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Dallas Skyline

Dallas [1] [2] is the third largest city in Texas.


Dallas was built primarily on commerce, white-collar endeavors and convention business, and has a reputation as being "less Texan" than Houston or San Antonio (though if you talk to some one from those cities they will tell you that Dallas is "more Texan"). If you want to see a cowboy hat, you'll have to venture into a Hispanic part of town or head to a honky-tonk. Fort Worth is 30 miles away and a much better bet for "cowboy culture."

With no geographical features to limit its growth, Dallas has accrued suburban sprawl that is among the worst in North America. The "real Dallas" experience is to be had in the large area roughly described by the Dallas North Tollway to the west; White Rock Lake to the East; I-30 to the south; and Northwest Highway to the north. Within that area, it is perfectly possible to get around on public transit, but as in any Sunbelt boomtown (think Atlanta), you're best off with a car at your disposal.

Get in

Most people who come to Dallas are going to come by air since Dallas is home to DFW, the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport. If you want to drive, good luck. If you come into Dallas by I-35, keep in mind that, a few dozen miles both north and south of the "metroplex," the interstate splits into I-35W (which runs north/south through Fort Worth) and I-35E (the branch that runs north/south through Dallas). Miss the split and you'll wind up in a different city.

By plane

There are two major airports in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, DFW, and Love Field (DAL). Love Field is within the city limits not far northwest of downtown, but has certain restrictions on flights in and out. Love Field is home to Southwest airlines [3], so if you are flying from within Texas, a nearby state or don't mind connecting, you might check with them.

Otherwise, you will probably end up flying into DFW [4]. DFW, one of the largest airports in the country by passenger volume, is physically large as well, reasonably clean, and during tourist-travel type times, lines are short and staff are friendly. Equally positioned between Dallas and Fort Worth, DFW is a great airport to fly into. Don't forget that as you drive out of the airport, you will have to pay a toll to leave.

No matter which airport you are flying into or out of, if it is during rush hour, traffic will be a factor. Make sure you budget at least 2-3 hours to get to/from the airport if you are traveling on I-635, the Bush turnpike (SH-190), or 75 (Central Expressway). It will probably only take you an hour (and traffic has been getting better lately), but it is far better to have that extra hour of cushion than to be stuck on the one road that will get you where you need to go, and to be moving at a crawl.

Once you've arrived at the airport, you will probably do best to take one of the Shared Ride shuttle services. They offer door to door pickup and drop off, probably costing ~$30 for ~20 miles, which will get you to most places.

For DFW, there are courtesy phones that will let you ring them directly (for free), and they are usually pretty quick about pickups and drop offs. (at most adding an extra 30-40 minutes while you wait for them to pick up more people, or to drop your fellow passengers off on the way to your place or hotel).

A less expensive option, to some places, would be DART [5], Dallas Area Rapid Transit, which offers regular daytime bus service from DFW Airport to a commuter rail station located South of the airport.

By train

  • There are two Amtrak [6] routes which serve Dallas/Fort Worth, the Texas Eagle between San Antonio and Chicago, and the Heartland Flyer between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.

By car

To get here from Oklahoma, take I-35 or US 75 south. To get here from Houston, it's ~250 miles north on I-45 (which turns into US 75). To get here from Austin, take I-35 North. To get here from Louisiana, take I-20 east. Dallas is the junction-point for most cities within a 200-300 mile radius, with good road service to and from. Any map of the United States should have enough information to get you into Dallas with no problems.

However, once you are here, watch out for traffic. Traffic tends to go towards the city centers in the morning, and away from the city centers in the evening. Major choke points are 75 South in the morning (what takes 20 minutes with no traffic, ends up taking 1-2 hours with traffic). I-635 near US-75 is also usually a mess since I-635 (being the beltway that runs all around Dallas) is an often-traveled road. Also watch out for I-35E southbound in the mornings.

Also expect DFW drivers to drive discourteously. Local drivers often disregard the "Left Lane for Passing Only" rule. Strings of vehicles going ~5 MPH over the speed limit stay in the left lane to pass the 5% of drivers who travel ~5 MPH UNDER the speed limit in the right lane. A savvy driver can use this to his advantage as the right lane is often the least congested.

When stopped at a traffic light in DFW, be sure to give 1-2 seconds delay after the light turns green. DFW drivers are notorious for running red lights.

  • US-75 is also called "Central" or "Central Expressway", and turns into I-45 just south of Downtown
  • I-635 is sometimes called LBJ, which stands for Lyndon B Johnson.
  • There are two branches of I-35. I-35 splits into I-35W at Denton (30 miles north of Dallas) through Fort Worth to Hillsboro (50 miles south of Dallas), and I-35E that runs from Denton through Dallas to Hillsboro. After I-35W and I-35E reach Hillsboro, they simply rejoin as I-35.

