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This tiny town, at the end of the Fjaerlandsfjord, is a particularly enjoyable gateway to the Josteldalsbreen National Park, and is close to two glacial tongues. If you want a close-up view of a glacier without actually climbing on it, then Fjaerland is the place to go. In addition to this, Fjaerland is Norway's bokbyen - book town. Almost every shop in the town sells a range of new and used books, and there is even an "honesty book shop", not far from the ferry stop, where books are sold from a stand without any staff.

Get In and Out


In summer, Fjaerland is reachable by ferry from Balestrand, a trip that gives ample photo opportunities - there's an amazing view of the Josteldalsbreen glacier behind the fjord as you approach the town.


There are a number of buses each day to nearby towns, including Sogndal, Skei and Stryn. Be aware that the bus stop is actually 2km out of the town centre, just across the road from the Josteldalsbreen museum. It's a bit of a walk, so leave ample time to avoid missing what might be your only bus out of there.