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Ratnagiri : Dapoli
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Dapoli is popular hillsatation in Kokan region of Maharashtra. It is located at northern part of Ratnagiri district.

Dapoli is famous for its Agricultural College - [5]Dr. Babasaheb Sawant Krishi Vidyapeeth. In an uncanny feat, 3 Bharat-ratna awardees are associated with Dapoli. Bharat-ratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve hailed from Village Murud near Dapoli. Bharat-Ratna Dr. Pandurang Vaman Kane studied in A.G.High School. So did Sane Guruji. Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is also believed to be hailing from this place.

Natural beauty of Konkan has lured many a persons from literary world. Dapoli, in particular has served as backdrop of famous Marathi Novel 'Garambicha Bappu' by Shri. Na. Pendse. "Shyamchi aai" by Sane Guruji too describes Dapoli.

With pristine beaches, historical temples, caves and forts scattered around, Dapoli has something to offer everyone. Popularity of Dapoli is increasing these days with many tourists from Mumbai and Pune visiting it as weekend destination.

Get in

By road The simplest and best way to get in is by Road[6]. Dapoli is 240KMs from Mumbai along NH-17 (Mumbai-Goa) & 180KM From Pune. Maharashtra State Transport buses ploy to Dapoli daily from major cities in Konkan and Western Maharahstra such as Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. One can also get in using one's private vehicle (own or hired). A lot of private transport companies have started their Private Luxury Bus service from Mumbai and Pune.

By train The nearest train station is Khed, 40KM away from Dapoli.

By plane Nearest Airport is Ratnagiri, around 100KM away.

Get around

ST Buses are omnipresent but may not be convenient. Most preferable way to get around is by your private vehicle (Owned or hired).


  • Asud Ancient Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar temples in the midst of scenic hills
  • Karde Has a pristine beach and few resorts
  • Harnai Beach South of old Harnai fort, the palm-fringed beach of Murud is famous for its clean white sands and crystal clear safe waters. Visit the Goa Killa or Harnai fort which is built in different levels. Don't miss the fish auction in the evenings.
    Seagulls at Harnai Beach
  • Suvarnadurg Suvarnadurg the island fortress off the coast of Harnai was a fort built by Shivaji to counter the Siddi. Ths fort was later used by Shivaji to counter the Europeans and was a base for the Maratha navy's ship building facility. The town of Harishareshwar, known for its tranquil and picturesque beach is also landmarked by the Kalbhairav Shiva Temple. If you are adventurous enough take a small boat to the North side of the bay, you can see where the Peshwas or Prime Ministers of the Maratha Kingdom originally resided. Also see the Peshwa Smarak and visit the Bankot Fort at Bagmandala, approximately 4 kilometers away.
  • Anjarle Few kilometres away from Dapoli is the beach of Anjarle. Ganapati of Hill (Kadyawarcha) In Aanjarle village on the seashore the temple built on huge mountain is known as 'Ganapati of Kadyawar'. After crossing the Jog river creek, there is Aanjarle village. In earlier times there were two temples in the sea, one Temple of Aanjarleshwar & other of Ganapati. They got drowned in the sea, later on Ganapati temple was built on a high mountain. The temple must be of Madhavrao Peshve period. There are 250 steps to it. There is a lake in front of it. It has a big hall & a stone staircase. There is water fountain in the hall, There is a dome, are & many pillars in the temple. The place is cool & pleasant in Dapoli Taluka with seashore & forest. Hence, tourist are attracted at this place.
  • Ladghar The beach here called Tamas Teertha is has religious background and many people come here to bathe in the sea water. The sunset here is unforgettable.
    A View of Ladghar Beach from nearby hill
  • Panhalekaji Ancient, rock cut caves believed to be more than a thousand years old are a treat to architecture lovers. Hindu and Buddhist sculptures cover the walls. There are around 29 caves here which are are located on the banks of the “Kotjai” river.
  • Unhavare Situated amidst a picturesque valley, you can bathe in these natural hot springs. The water has medicinal value and can cure some skin diseases
  • Ade Visit the ancient temple of Shree Parshuram. You can also take a stroll on the clean and calm beach
  • Kelshi Further north from Anjarle, near the border of Raigad district, is another small town known as Kelshi. This village is frequented by pilgrims who come to the Mahalaxmi Temple here, built during the rule of the Peshwa dynasty. Other than the Mahalaxmi Temple, there are other temples here dedicated to Rasha Krishna, Beleshwar and Ganesha, to name a few. Just outside of the village is a lovely beach, which stretches for 2.5 kms and the sunset is said to be spectacular from this beach.
  • Murud Dhondo Keshav karve who started the movement for the women came from this village. There is an ancient temple of Goddess Durgadevi which is on a wooden pillar. There are 28 carved wooden pillars in it. In front of the temple there is 'Appasaheb Smarak'. Also, these is a statue of Maharshi Karve. The Ganapati in lake is also a peculiar feature of Murud. During the summer, when there is less water in the lake, the devotees can visit the Ganapati idol. Accommodation facilities are available in the hotels.
  • Jakai Devi Temple, Panderi ( Gharvewadi), Umberghar, Dapoli (27 kilometres away from Dapoli & 5 Kilometres from Dabhol Beach). Ancient Jakai Devi Temple famous in Dabhol Panchkrochi. From Dapoli Umberghar,Panderi S.T. facility is available.