By bus

  • Dallas' Greyhound terminal [7] is near the center of downtown at 205 S. Lamar.
  • Buses also run to and from Shreveport on the weekends, which is sponsored by the casinos. This is more for the locals to go and get their gambling fixes, but ask around if you're interested.

Get around

Reunion Tower and the Trinity Railway Express

The best way to get around Dallas is by car. There is public transportation in the form of buses and trains (light rail), but again, these best serve the local needs (commuting to work, etc), and are very difficult to get good timings if you are trying to get anywhere exotic.

The transportation system is called DART, and they do an excellent job of catering to special events (Cowboys games, State Fair), or special places (Dallas Zoo, West End, Arboretum) and will instantly give you a trip plan if you call them up (214-979-1111) or use their website. You will usually want to get a day pass, since it will probably take you a lot of buses to get where you need to go.

The bus system, not unlike in many large cities, can be quite confusing. Because mass transit is still far behind in popularity than that of other countries, foreigners may be surprised that Dallasites will be unable to help direct them very well. The train system is easiest to understand, and connects to several suburban areas. Therefore, if it is at all possible, try to get an automobile. Prices are relatively cheap, especially for train travel. On DART, bus drivers check tickets at the door, but on the trains, tickets are checked by DART security officers who sporadically board trains between stations. Being caught on the train without a valid ticket usually results in you being asked to immediately depart at the next stop, but you can also receive a fine not to exceed $500. Tickets are not as likely to be checked while the train is downtown or on excessively crowded trains, but it is always a risk to go for a free ride.

  • Car rentals are the most convenient for transportation for visitors, with local companies offering better prices but national chains offering more convenience vis-a-vis return policies and times.

Car Rental Companies include:

  • Alamo Rent A Car, Toll free: 1-800-462-5266, [8].
  • Avis Rent A Car, Toll free: 1-800-331-1212, [9].
  • Budget Rent A Car, Toll free: 1-800-527-0700, [10].
  • Dollar Rent A Car, Toll free: 1-800-800-3665, [11].
  • E-Z Rent-A-Car, Toll free: 1-800-277-5171, [12].
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Toll free: 1-800-261-7331, [13].
  • Hertz Car Rental, Toll free: 1-800-654-3131, [14]].
  • Thrifty, Toll free: 1-800-847-4389, [15].


  • The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza411 Elm Street, Suite #120, Tel. (214)747-6660 or toll-free: 888-485-4854, fax (214)747-6662, [16]. Open daily from 9am - 6pm. An unfortunate part of Dallas' history is that it is the site of the assassination of President Kennedy. The Texas Book Depository is the site where shots were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, and the museum is located on the sixth floor of the same building. It is an incredibly moving experience with videos, full-wall descriptions and photographs, along with artifacts from the event. Even with repeat visits, there is always something new and interesting to see. For an alternative viewpoint see the Conspiracy Museum below.
  • The Conspiracy Museum This museum presents alternative information regarding the conspiracies around JFK's assassination, Lincoln's assassination, and other presidential assassinations. The museum is closing December 30, 2006 [17].
  • Dallas Museum of Art, 1717 North Harwood St, Tel. (214) 922-1200, [18]. Open Tuesday-Sunday, 11AM-5PM, Thursday 11AM-9PM, Closed Mondays, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Great works of art from eastern and western cultures, from all ages. Admission $6, free on Thursdays from 5pm to 9pm.
  • Meadows Museum of Art
  • Nasher Sculpture Center, 2001 Flora St., Tel. 214-242-5100, [19]. This collection of sculpture provides a fantastic outdoor oasis in the heart of the downtown arts district. The Renzo Piano designed facility pulls in the surrounding light and energy of the district but does not overwhelm. The indoor-outdoor collection of renowned Dallas collector Raymond Nasher is truly astounding. Ask about the combined admission ticket to see the Nasher and the Dallas Museum of Art, located directly across Harwood St.
  • Dallas Cowboys [20]. Dallas' famous football team.
  • Dallas Mavericks, Dallas' professional basketball team, plays at the American Airlines Center, located at 2500 Victory Ave in Dallas. You can come to the games by your own car, by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Dart), or by Trinity Railway Express (TRE). The ticket prices vary from $10 up to $240 for a seat very close to the action. In the 2005-06 season the team went to the NBA finals.
  • Dallas Stars, Dallas' professional hockey team, also plays at the American Airlines Center.
  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, [21]. Located along the south banks of White Rock Lake.
  • Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park - Hours 9 AM-4:30 PM. See over 6,000 aquatic animals at this aquarium located on the state fairgrounds. Admission $4.
  • Dallas World Aquarium, 1801 N. Griffin St., Dallas. Tel.214-720-2224, [22]. More than just an aquarium, this unique zoo tour starts at the canopy level of a rain forest. Visitors wind their way down past many types of animals to find the aquarium at the bottom. Admission $15.95 Adults and $8.95 Children.
  • Dallas Zoo, 650 South R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-35E), Phone: (214) 670-8443, [23]. Over 8,000 animals can be seen at this 97-acre zoo in south Dallas.


Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas
  • State Fair, [24]. In September and October, State Fair is held at Dallas. It takes place in Fair Park,which is a 277-acre city park that is just two miles east of downtown Dallas, and is held for 24 days every year starting in mid to late September. The fair is open from 10AM until 10PM. You can come to the fair by car and the parking is only $10 per car. The ticket prices are $13 for general admission, $9 for kids under 48" tall, children 2 and under, seniors 60 and older are free. At the State Fair, there are many entertainments and events for example, "Looney Tunes Hollywood Screen Test", "Budweiser Oktoberfest", "Backyard Circus", "Milking Parlor", "College Football", and "Hot Diggity Dog Shows". Not only kids but also adults can enjoy the events. Don't miss the corndogs.
  • Six Flags Over Texas, [25]. Arlington, just to the west is home to the famous amusement park's flagship location. 10 new rides have opened in 2006 alone.
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, [26]. Just across the way from Six Flags' amusement park is the best waterpark in the area. Don't forget the sunblock.
  • White Rock Lake. Escape the city bustle for a stroll at this large park in east Dallas.


Southern Methodist University [27]

University of Texas at Dallas [28], in Richardson.

University of Dallas [29], in Irving.

University of Texas at Arlington [30]


Shopping is big in Dallas. In days of yore, folks would come from all over the country to shop in Dallas' exclusive shops. Neiman Marcus was founded in Dallas, supplying dresses and diamonds to debutants and family scions.

  • The West Village offers trendy shopping for the 20/30-somethings.
  • Highland Park Village offers something for the silver spooned set.
  • Galleria Mall [31] 13350 Dallas Parkway. An upscale shopping mall located in North Dallas. There are over 200 stores and restaurants at the Galleria, including an ice rink and The Westin Hotel. It is located at the intersection of Interstate 635 and the Dallas North Tollway.
  • Grapevine Mills [32] 3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy, in Grapevine. Large outlet shopping mall with close to 200 stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • Downtown Neiman Marcus- Not a very common place to shop and kind of isolated, but nice.
  • Willow Bend Mall - Like the Galleria but farther north in Plano and with fewer shops.
  • West Village Shopping Center - Very trendy, many restaurants as well.
  • North Park Mall - The largest and nicest mall in Dallas. Expect to spend some money if you go there.
  • Highland Park Village - Located in one of the most upscale parts of town and has some exclusive stores.
  • There are some good antique stores in the Knox-Henderson area.
  • Mockingbird Station [[33]] - For urban-planning and real-estate types, this is a must-see: a premier example of transit-oriented development on the DART Rail line. A mixed-use area featuring loft apartments with retail and restaurants at the ground level, Mockingbird Station also boasts one of Dallas's best arthouse/independent cinema theaters, the Angelika. There is some nice shopping, including Victoria's Secret, and Virgin Megastore.
  • First Saturday [34] - An electronics flea market that is a must for geeks. Begins at midnight on the first Saturday of every month and is held near the West End. Be prepared to find more flea-market-style garbage than actual computer equipment.


McKinney Avenue
It must be said that a bona fide "foodie" would be remiss to skip the fabulous restaurants that line McKinney Avenue and environs -- if there's one arena in which Dallas merits its own pretentions to "world-class" status, it's in its varied, creative restaurants, where quasi-celebrity chefs hold forth with true flair. Just to the north of McKinney is the Knox-Henderson area. It is similar but more laid-back. The west side of highway is Knox Street. This is just on the edge of Highland Park, and it features a plethora of home-decorating boutiques as well as eateries and watering holes. Cross the freeway and Knox becomes Henderson -- bastion of hip but laid-back eateries, check out Hibiscus, Cuba Libre, and Fireside Pies.


  • Back Country Bar B Q 6940 Greenville Ave., Tel.214-696-6940. A favorite in Dallas as one of the best BBQ restaurants.
  • Sonny Bryans [35] is probably Dallas' most famous barbeque restaurant. Although there are now several locations, the original, and many say the best, is at 2202 Inwood, between Maple and Harry Hines. Get there early, though, because they close when they run out of food, which pretty much always happens at lunchtime.
  • Spring Creek Barbeque [36] - Spring Creek Barbeque has 15 Texas style restaurants across the North Texas area. The menu is very simple. Beef, ham sausage, turkey, chicken, and ribs are available for entrees (you can have combinations also). All of them come with corn, beans, potato salad, cole slaw, and baked potatoes for side orders. Also, fresh homemade breads are served with all of them too. Even with large servings, the most expensive menu is only about $10 so all of the dishes are available at a reasonable price.


