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Driving in Sweden

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Driving in Sweden

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Driving around in Sweden takes you to places outside the big cities. This is a good way to travel if you are interested in seeing some countryside.


The European road network goes through Sweden and are the best and biggest road. The biggest ones are:

Most of the European roads are freeways.

Then there are the national roads (riksvägar) that have two digit numbers. They are the next best roads.

The three digit numbered roads come in two flavors. The big ones (numbers 100 - 300) and really small ones (all other number).

The European roads and the national roads are very well marked with signs telling what road you are on and where to go to get onto these roads. The big ones of the three digit numbered roads are also marked most of the time.

The small ones, and in some cases 4 digit roads that might show up on your GPS map are never marked with their numbers. They are just numbered for some administrative purpose and you cannot use these numbers while driving.

Finding directions

The best marking is made with big blue signs telling the name of the next. If the road leading there is a European road, the signs are green instead of blue. Unless you are going on a very big roads, make your directions based on what towns or villages you are passing and keep an eye out for these signs instead of the road numbers.


The current speed is very well marked by signs. The speed signs have the new speed in km/h. The signs you see are normally 30, 50, 70, 90 and 110. Two speed signs on each sign of the road means from this point this is the new speed. One sign on the right means that this is the speed on this road but there is no change in speed.

Since 2001 there are some new signs introduced or had altered meaning to also mean speed.