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Felucca cruise on the Nile

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Felucca cruise on the Nile

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This article is an itinerary.

A felucca ride is a great way to experience the life source of Egypt: the Nile.


A felucca is a traditional wooden sailboat and relies on wind and river currents for propulsion. It can be a slow experience, but that's half the point. All meals will be taken on the boat, and you sleep on the boat when night temperatures can drop dramatically.


The most convenient place to begin a felluca boat trip is Aswan. The felluca trip will be personally arranged with a boatman. They leave whenever they are available for your convenience. Contact the boatmen on the Corniche and make personal arrangements. It is best to have a sleeping bag with you to use to keep warm at night (this is especially important in the winter - it can be very cold at night) otherwise you can ask your boatman to help you purchase a blanket in a local market.

If you are a solo traveler, you can approach your hostel or a middleman on the corniche and ask to join a group. Be assertive that you will not ride with more than 8 people plus crew; anything more is going to be pretty tight for sleeping. Six or seven is preferable. The trip shouldn't cost much more than 60LE per night.

A possible better solution is to get three or four people together (ask around at your hostel) and approach the felucca captain directly. Make sure that you are dealing with the captain himself and not a middleman; many middlemen troll the corniche and act like captains. You will likely be able to negotiate a price that's better for everyone.

Ask to see the boat and decide for yourself whether or not you are comfortable with the boat and the captain. If you ask about the boatman from a hotel - they will take a commission, so it is cheaper to work directly with the boatmen.

The arrangements will include food, and transportation from Edfu to Luxor. The three day trip will include a tour of a Nubian Village, stops at Kom Ombo, and Edfu.

Get in

Bring a sleeping bag for sleeping on the boat, because it gets cold. Drinking water is a good idea, along with any other beverages or small snacks you may want. Sun screen is a good idea, as the sun on the water is intense even in winter.


The traditional felucca ride sails for three day and two nights to Kom Ombo, then minibus service runs to Edfu and on to Luxor. A one day trip on the felluca is possible, but it will only be a round trip, and a short visit to a local village. If you have a group together, you could also try a two-night trip to Edfu, or even more.

  • Captain abdu, ☎ +2 (012) 4552734 (). . Captain Abdu, is a friendly, Nubian felucca captain based in Aswan. He can usually be found around the aswan moon restaurant. Even if you are not interested in taking a felucca cruise or a trip for a few hours, also organise trips to the Tombs of the Nobles, day trips to the nearby islands, camel rides and the renting of a lovely Nubian house on the West Bank of the river he is a good contact to have and very honest.
  • Captain Cook, +2 (010) 1333 856 (). Captain Cook, or Hamdy, is a friendly, Nubian felucca captain based in Aswan. He can usually be found around the New Abu Simbel Hotel. Even if you are not interested in taking a felucca cruise or a trip for a few hours, he is a good contact to have and very honest.
  • Captain JJ Jamaica,, +2 (010) 3569525, [1]. The most famous captain. 75 LE per night.
  • Captain Aly Jaha, +2 (012) 4769517. Felucca's name Zamzam, anchored near Emy restaurant usually.
  • Glory of Nubia, (), [2]. . The Glory of Nubia is a unique and exclusive felucca in Aswan. It is designed with attention to tradition and style to satisfy the needs of those seeking nothing but the best.

    A journey on the Glory of Nubia is an exotic adventure. You explore historic sites in the archipelago, learn about the Nubian culture, meet peasants and their families, enjoy Nubian meals prepared in front of you by the crew, or sing and dance around campfires. If you are seeking utmost relaxation, you have enough time to lie back on your mattress, watch life on the banks pass you by, read a book or just listen to the sound of birds and wind.

Stay safe

Bring xerox copies of your passport to give your fellucaman, they need copies to get a license from the police for taking tourists down river.

Get out

Transportation to Aswan from Luxor includes train, and airplane. Convoys have been eliminated, so travel is easier. Getting from your felluca trip to Luxor will be provided by your boatman. Sometimes travel from the river to Edfu is on local buses, which is lots of fun.

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