  • Delicias Brasil, 2315 W. Airport Freeway (at Story Road), Irving, Tel: 972-255-3714 Homestyle Brazilian buffet sold by weight.
  • Fogo de Chao, 4300 Beltline Road, Addison. Tel: 972-503-7300, [37]. Authentic Brazilian-style churrascaria (barbeque). A franchise of the world-famous Sao Paulo restaurant. 40-item salad bar, and incredible cuts of meat. Expensive but worth it. A very similar restaurant called "Texas de Brasil" sits across the street a block down.


  • Mardi Gras Cafe, 2720 N. Stemmons Frwy (I-35E, northbound service road north of Motor Street), Dallas. (214)404-8425. New Cajun restaurant with plenty of lighted parking and a dedication to the blues. Aaron Burton acoustic jam Tuesday night, Hash Brown jam Wednesday night, KM Williams invitational acoustic jam Thursday night. Good food, plenty of paved parking. Located on the ground floor of the SOUTH tower (closest to the freeway) in the Stemmons Towers complex. Look for the awning.


The West Village is a great place to eat brunch on Sunday. There are many restaurants with patios that are great for people-watching. It gets very crowded, so get there early or expect to wait a while.


  • Amado's Mexican Cuisine, 5290 Belt Line Rd., (972) 789-1711, Delivery: (469) 330-9700.[38] Mexican restaurant serving excellent Tex Mex and other menu selections of Mexican dishes. Full bar, patio seating, catering services, happy hour 3pm to 7pm Monday thru Friday with complementary appetizers at the bar. 2 banquet rooms for private parties and celebrations. Sunday brunch that will bring you back week after week.
  • Blue Goose, 2905 Greenville, Tel: 214-823-6786. This great local Mexican place has an earthy atmosphere and serves a great weekend brunch. For some indiscernible reason it is also popular with bikers.
  • Gloria's is probably the best and most well known Tex-Mex in Dallas with locations in UpTown, Addison, & Bishop Arts Disctrict. Great food & Margaritas. Definitely try a Meltdown. Very cheap.
  • Herreras, The epitome of TexMex. Herreras began as a tiny, ten-table restaurant in a very shady neighborhood; its main location is now a huge gaudy place in a less shady neighborhood. Caters to those who enjoy gigantic proportions; they serve simple but delicious food that should scare you silly if you're on a diet. The bean soup is stupendous.

This suburb just north of I-635 is centered on Beltline Road. It has perhaps the most restaurants per-capita in the U.S. If there is a type of food you like then you can probably find it there. [39]

  • Freebirds World Burrito, [40]. Moderate pricing for burritos of huge proportions, yet no trade-off in taste especially since you can customize it to your liking. Nice, sometimes loud atmosphere has the feel of a college student hang-out.
  • La Calle Doce, 1925 Skillman Ave., Tel: 214-824-9900, [41]. Some of the best Mexican seafood food in town.
  • Mi Cocina. Arguably the best Tex-Mex in Dallas. Without question the best frozen margarita. The flagship restaurant is in the most fashionable shopping district in Dallas, the Highland Park Village. Mi Cocina has other locations throughout Dallas, including Preston at Forest and in West Village.
  • Primos!. This is some of the best tex-mex in Dallas, off McKinney. Delicious and good for people-watching on the patio.
  • RJ Mexican Cuisine, 1701 N. Market St. Suite 102, Tel: 214-744-1420, [42]. Kind of classy Mexican food in the West End. Try the quail.
  • Sol's Nieto Fajitas, Excellent traditional Tex-Mex with two restaurants around the North Texas area, considered a local favorite of Garland and other cities around Dallas.


  • India Palace, 12817 Preston Road, [43]. Just north of I620 on Preston Road. Food and service are both excellent. The chicken tikka masala and kofta nawabi are recommended. $9-$15 per plate.
  • Chettinaad Palace, Central Expwy Service Rd @ W Parker Rd, Plano. [44]. Cheap and delicious South Indian joint in suburban Plano. Check it out.

