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General Directorate of State Airports Administration (DHMI) called a privatization tender in the year 2003 for Dalaman Airport on the basis of Build-Operate-Transfer model. Being awarded the contract, ATM Airport Construction and Management Co. assumed the financing, construction and operation of Dalaman Airport International Terminal and its extensions.
ATM Airport Construction and Management Co. is a consortium formed by Aksa and their partners Turkuaz and Manas companies. YDA-AKSA, the big partner of the consortium, is the flag ship of YDA Group, which is based in Ankara. YDA has performed so many public and commercial construction projects in Turkey and Central Asia; and is now celebrating its 30th anniversary with the big project of Dalaman Airport
Dalaman Airport project is performed with great diligence and pace in accordance with the concession contract signed with the General Directorate of State Airports Administration on June 24th, 2004. 125 architects and engineers and 2100 foremen and workers are involved in the project, and the construction goes on 24 hours a day without interruption. After the construction is completed in April 2006, ATM Airport Construction and Management Co. will handle the operation of Dalaman Airport for 6, 5 years (this period will be extended to 9 years together with the additional investments planned) with the same diligence and quality.
Serving for areas such as; Marmaris, Datça, Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Dalyan, Göcek, Sarıgerme etc. Dalaman Airport has been insufficient due to the increasing number of passengers and airplanes in line with the development of tourism in Turkey. Within the framework of Dalaman Airport project, which aims at relieving the traffic of international and domestic flights, there will be an International Terminal Building, and additional Apron, CIP and VIP buildings and a car park to be built at the current airport area.
The International Terminal of Dalaman Airport is designed to have all the features of a big international terminal and create an atmosphere that will be similar to the ones abroad. This project, which ranked the first in the contest organized by General Directorate of State Airports Administration, is an architectural work reflecting the perfect combination of modern architecture and environmental harmony, which was designed by the Architects Emre Arolat and Bünyamin Derman. The extensive use of windows at Dalaman Airport and wide areas are enabling people to stroll around in the terminal aim at ensuring the comfort of the passengers.
In order to overcome the negative aspect of the climate in Dalaman and its vicinity, which gets very hot during summer, a number of adjustable panels preventing sunlight will be installed on the top of the terminal building in addition to the air-conditioning system. In this cooling system, the panels will be adjusted according to the position of the sun to act as a shield against the sun, and by means of the air flow and natural winds between the building and the panels; the terminal will have an ideal cool temperature.
Situated in the middle of the Aegean and Mediterranean, Dalaman bears the characteristics of the both regions and climates. The New International Terminal of Dalaman Airport is projected to combine the modern architecture and natural beauties under one framework and to take the passengers on a small tour in Aegean and Mediterranean by means of indoor gardens located particularly at waiting halls. Thanks to the windows surrounding the building, the sunshine will be by the terminal all day long.
Terminal Features
The Domestic and International Terminals at the current airport in Dalaman cover an area of 35.000 m2. When the Dalaman Airport Project is completed in 2006, the new International Terminal covering an area of 95.000 m2 will be three times bigger than the current terminal. Within the framework of the project, in addition to the International Terminal, an additional apron of 210.000 m2 and a parking lot covering 14.000 m2 with a capacity 950 vehicles, CIP and VIP buildings are being constructed.
When the terminal is started to operate, passenger capacity per annum will rise up to 10.000.000 people. Together with the additional aprons to be constructed, 14 new parking places for airplanes are planned. There are 8 passenger bridges and 6 distant plane passenger boarding gates. By means of the 400 Hz system and PCA system, which are available at the passenger bridges, necessary energy and ventilation, air-conditioning and utility water supplies will be provided.
In the building that is designed as 4-storey, there will be 22 escalators and 21 elevators, which will ensure fast and comfortable connection between the floors. In the new terminal building, the basement and 1st floors are allocated for arriving passengers, while the 2nd and 3rd floors are allocated for departures. At the terminal building, being equipped with high technology, everything is planned for the comfort of passengers.