  • Swimming in the Arabian Sea
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Boating through Backwaters
  • Sunset especially at Tamasteertha beach at Ladghar
  • Visit local home and be a part of their daily life
  • Trek in the nearby jungles
  • Cave Exploring


  • Kokam Syrup (Agal)
  • Kuleeth Peeth
  • Talalele Gare (Jackfruit chips)
  • Amba, Phanas Poli (Sundried Mango, Jackfruit Delicacy)


  • Veg - Solkadhi-Rice, Modak, Kulith Pithale, Local Vegetables
  • Seafood - Fish, Prawns, Oysters, Crabs
  • Snacks - Kanda Bhaji, Wada Pav, Misal
  • Aryawarta, Jaalgaon, 02358 282313, [1]. Variety of dishes with lots of Konkan specials on the menu. All meals are buffet style to allow sampling of the excellent cuisine.

A few restaurants specialized in serving Non-Vegetarian preparations are as below:

  • Sonali Lunch Home, 02358 282472.
  • Jagdish Lunch Home, 02358 282341.


  • Kokam/Awala/Mango/Karvand Sarbat
  • Tender Coconut Water
  • asach, 02358 222545.


  • MTDC's [7] luxurious tents at Harnai Beach.
  • Aryawarta, Brahmanwadi, Dapoli, Ratnagiri – 415 712, 02358 - 283088 / 282313, 9226174801, [2]. One of the uppish accommodations worth every rupee that you spend.They have independent bungalows from 2 bedrooms to 6 bedrooms. These are very well maintained, clean and have all basic amenities. Their package include all meals of the day (vegetarian, but provide non-veg on demand). Very good quality food. Great place for family or group get together.
  • Silver Sand Resort, [3].
  • Kisan Bhavan, 02358 282025. Guest House of Konkan Krishi Vidyapeet
  • Hotel Pathik, (iuoiuo), 02358 282946.
  • Hotel Jayant Padmaja, 02358 282212. Veg Restaurant & Lodge
  • Hotel Top in Town, 02358 282627.
  • Hotel Vrundawan, 02358 282220. Restaurant& Lodge
  • Captain House, 02358 282220. Restaurant & Lodge
  • Saniya Sea Resort, Khalchi Pakhadi, Murud, 02358 234552.
  • Beach Resort Silver Sand, 02358 234501.
  • Kamat Beach Resort, (Get on to the Harnai Road from Dapoli and take a left turn after Sardule village to reach Kamat Beach Resort now known as Lotus Beach Resort.), 02358 234526 / 234709. It is a beautiful resort right on the beach with wonderful ambience and hospitality. Book your rooms in advance to avoid disappointments.
  • Garambi Resort, 02358 233288.
  • Sagarika Resort, 02358 234737.
  • Kshitij, 02358 234603.
  • Hotel Kinara, 02358 234633. Also serves Very Tasty Seafood
  • Sagar Hill Hotel, 02358 234596, 9860 487364, [4]. Nice Hill Resort. Bookings need to be done at Pune with Mr. Rajabhau Bedekar on the mobile phone number given.
  • Sea Face Beach Resort, 02358 234832.
  • Naad Resort, 020-25385420.
  • Bhavani Residency, 02358 243058.
  • Hotel Sagar Sawali, 02358 288047. Serves Very Tasty Seafood
  • Gaaj, Ladghar, 02358 288287. Run by the family of Mr. Baal, this is one of the best hotels for Families.
  • vishranti, 02358 288328/205614. Best choice for family stay with surrounding nature climates
  • Hotel Mayuresh and Suyash Lodge, 02358 248949. Serves Very Good Seafood as well


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