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Dzanga Sangha National Reserve

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'''Cost of Activites in 2009'''
'''Cost of Activities (July 2011-June 2013)'''
'''Park Activities'''
'''Park Activities'''
*National Park entrance fees   15000FCFA per pers per day
*National Park entrance fees,   €30/person per day
*Visit To Dsangha Bai           30000FCFA Per Person
*Visit to forest elephants at Dsangha Bai ,    €60/person
*Gorilla Tracking           10000 CFA Per pers per track.
*Gorilla tracking,           €300/person
*Mangabey Tracking           20000 FCFA per person
*Agile Mangabey tracking,   €15/person
*Saline Walk                   10000 FCFA per pers.
*Saline tour,                   €30/person
*Combined Saline walk and Mangabey tracking 25000 FCFA Per pers.
*Dugout canoe ride on the Sangha,  €40/canoe (max. 3 people)
*Water drumming,                  €10/person
'''Community Activities'''                                     
'''Community Activities'''                                     
*Net Hunting with the Ba'aka               10000 FCFA p/p 25000FCFA minimum cost
*Net Hunting with the Ba'aka,               €35/person
*Crossbow Hunting with the Ba'aka         2500 FCFA 15000FCFA
*Traditional Ba'aka/Bantu music and dancing,    €35/person
*Medicinal plant collecting with the Ba'aka 5000 FCFA 20000FCFA
*Crossbow Hunting with the Ba'aka,       €20/person
*Ba'aka cooking, an Interactive demonstration 2500 FCFA 15000FCFA
*Medicinal plant collecting with the Ba'aka,    €20/person
*Traditional music and dance with the Ba'aka 5000 FCFA 30000FCFA
*Cooking with Ba'aka women,   €20/person
*Hut Construction, an Interactive demonstration 5000 FCFA 15000FCFA
*Construction of leaf huts with Ba'aka,        €20/person
'''Vehicle Hire'''
*4x4 incl. driver & fuel (up to 100km) 
**Half day:  €75/vehicle
**Full day:  €150/vehicle
**Over 100km: €1/km
==Get around==
==Get around==

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Dzanga Sangha National Reserve, [2] is in Southwest Region of Central African Republic.


The park is entirely covered in lowland rainforest and is situated adjacent to the Sangha River — a major tributary of the Congo River.


Flora and fauna

Large mammals include the western lowland gorillas, forest elephants, forest buffaloes, bongo, giant forest hog, red river hog, chimpanzee, a host of monkey species, sitatungas and a number of duiker species.


Get in

Travel within Central Africa is not as scary as it sounds but it is within Central Africa where you will find Africa in its raw form, completely uncommercialised or changed by modern tourism and most outside influences.

From Bangui the Captal Of the Central African Republic. Travel down to Bayanga by car from Bangui is one of the many routes to get to Dzanga Sangha and Sangha Lodge. Vehicles can be hired with drivers from one of several operators in Bangui. we recomend this drive in 2 legs with a stopover at N'gotto, a national park project with very comfortable accomodation at Encampment Le Buffel Rouge. The trip can be done in one very long days driving and with an early departure from Bangui in good conditions you can easily arrive before Dark. It is also possible to charter a small aircraft from Bangui to Bayanga, aproximatly 1 hours flight and cost dependent on the aircraft size are from $3500 upwards. Aircraft charters must be arranged well prior to your expected dates of departure.

From Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo. IUt is possible to fly from Brazzaville to Ouesso in the north of the country on a scheduled Trans-Air Congo flight, and from there with the proper prior arrangments the Sangha lodge boat can collect you and transfer you upriver to the lodge. This is our most popular route for this trip.

From Yaounde or Douala, in Cameroon it is possible to travel overland with a stopover in the towns of Bertoua and Yakadouma to Lebongo on the Sangha river where with prior arrangement the Sangha lodge boat can collect you and transfer you upriver to the lodge.

From Libreville in Gabon It is possible to charter a plane directly to Bayanga, or to Ouesso and from there transfer to Bayanga By the Sangha Lodge Pirogue.


Cost of Activities (July 2011-June 2013)

Park Activities

  • National Park entrance fees, €30/person per day
  • Visit to forest elephants at Dsangha Bai , €60/person
  • Gorilla tracking, €300/person
  • Agile Mangabey tracking, €15/person
  • Saline tour, €30/person
  • Dugout canoe ride on the Sangha, €40/canoe (max. 3 people)
  • Water drumming, €10/person

Community Activities

  • Net Hunting with the Ba'aka, €35/person
  • Traditional Ba'aka/Bantu music and dancing, €35/person
  • Crossbow Hunting with the Ba'aka, €20/person
  • Medicinal plant collecting with the Ba'aka, €20/person
  • Cooking with Ba'aka women, €20/person
  • Construction of leaf huts with Ba'aka, €20/person

Vehicle Hire

  • 4x4 incl. driver & fuel (up to 100km)
    • Half day: €75/vehicle
    • Full day: €150/vehicle
    • Over 100km: €1/km

Get around

4X4 Vehicles can be rented from a host of samll operators in both Bangui and Bayanga. the average cost is around 100 euros per day which includes a drivor, but excludes fuel.

Pirougues, [small motorised wooden boats} can be rented from Sangha Lodge [3] for travel to and from either Cameroon or The Republic Of Congo.








Curently there are 2 lodges:

Sangha Lodge is situated on the banks of the Sangha river in the heart of the forest, and is a quiet and relaxing camp from which to base yourself. [email protected]

Doli Lodge, far larger, situated adjacent to the village of Bayanga is ideal for those who like to visit the local villages.



Stay safe

Contrary to all acounts of travel in Central African republic, there have been no serious threats to safety of travellers in The Dzangha Sangha special reserve, although caution should be taken if travelling in by road from Bangui.

Get out

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