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Erie Region

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Erie Region

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Pennsylvania's Northwest calls Erie it's largest city and Lake Erie it's favorate destination. The area claims a population just short of 1 million people with steady increases since the last census.


  • Butler
  • Clarion
  • Crawford
  • Erie
  • Forest
  • Lawrence
  • Mercer
  • Venango
  • Warren


Other destinations

  • Peak'n Peak


The Northwest Region of Pennsylvania, characterized by it's connection to the Great Lakes, stands in contrast to downstate Pennsylvania. The region specialized in ship-building, shipping, and industry more closely related to the Great Lakes cities of Buffalo and Rochester, rather than the oil refineries in cities like Philadelphia and the steel industry of Pittsbrugh. The region has close ties to Great Lakes sports teams, including the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Redwings. Northwestern Pennsylvania is much like Western New York, in that it is entirely different from the eastern, more coastal half of the state. It is also much colder and snowier with "lake-effect snow" falling almost every day during the Winter months.


Great Lakes dialect has a strong presence in northwestern Pennsylvania. One would be hard-pressed to distinguish between those who live in upstate New York (Rochester, Buffalo) and those who live in Erie. Many O's become A's ("mam" instead of "mom," for example).

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Northwestern Pennsylvania is closest to Pittsburgh International Airport and Buffalo International Airport for air travel. Some taxis can be found in Erie, PA but car is the preferred and recommended method of travel for the region.


  • Lake Erie During the summer months, Lake Erie is just like any beach along the coast and has it's own cultural flair that is sure to add to the experience of going to an inland beach!




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