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(Iceland: Nuuk Snow Festival)
(Jamaica: Bob Marley Week)
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* Late [[January]] and early February: '''Venice Carnival''', [http://www.venicecarnival.com/] in [[Venice]]
* Late [[January]] and early February: '''Venice Carnival''', [http://www.venicecarnival.com/] in [[Venice]]
* Early February: '''Bob Marley Week''', [http://www.bobmarley-foundation.com/], all [[Jamaica]], but especially in [[Kingston]]

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This is a calendar of events and festivals in the month of February.



  • Early February: Carnival de Binche, [1] in Binche


  • Late February or early March: Carnival in Brazil and others. The precise date of carnival is 7 weeks before Easter, which is moveable itself (the first full-moon Sunday after 21 March). Instead of relying on your own astrophysics skills, take note: Ash Wednesday for the next years will be 01 March 2006, 21 Feb 2007, 06 Feb 2008, 25 Feb 2009 and 17 Feb 2010.


  • Late January or early February: Chinese New Year, celebrated in China, Singapore and anywhere where there are large concentrations of Chinese


  • Thursday before Ash Wednesday: Fasnacht in parts of southern Germany and Northeastern Switzerland - Colourful street carnivals to ward off the winter spirits, featuring costumed brass bands. Takes place in most towns


  • Date dependent on snowfall: Nuuk Snow Festival, [2] in Nuuk




  • Late January or early February: Korean Lunar New Year (Seollal), South Korea

New Zealand

  • 6th: Waitangi day - New Zealand's national day. Commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

South Africa



United States of America


  • Late January or early February: Vietnamese New Year (Tết), Vietnam
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