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Discount airlines in Africa

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Discount airlines in Africa

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African air travel only accounts for three percent of total air traffic, however a number of quality airlines did emerge in more developed countries, some even 70 years ago. With the change in air travel, African skies have also changed. There are now a number of low-fare airlines in Africa, especially in North Africa and Southern Africa.

Air traffic in Central and West Africa is still very unstable and many airlines appear on the market, only to dissolve a few month later. This is why there has not been a development of reliable airlines until today. With the change in politics and less wars in Africa, this might become possible in the future.

There also strong restrictions in many African countries, making it difficult for airlines to set up operations to other countries within Africa and to provide good connections within the continent.

The discount airlines described below are stable and safe. Although many people think that low-fare airlines are not as safe as others, especially in Africa, this is not true. Cheap prices are created by having less service, no drinks and food for free on board and faster turn-around times.

South Africa Boeing 737-200. By Fluglotse2000.

  • 1Time is also based in Johannesburg and in strong competition with The airline also operates flights within the country, its main destinations being Cape Town, Durban and George.

Both airlines are reliable and offer low fares. You should however be sure to check prices at other South African airlines and keep in mind that you will have to face a lower service level when flying low-fare. Other airlines weblinks are:

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