Lower Greenville
Greenville Avenue south of Mockingbird Lane. This is a genuine neighborhood strip, or series of strips, with a semi-urban atmosphere and businesses that range from pawn shops to sushi bars. The area has evolved more organically than most in Dallas, featuring neighborhood corner Lebanese restaurants, age-old greasy spoons and other urban niceties. During the week you will find many area residents who tend toward the bohemian, but the weekend draws a party-hardy crowd. As one travels north along Greenville, the strips (there are several, each two or three blocks long and around half a mile apart) become somewhat more mature in tone, though the atmosphere still ranges from laid-back to drunken.


  • Besa's Pizza & Pasta, 14856 Preston Rd. (972) 233-7227, Delivery: (469) 330-9700. Comfort food and comfortable prices. Some of the best Italian food in the metroplex.
  • La Paesana, 4326 Lovers Lane. (214) 890-1811, Located in University Park along the "Miracle Mile", offering a cozy and relaxed setting while serving the finest in Italian cuisine. Popular Sunday Brunch where you will find a variety of egg dishes served along with many Italian favorites and Specialty drinks, Margaritas, Champagne Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys.


  • Genki Sushi & Steak, 14902 Preston Rd #512B, (972) 788-2629, Delivery: (469) 330-9700. The newest Sushi bar in North Dallas and once you try the food, you'll never go anywhere else for Sushi. Their fish is extremely fresh and the portions are always generous. Features Rotating Sushi Bar, Live Lobster Special. Favorites include the Escobar Tartar, the Surf Clam Sashimi, the Ton-Katsu, the Hamachi Rolls [Yellowtail w Scallions], Spider Rolls, Bluefish and the Seared Tuna. The four-plate sushi special for lunch is only $9.99. House Special Rolls include the Cherry Blossom Roll and the Volcano Special Roll. Sip Sake on the Outdoor Patio. Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-10:30pm Sat & Sun 11am-2:30, 5-10:30pm.
  • Masami, 116 Richardson Heights Shopping Center, Richardson West of US 75 on Beltline, Tel: (972) 783-6800, [45]. Serves high quality Thai and Japanese food including sushi. No hibachi. Relatively small, traditional Japanese seating and standard western style seating both available. $10-$18 per plate.
  • Nobu, 400 Crescent Ct., Tel: 214-252-7000, [46]. Excellent Sushi.

Middle Eastern

  • Taboon Grill, Tel: 214-596-0908, [47]. Serves middle-eastern and Mediterranean food in a very small shop that looks like an ethnic convenience store from the outside. Located near the airport just west of Belt Line Rd and north of SR 183 (the Airport Fwy) in a strip-mall that the 70s forgot.


  • Mansion on Turtle Creek, 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd, Tel: 214-559-2100, [48]. 1.4 Miles North of Downtown. 5-Star American/Southwestern restaurant with a 6-Star price. No tennis shoes, jeans or shorts.


  • Nick & Sams. A great steakhouse with very good service, be sure not to miss the bone-in filet. Dark, romantic atmosphere. Dress code enforced. It also has a great bar scene for anyone over thirty that wants something a little more sophisticated.
  • Bob's Chophouse - The only other place to eat the best steaks in Dallas besides Nick & Sams. With locations in Dallas and Plano.


The Dallas Observer [49] is the local alternative weekly. You can pick up a free copy at many places around town. It is full of useful information on Dallas nightlife and its music-scene offerings.

West End

Please note that the West End Marketplace recently closed and the crowds are going elsewhere, especially in the evening.

This is an attractive enough historic neighborhood with buildings in a turn-of-the-century redbrick vernacular -- the notorious Book Depository is one of them -- in the northwest quadrant of downtown. The area is mostly popular with suburbanites and tourists out for dinner and a quick stroll around the neighborhood. There are tons of restaurants, or a couple dozen anyway, including TGI Friday's, Joe's Crab Shack, Dick's Last Resort, Landry's Seafood House, and On the Border. There are a couple of popular local establishments as well. This area does not make the list of must-see places in Dallas but is a convenient place for dinner or a drink if you are already in the area. Unfortunately the West End is undergoing redevelopment and access may be difficult for the time being.

  • Dick's Last Resort [50] - Tel.214-747-0001
  • Froggy Bottoms - Tel.214-969-0300
  • Gator's [51] - Tel.214-748-0243
  • Honky Tonk Heaven - Tel.214-969-0300
  • West End Pub - Tel.214-748-5711

Deep Ellum

This is a district of bars, dance clubs, music venues and tattoo shops. located just east of downtown on Main, Elm and Commerce streets. It is a hipster haven for young people and a weekend destination for music lovers of all ages. Lately, it has been stigmatized by a purported "crime wave," be sure to go in groups if you go on a weeknight.

