens at 6:30AM every Saturday. The samosas are very tasty. So much so, people seem to push and shove to get in line for them! The German bakers, fresh orange juice and the sausages are awesome.
  • Cultures Boutique An international gift store operated by the International Department of the Fredericton YMCA.
  • Urban Almanac, 75 York Street, [26]. This shop has a wonderful assortment of gifts that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Backstreet Records 384 Queen Street. Backstreet has a large inventory of rare and hard to find selection of disks and records. It also has lots of used albums.
  • Owl's Nest Bookstore, 390 Queen Street, [27]. A very large selection of used books is contained in a building half a block long and two stories high.
  • Westminster Books, 445 King Street, [28]. Westminster is the place to find books from local authors and maritime books.
  • Reid's Newsstand & Cafe 435 King Street, (506) 454-5333.
  • Tony's Music Box, 396 Queen Street, 506.458.8286, [29].
  • White Lotus Tattoo, Custom Tattoo and Piercing. 526 Queen St. Very friendly staff, very clean, sterile environment. The right place to get your tattoo or piercing. Wide selection of body jewellery. [30].
  • Meritus University, 30 Knowedge Park Drive, 800-680-9755, [1]. On-line programs in business and information technology for working adults based on the eductional model developed by John Sperling. Approved to grant degrees under the New Brunswick Degree Granting Act and subject to quality assurance review by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission.
  • Maritime College Of Forest Technology, 1350 Regent St.


  • The Back Nine, 546 King Street via Butternut Lane, behind Mexicali Rosa's downtown. Can substitute meat in certain dishes with tofu.
  • Cabin Restaurant, 723 Woodstock Road past the Delta Hotel, 506-459-0094. This place could define the term greasy spoon restaurant. Great food, great prices! --typical diner, the food is sometimes great, sometimes not so good.
  • Sunshine Diner, Woodstock Road across from the Diplomat. Typical diner fare, with pancakes to die for, at unbeatable prices! Best Breakfast In Town
  • Cora's, 476 Queen Street, (506) 472-2672, [31] Chain restaurant. Busy all the time despite the price. Expect to line up for unexciting and overly large portions of omelettes and crepes with lots of fruit garnish. Okay for ovo-lacto vegetarians, but it would be nice to have some veggie food that does not involve eggs.
  • Jack's Pizza & Donairs, 379 King Street, (506) 443-9000. Largest slices, pies and donairs in town. Open late.
  • Brewbakers, 546 King Street, (506) 459-0067, [32]. Pricey in the evenings, but a couple of decent vegetarian lunch items (one pizza, one pasta, one sandwich, one appetizer) They serve a mussels in garlic and parmesan sauce which is incredible, as well as a baked brie that, while incredibly small, is very tasty.
  • El Burrito Loco, 304 King Street, 506 459.5626, [33]. Reasonable but pricey Mexican. Some vegetarian fare, but I have never asked what is in the beans.
  • The Blue Canoe A restaurant located at the Irving gas station on the TCH en route to Oromocto. Excellent prices, good value for dollar, hot fresh food. The kind of trucker's stick to your ribs meal you crave. Also a free wireless internet wifi hotspot
  • The Blue Door, 100 Regent Street, 506 455-2583, [34] Busy every day and evening of the week. Calling and reserving ahead is always a good idea. Food and service get mixed reviews.
  • The Terrace Dining Room at the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 659 Queen Street, 506 455 3371. A wonderful restaurant in the summertime due in part to its wonderful deck looking out over the river. Friday night usually has a nice prime rib special/buffet. Saturday night is the tour of the world where the chefs of the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel try their skills cooking wonderful dishes from around the world. Worth checking out!
  • The Snooty Fox, 66 Regent Street, 506 474 1199. Very noisy at peak hours but one of the more decent places to get a simple meal and very good beer without being gouged. The roasted vegetarian sandwich is tasty and there are some other veggie options, especially at lunch.
  • Dimitri's, 349 King Street, 506.452.8882. Really good Greek food! The prices are very reasonable. Vegetarian moussaka, and of course the usual hummus, salads, etc. Veggie pita is disappointing feta cheese sandwich. Meat dishes are fine though, the soulavki was great and the greek salad was nice.
  • Pano's Souvlaki & Donair, 527 Union Street, 506.472.0003. Fewer veggie options than most Greek restaurants, but the veggie stir fry served on French fries is a guilty pleasure. Most of the menu sticks to a central theme - meat + veggies + pita + tzatziki sauce = YUM! Pano's is a Fredericton institution (slinging donairs at the market since 1988, and the original restaurant opened in 1991), and they do what they do very well (their tzatziki sauce is addictive...and yes, they will sell you a container of it if you ask). They are a "souvlatzidiko" rather than a "taverna", so if you want moussaka or other classic Greek restaurant fare, then try the older and more established Dimitri's in the Tannery.
  • The Palate Restaurant & Cafe [35] 462 Queen Street 506.450.7911
  • Mexicali Rosa's, 546 King Street, 506 451-0686, [36]. The vegetarian fajitas are not particularly authentic, but they are tasty and the veggies are plentiful. Not the worst choice if you are on the road and could really use a meal that incorporates a lot of vegetables. The meat dishes are better. It's the sort of place people go to over and over again for burritos and drinks.
  • Luna Pizza, 168 Dundonald Street, 506.455.4020. Best pizza in Fredericton is not saying much. They are pretty good if you order a whole pie, but the slices can be disappointing (if not fresh). The ceasar salad is great though. The restaurant portion is a nice, decently priced placed for Italian.
  • Fadi's Pizza 312 Main St. 454-9888. Good quality and tasty. The fatoush salad is great! Authentic, very garlicky, large portion, and possibly vegan.
  • Coffee & Friends, 415 King Street, 506.455.4554.
  • The Happy Baker, 520 King Street, Carleton Place, 506.454.7200. Lunch only. Their soups are good and there is generally a vegetarian choice. Some of the sandwiches are veggie. Great baked goods!
  • Oscar's Bar & Bistro, 958 Prospect Street, +1 506-455-6014, [37]. Oyster and wine bar. See website for menu & specials. Happy Hour & Free Tapas on Friday. Live Jazz band on Saturday nights.
  • Bruno's, 225 Woodstock Road in the Delta Hotel, 506-451-7935, [38]. Upscale seafood restaurant, Thursday night Prime Rib Buffet, Friday Night Seafood Buffet and Sunday Brunch. Food is bland and overpriced. Outdoor patio "The Dip" in the summer is fantastic.
  • The Diplomat, 253 Woodstock Road (next to the Delta), 506-454-2400. 24-hour family restaurant with breakfast and a Chinese buffet (buffet is very Canadianized and heavy on meat and deep fried items).
  • Caribbean Flavas, [39]. Brightly-coloured dining room serving fantastic Caribbean food, with very friendly service. Over-priced but some items are good. Some vegetarian options.
  • Trinitea's Cup, 87 Regent Street (Downtown), (506) 458-8327, [2]. 7:15AM-9PM M-F; 8AM-5PM Sat; Noon-6PM Sun. Soups made from scratch; Sandwiches from Store-roasted meats, deli-sliced (no deli meats). Best Soup in Fredericton award. Everything under $9.
  • Isaac's Way, 73 Carleton St., 472-7937, [3]. Casual dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Huge summer patio, great service, creative food, and an extensive wine and draught selection. Come early to get a seat as its usually packed!

