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El Remate

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'''El Remate''' is a small, relaxed little village on the east side of Lago Petén Itza. Some travelers looking for peace and quiet opt to stay here rather than Flores as a base for exploring the lake and the region. It's also the closest jumping off point to [[Tikal]].
==Get in==
Minibuses run from [[Flores (Guatemala)|Santa Elena]] semi-frequently throughout the day (Q20). A taxi from the Santa Elena airport will run US$20.
==Get around==
Central El Remate is small and walkable, but if you're staying a ways along the north road on the lake, you may want to find a bicycle to rent. Microbuses mosey along randomly, and you may be able to hop on to one of those, but don't count on it. Some hotels have their own buses and will take guests where they need to go. Otherwise, expect to do a lot of walking.
Several local food shacks are scattered along the main road. Most lodges have restaurants, and often include breakfast and even dinner in the price of accommodation.
* <eat name="Las Orquideas" address="El Remate" directions="on the lake front road about 1km past La Casa de Don David" phone="" hours="" price="" url="">Top-quality, home-style Italian food served in a quiet palapa-hut.</eat>
Outside of a quiet beer at your lodge, don't expect much nightlife in or near El Remate.
* <sleep name="Sak Luk Eco-Lodge" address="Directly in El Remate, on the road to Tikal" directions="Look for the ranch with a giant maya mask (see link) on the main road" phone="+502 50483982 or +502 54955925" email="[email protected]" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url=""> This eco-lodge has the very best view in town! It's located on top of a hill that dominates lake Petén-Itza and cerro Cahui, a crocodile-shaped mountain. It has an interestingly unique rustic architecture and a very relaxed and communal atmosphere, with travelers from all around the world. The restaurant serves yummy food and tasty smoothies. The place is owned and run by very friendly Guatemalan sculptor and maya enthusiast (His stories about the Popol Vuh, the maya writings about the creation of men, are really worth listening to).</sleep>
* <sleep name="La Casa de Don David" address="" phone="+502 7928-8469 or 5306-2190" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url="">The best rooms have a/c, hot water and are recently constructed. The property is clean, tidy and well maintained with very friendly staff, who can help with all kinds of activities and transportation. Free filtered water, and Internet is available for $4/hr.</sleep>
* <sleep name="La Casa de Doña Tonita" address="1.5 km from El Remate, on the road around Lago Petén Itzá" phone="" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Double rooms go for $3/person" url="">A peaceful and inexpensive family-run hostel with its own dock on the lake and a restaurant.</sleep>
* <sleep name="El Gringo Perdido" alt="" address="3 km from El Remate, on the road around Lago Petén Itzá" directions="" phone="+502 5334-2305" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="US$40/person" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">This chill lodge is a nice place to relax along the lake. Accommodation is in a few various cabins, and in a small hotel block. One cabin in particular is close to the lake and is the most open to the elements. 2 docks make for decent swimming, and there's a couple of floating platforms to swim out to and sunbathe. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hotel Camino Real Tikal" address="5 km from the road to Tikal" directions="leave the main road at El Remate" phone="+502 7926-0207" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url="">A luxury hotel in beautiful natural surroundings. It has a restaurant, but with an unimaginative menu. The Biotopo Cerro Cahuí is close by and worth a visit. Expensive.</sleep>
A couple places near the main junction offer internet. '''La Casa de Don David''', on the corner, can get you online for $4/hr.
==Get out==
* [[Tikal]] &ndash; likely one of the reasons your here in the first place, these spectacular Mayan ruins are just a 45 minute drive away. Inquire at your hotel about tours, or simply ask them to have a microbus pick you up around 6am, which will take you there for around Q70 roundtrip, returning about 12pm.

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