  • Bar of Soap - 3615 Parry Avenue. At the far east end of Deep Ellum near Fair Park, this unique place is a combination of a laundromat and a live music bar featuring many local acts.
  • Blind Lemon - 2805 Main Street. Despite apparently being named for blues legend "Blind Lemon" Jefferson, this place plays mostly 70's and 80's music. Part of the Club Clearview complex.
  • The Bone [52] - 2724 Elm St. This spacious New Orleans-style bar hosts live jazz and blues. It can be quite crowded on the weekends. Admission for men is $5 after 11 PM.
  • Club Clearview [53] - 2800 Main St. This very large club has been a staple of the Deep Ellum club scene since long before it became popular with the fraternity crowd. It is part of a complex in which you can find many styles of music.
  • Club Dada [54] - 2720 Elm St. One of the oldest live music venues in Deep Ellum, with shows Wednesday through Sunday. They have a nice patio in back.
  • Curtain Club [55] - 2800 Main St. Live music venue which hosts both local and national acts.
  • Galaxy Club [56] - 2808 Commerce St. Another live music venue with both local and national acts.
  • Gypsy Tea Room [57] - 2548 Elm St. Perhaps one of the best venues to catch great national bands of the type that will never appear on TV.
  • Lizard Lounge [58] - 2424 Swiss. Pass under the bridge on Good Latimer to find this spacious 2-story dance club. On Thursday and Sunday nights they have popular gothic/industrial events known as The Church. [[59]]
  • Poor David's Pub [60] - 1313 S Lamar St. Actually a bit away from Deep Ellum on the south side of downtown. One of Dallas' oldest live music venues, this joint has been open since 1977. Moved to its spartan Lamar St location from longstanding Greenville Av location a few years ago.
  • Sambuca [61] - 2120 McKinney. This eclectic restaurant has live music seven nights a week.
  • Sons of Hermann Hall [62] - 3414 Elm. On the far east edge of Deep Ellum. This venue hosts live music of all types from both local and national acts.

Uptown / McKinney Ave

Bound by Haskell on the north, Woodall Rogers Freeway on the south, Turtle Creek on the west and Central Expressway on the east. This is where Dallas' beautiful people go to see and be seen. Trendy to the nth degree, this neighborhood contains very upscale fashionable clubs. Some of the hottest clubs, Medici, the Candleroom, and Sense are private. If you want to check out one of these places be sure to go with someone that is a member or have a concierge call ahead for you. Wish and Republic are also cool nightspots, with no membership required. No shorts, jeans, team jerseys, tennis shoes, or flip-flops.

  • Candleroom - 5039 Willis Ave., Tel.214-370-4155
  • Medici [63] - 2404 Cedar Springs Rd., Tel.214-855-0202
  • Republic Restaurant and Bar [64] - 2922 N Hall St., Tel.214-740-1111
  • Sense - 3001 N Henderson. Tel. 214-370-4445
  • Wish Ultra Lounge - 3001 Knox St Ste 210, Tel.214-389-5723

Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs

This is the predominantly gay area of town. All the bars are in a 2-block strip on Cedar Springs. Take a cab as the area is not safe late at night. Also, the police are on the lookout for intoxicated drivers.The farther one strays from the Cedar Springs strip, the more the neighborhood becomes merely "gay-friendly." It's reasonably funky, by Dallas standards, with vegetarian restaurant and yoga centers, sleekly fashionable restaurants and, a bit north on Oak Lawn Avenue, expensive boutiques.

  • JR's Bar and Grille [65] - 3923 Cedar Springs. This 2-story bar is perhaps the center for gay life in Dallas.
  • Station 4 [66] - 3911 Cedar Springs Road. A very bustling gay dance club.
  • Throckmorton Mining Company [67] - 3014 Throckmorton St., Tel. 214-521-4205. Another very popular gay bar.
  • Roundup Saloon [68] - 3912 Cedar Springs Road. Tel. 214-522-9611. Western-themed gay bar.
  • Sue Ellens [69] - 3903 Cedar Springs Road. Tel. 214-559-0707. Dallas' most popular lesbian establishment.
  • Mickey's - 3851 Cedar Springs Rd. Tel. 214-219-6425. A popular video bar.
  • Havana's Bar and Grille - 4006 Cedar Springs Rd. Tel. 214-526-9494. Gay bar which caters to the Latino crowd.
  • The Rose Room [70] - 3911 Cedar Springs Road. Tel. 214-526-7171. Female impersonators.

