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'''Dartmouth''' is a city in [[Nova Scotia]].  Located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour, Dartmouth has gained the nickname the "City of Lakes" due to the large number of lakes located in the city and still retains the nickname.  City population is approximately 68,000.
There's more than one place called '''Dartmouth''':
=== [[Australia]] ===
Dartmouth was incorporated as a town in 1873. In 1955 the town was permanently linked to Halifax by the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge which led to rapid suburban growth. The Town of Dartmouth amalgamated with several neighbouring towns and became the City of Dartmouth in 1961. The A. Murray MacKay Bridge opened in 1970, which spurred growth, both residential and commercial.
==Get in==
* [[Dartmouth (Australia)]] - in [[Victoria (state)]]
===By Car===
From the north, take Nova Scotia Highway 102 to Nova Scotia Highway 118.
===By Ferry===
*'''Dartmouth Ferry''' From Halifax.
===By Plane===
Darmouth is serviced by the Halifax Airport.
==Get around==
=== [[Canada]] ===
===By Bus===
Dartmouth shares a transit system with the City of [[Halifax]]
* [[Dartmouth (Nova Scotia)]] - in [[Halifax Regional Municipality]], [[Nova Scotia]]
*'''The A. Murray MacKay Bridge'''[], linking Halifax and Dartmouth
=== [[United Kingdom]] ===
*'''Natal Day''', celebrated since August 1895. The celebration historcally celebrates the arrival of the railway, and has been sponsored by Alexander Keith's.  Usually celebrated during the first week of August.
The original Dartmouth
* [[Dartmouth (Devon)]] - in [[Devon]], [[England]]
=== [[United States of America]] ===
* [[Dartmouth (Massachusetts)]] - a town in [[Bristol County (Massachusetts)]], in the [[SouthCoast]] region of [[Massachusetts]]
Caroline's Bed & Breakfast - 134 Victoria Road, Dartmouth
==Get out==

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There's more than one place called Dartmouth:



United Kingdom[edit]

The original Dartmouth

United States of America[edit]

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