Other listings:

  • Misu, Brookside Mall (drive around to the back entrance) One of Fredericton's better Chinese Restaurants. They will sometimes make tofu if you ask nicely, they have some, and they are not busy. They have a nasty tendency to slip ground pork into your vegetarian food, so be explicit and vigilant.
  • Meis, Downtown, Regent Street. Authentic Chinese Restaurant. Under new management, but the menu hasn't changed. They make their own tofu and offer a few vegetarian dishes. Many of their meat dishes can be made vegetarian if you ask (like the potstickers). Some feel the food is hardly "authentic Chinese" and the options are limited and pricey. There are, however, many worse restaurants in Fredericton.
  • Asian Beef Noodle update as of spring 2007: this restaurant has improved a lot. There is now tasty vegetarian fare available: a respectable pad thai, tofu curry, some noodles. A good addition to the scene.
  • Most major fast food chains can be found on Prospect Street on the south side and Main Street on the north side.
  • Jack's Restaurant & Bar coming soon! Karaoke on Tuesday nights!


  • Dolan's Irish Pub, 349 King Street, (506) 454-7474
  • Snooty Fox, 66 Regent Street, (506) 474 1199
  • Jame's Joyce Irish Pub, 659 Queen Street, (506) 450-9820
  • Lunar Rogue [40].
  • The Cannon's Cross 15 Riverside Drive, (506) 455-1201.
  • The Capital [41]
  • The Cellar [42]
  • McGinnis Landing King Street
  • Boom!, 474 Queen Street, 506-463-BOOM (2666), [4]. 8PM-2AM. A gay friendly nightclub, that plays mostly popular dance music. Boom offers a nice variety of drinks, especially with their large shooters.



  • Hostel Fredericton 621 Churchill Row, +1 506 450-4417, [43].


  • Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 659 Queen Street,(506) 455-3371, [44].
  • Delta Fredericton, 225 Woodstock Road, (506) 457-7000, [45].
  • Fredericton Inn, 1315 Regent Street, (506) 455-1430, [46].
  • Prospect Inn, 1600 Woodstock Rd, (506) 450-9911.
  • UNB Hotel, 20 Bailey Drive, UNB Campus (506) 453-4800, [47]. Offers reasonable rates for both tourists & students. Walk-ins welcome!
  • Wandlyn Inn, 958 Prospect Street (506)462-4444 Toll-Free Reservations: 1-800-561-0000, [48].
  • St. Thomas University Hotel, 368 Forest Hill Rd (506)460-0329. Affordable rates, both reservations and walk-ins are welcome. [49].

Bed and Breakfast

  • Carriage House Inn, 230 University Avenue, (506) 452-9924.

Get out

  • Woodstock. About an hour by car to the north-west.
  • Miramichi. To the north-east.
  • Moncton. To the south-east.
  • Edmundston. To the north-west.
  • Quebec. To the north-west.
  • St. Andrews. To the south-west.
  • United States. To the south-west.
  • Saint John. Due south.
  • Marysville. A historic mill town.
  • King's Landing [50] Historical Settlement outside Fredericton north on the Trans-Canada Highway. King's Landing is a 300 acre (121-hectare) outdoor living history museum. The Landing recreates the sights, sounds and feel of rural New Brunswick in the 1800’s. Staff, with authentically reproduced costumes work in the homes, shops, school, church, and theatre. Enjoy vintage dining, and unique gifts all in the spectacular backdrop if the St. John River valley. Kings Landing was the winner of Attractions Canada Top International Attraction Award in 1999.
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