Lower Greenville

  • Blarney Stone - 2116 Greenville Ave. Tel.214-821-7099. A rowdy Irish pub. Four TVs.
  • Dubliner - 2818 Greenville Ave., Tel.214-818-0911. A friendly Irish pub. Good jukebox.
  • The Old Monk - 2847 N Henderson Ave., Tel.214-821-1880. British pub with good fish and chips and a wide selection of beers.
  • Service Bar - 1919 Greenville Ave. Tel.214-824-8599. This bar with a nice outdoor patio display local artwork.
  • Stan's Blue Note - 2908 Greenville Ave., Tel.214-827-1977. Popular locally for bachelorette parties. Women who donate their bra at the door can get a free drink. Nice patio for people-watching.
  • Whiskey Bar - 1930 Greenville Ave., Tel.214-828-0188. As its name might suggest, this cigar-smoke-filled joint has a fine collection of single-malt bourbons.
  • Those wishing to bar-hop and catch a cab back to the hotel are advised to hit the strip south of Richmond; this is the densest part of Greenville and the strip extends nearly a full mile.
  • Two-thirds of a mile east of Lower Greenville down La Vista Street is a small cluster of wine bars, pubs. Two-thirds of a mile further east down La Vista is a larger cluster of similar places in downtown Lakewood, heralded by the spire of the historic Lakewood Theater. Check out the Balcony Club[71] on the second floor for jazz and cocktails.


  • The Flying Saucer [72] - 1499 Montford Drive, Addison. Tel.972-934-2537 The original location. 250 kinds of beer, over 100 of them on tap.
  • Duke's Roadhouse - 4180 Belt Line Road, Addison. Tel.972-503-2337. Huge patio. Can be crowded.

Mockingbird Station

  • Trinity Hall Pub [73] - A laid back Irish pub.

Gentlemen's Clubs

If you are so inclined, Dallas has an overabundance of "Gentlemen's Clubs." Most of these places are nice and safe, and usually located off the Highway 35 and Northwest Highway area. Bring cash along or go to an ATM beforehand-- if using a credit card, you have to sign the tabs in triplicate with a photocopy of your ID. One can have a good time for $100-$200 at all the clubs, but if you want to spend more, the ladies will certainly help you do so. Here is a list of some of the clubs starting with the nicest ones.

  • The Lodge - Has a Safari motif inside and actually has good food too.
  • The Men's Club - A Nice club with pretty girls. The best night is Thursday.
  • Silver City - Good club.
  • Baby Doll's - An enormous club that sells more alcohol than any other bar in Texas. Has pretty decent priced drinks for a "Gentlemen's Club."
  • The Million Dollar Saloon - A lot of history behind this place. Really the first of it's kind in Dallas or all of Texas.



  • Microtel Inn & Suites Plano (Dallas), 19373 Preston Rd., in Plano, Tel. 972-248-7045, [74] Free continental breakfast from 6:00am util 10:00am.


