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Etiquette in Pakistan

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Etiquette in Pakistan

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Pakistan is an Islamic republic in South Asia. This guide to etiquette and manners in the country will help you endear, not to embarass youself, to the locals.


The main universal greeting is assalam-a-laikum: Peace be upon you. The answer to this greeting is walaikum assalam:And may it be with you. A simple "hello!" will also get you by when talking to friends that you meet. Do NOT give a handshake to a woman unless you are SURE that is ok with her. Do not touch a woman you don't know or just meeting.


At the first couple of meetings you probably wont be discussing business at all. You will be talking about each others lives, dining out, and meeting their families. Do not try and rush the process,as you might lose the deal. Go with the flow.


The Pakistanis are very generous,hospitable,and friendly people. Once you enter someones house you will be showered with people asking you to sit down, have some chai(tea), eat some sweets, and relax. Enjoy it because when Pakistanis do talk business, they're serious. Do not refuse gifts if they are given, it's a sign to them of ungratefullness.


Here are some tips:

  • Eat always with your right hand, the left is considered unclean.
  • Eat all that is on your plate. If there is something that you don't think you'll like, take a little bit on your plate so that way if you don't like it you can just swallow it down.
  • Don't stock up on the sweets they're REALLY sweet, so watch out if your diabetic.