At the New International Terminal, there will be 60 check-in counters, all of which are designed as CUTE stations, with a capacity of 4000 passengers and 5000 baggage per hour. Besides, necessary infrastructure is being prepared for early check-in of the passengers at their hotels. Therefore passengers will save time for taking the advantages of the services offered to them at the terminal without waiting in long queues.
At the International Terminal of Dalaman Airport, for arriving passengers on the 1st floor, and for departing passengers on the 2nd floor, there are Duty Free Shops, where you can find the famous brands of Turkey and the world, and shopping areas where you can buy products that are unique for Turkey, and entertainment and resting places for a pleasant time. Our passengers will have the chance to taste different dishes from the Turkish and the world cuisine at the restaurants and cafés on the mezzanine floor while watching the take-offs and landings.
Services such as ticket sales, banks and exchange offices, post office, emergency care clinic, baby rooms and children play grounds, pharmacy, newspaper stall, car rent, hotel reservations, florist, checkroom for luggage, restrooms etc. are offered to our passengers and there is necessary guidance for the passengers to ensure practical and fast access to the those services. There are also a small Mosque, Chapel and Synagogue for prayers at Dalaman International Terminal.
Technical Features and Technology
Within the framework of the terminal operation, the passenger and the baggage services, the land-side and air-side security and the financial management are supported by high-tech electronic and automation systems. Terminal operations systems are designed to work within a network as an integrated database. Moreover, the systems that are critical in terms of operation can also function independently.
Some of the technology based systems used at the terminal are as follows:
Automatic Check-in Service: The check-in service is provided by means of 60 check-in counters automatically via DCS software.
Baggage Services: Baggage Handling System allows the baggage to be monitored from the check-in point until they are loaded in the plane and the passenger-baggage reconcelliation is made automatically with the help of Baggage Reconcelliation software.
Flight Info Display System: Flight information including real time take-off and landings together with check-in counters, boarding gates and baggage reclaim belts allocation can be monitored with the help of the FIDS system via the number of monitors placed in many points on the arrival and departure floors of the terminal.
Docking and Guidance System: Docking and Guidance System used to ensure that the plane is safely approached and parked in correct position at the passenger bridges.
Building Management Systems: SCADA, intercom, telephone, building automation system, fire alarm system, and data cable network (internet etc.), automatic air-conditioning and Central Clock system.
Data Transfer Network: Data transfer is performed through a high speed, Ethernet backbone structure, with a structural cable architecture and star topology fiber optic and CAT6 UTP cable network. In order to obtain an uninterrupted high service level in terms of operation, all the information services have redundancy back-ups and they are offered by means of active network systems.
Uninterrupted Power Source and Backup Generators: Inside the terminal there is a unit for number of uninterrupted power sources supporting all the systems. A generator system that is turned on when the network electricity is cut off and provides back up for a 100% of critical operational systems and 50% of illumination and air-conditioning systems.
Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment: Water treatment, solid and sanitary waste treatment facilities are available among the mechanical systems of the building.
Security Systems: For the security of the building, x-ray devices and metal detectors are located at all entrance-exit gates of the terminal and transit points between the units. Furthermore, the passenger baggage are inspected through an in line detection system including a number of x-rays and explosive detecting devices (EDS/EDDS) from the check-in until they reach their plane. At the terminal building, the most advanced technology are used in terms of building and aviation security, all areas are monitored by CCTVs.
The car park are controlled with the help of an automatic tolling system and that region’s security is ensured by the CCTVs located in that area and the security officers.
Shopping Center – The Grand Bazaar at Dalaman Airport
A shopping center covering an area of 5.000 m2 is designed to be built under the New Terminal Building. The shopping center to be constructed at the International Terminal will bear the concept of the Grand Bazaar. The shopping center, where the unique and authentic products of Turkey will be sold at carpet, leather and jewelry shops, will create the Grand Bazaar’s atmosphere at Dalaman Airport with its indoor design as well as the animations to be organized.

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