  • AmeriSuites Dallas/Near the Galleria, 5229 Spring Valley Road, Tel: (972) 716-2001, [75] Two blocks from the Galleria Mall and 15 miles west of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
  • AmeriSuites Dallas/Park Central, 12411 N Central Expressway, Tel: (972) 458-1224 [76] Centrally located in north Dallas and conveniently situated near all downtown Dallas venues.
  • Crowne Plaza Market Center, 7050 Stemmons Freeway, Tel: 214-630-8500, [77]. This hotel is located only six miles from downtown Dallas and right next to I-35 providing swift access to Dallas city center and the neighboring attractions of Fort Worth.
  • Crowne Plaza, 7800 Alpha Road, Tel: 972-233-7600, [78]. An all-suite hotel that combines space, comfort and convenience with upscale amenities and a central location. Just minutes from downtown Dallas, adjacent to the Richardson / Plano business district and 18 miles from Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
  • DoubleTree - Campbell Center, 8250 North Central Expressway, Tel: 214-691-8700, [79]. One of the best-placed Dallas hotels for business and leisure travelers, being situated between the main airports just north of downtown Dallas. Hotels in this location, just off US-75, also provide easy access to the DART network and Richardson / North Dallas.
  • Embassy Suites - Park Central Area 13131 North Central Expressway, Tel.972-234-3300, [80]. Situated at the intersection of I-635 and the North Central Expressway, in North Dallas. Hotels in this location are just 16 miles from DFW Airport and ten miles from Dallas Love Field Airport, and are close to the Galleria and Northpark Malls.
  • Embassy Suites - Market Center, 2727 Stemmons Freeway, Tel: 214-630-5332, [81]. Right by the Market Center, just north of central Dallas, 18 miles from DFW Airport, and three miles from Dallas Love Field. There is a complimentary shuttle from this Embassy Suites Hotel to destinations three miles around, including the Dallas Market Center and downtown Dallas.
  • Fairfield Inn, 1575 Regal Row, [82]. Closely situated to some of the main tourist attractions like the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, downtown Dallas, American Airlines Center, Dallas Convention Center, the Kennedy Memorial, Six Flags and the Texas Stadium, which is home to the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Hawthorn Suites Dallas (Market Center), 7900 Brookriver Drive, Tel: 214-688-1010, [83]. The spacious one- and two-bedroom suites are as comfortable.
  • Hilton Garden Inn, 2325 North Stemmons Freeway, Tel: 214-634-8200,[84]. Located next to the Dallas Market Center complex - including the World Trade Center, Market Hall and the Dallas Apparel Mart.
  • Westin Park Central, 12720 Merit Drive, Tel: 972-385-3000, [85]. Conveniently located just a few minutes away from downtown Dallas and the Dallas Convention Center. The hotel also just a short drive away from the Galleria, Texas Stadium, the Dallas Aquarium, the Dallas Museum of Art and is just 18 miles from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.
  • Embassy Suites, 3880 West Northwest Highway, Tel: 214-57-4500, [86]. Conveniently situated just outside Dallas Love Field airport and 30 minutes from DFW airport, and 8 miles north of central Dallas.
  • Hotel Lawrence, 302 South Houston Street, Tel: 877-396-0334,[87]. An historic boutique hotel in the West End, which was built in 1925 and recently renovated. Across from the George Allen Courthouse and the closest hotel to Dealey Plaza and the Kennedy Sixth Floor Museum.
  • Wyndham Anatole, 2201 Stemmons Freeway, [88]. Near downtown and adjacent to the Dallas Market Center and the American Airlines Center.
  • Wyndham North Dallas, 4801 LBJ Freeway, [89]. In the heart of North Dallas by the Galleria, the Wyndham North Dallas Hotel is a 14-floor high rise.
  • Wyndham Garden Hotel - Dallas Park Central, 8051 LBJ Freeway, [90]. Conveniently located near major business destinations like Texas Instruments, and shopping at Northpark Center or the Galleria.
  • Wyndham - Market Center, 2015 Market Center Boulevard,[91]. In the heart of the Dallas Market District, just minutes from the Apparel Mart, Infomart and World Trade Center.
  • Amerisuites - West End, 1907 North Lamar Street, Tel: 214-999-0500, [92]. A few blocks from downtown Dallas and 15 miles away from DFW International Airport and 8 miles from Love Field.
  • The Wildwood Inn, 2602 Lillian Miller Parkway, Denton, Texas (TX) 76210, 866-840-0713 [93]. A quaint bed and breakfast located in the country, a short drive from Dallas.


  • The Crescent Hotel - 400 Crescent Court, Tel.214-871-3200. Right on the Edge of Downtown and Uptown. Within walking distance of many great restaurants in Dallas.
  • Hotel Zaza - 2332 Leonard St., Tel: 214-468-8399. A Boutique hotel with different themed rooms. Checkout Dragonfly if you stay there.
  • The Mansion on Turtle Creek 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd., Tel: 214-559-2100. It has been around for many years and is renowned for its luxury and service.
  • The W Hotel, 2440 Victory Park Lane, Tel: 214-397-4100, [94]. Fax: 214-397-4105. Just opened, very nice and has a modern feel. Checkout Ghost Bar if you stay there.


  • Dallas Central Library, 1515 Young St., Tel: 214-670-1400, [95].


  • Canadian Consulate General, 750 N. St. Paul Street, Suite 1700, Tel.214-922-9806.
  • Consulate of The Federal Republic Of Germany, 4265 Kellway Circle, Addison, Tel.972-239-0707
  • Consulate General of Mexico, 8855 N Stemmons Fwy., Tel: 214-252-9250, [96].
  • Royal Danish Consulate, 2100 McKinney Avenue, Suite 700, Tel: 214-661-8399. Fax.214-661-8036.
  • Royal Norwegian Consulate, 4605 Live Oak Street, Tel: 214-826-5231.

Stay Safe

Go out with a group at night and valet your car so that you don't have to walk far at the end of the night. If you are downtown after dark, there is a fair amount of homeless people in the area. Uptown and North Dallas are generally very safe after dark. South Side is generally a little bit more rough around the edges than the north sides. Also avoid driving on the highways on the weekends after 2:00 a.m. It can be unnerving because all the bars and clubs kick everyone out at two, so most of the drivers have been drinking and are in a hurry to get home. Cafe Brazil is a 24-hour restaurant that has decent food, much better than Denny's or IHOP, and is a good place to wait out the rush or if you're just hungry late at night. Multiple locations.


  • Dallas Convention and Tourist Bureau [97]

Get out

  • Southfork Ranch, 3700 Hogge Road, Parker, TX 75002, Tel. 972-442-7800, [98]. The ranch made famous by the TV series "Dallas". An easy daytrip from Dallas. Tours run 364 days a year (except Christmas).