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Costa Verde (Marina di Arbus)

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Costa Verde (Marina di Arbus)

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The Costa Verde, also known as Marina di Arbus, is located in the Province of Medio Campidano, in the south west of Sardinia, and it extends for about 50 km from Portixeddu and Capo Pecora, in the south, to Capo Frasca, in the north.

Portixeddu (seen from Capo Pecora)

The Costa Verde lies between the Sea of Sardinia and various hills and mountains, and it includes all the coastline of the municipality of Arbus. In the north, the Costa Verde borders the Gulf of Oristano, in the south it reaches the area of Portixeddu, Fluminimaggiore and Buggerru. The Costa Verde includes several breathtaking beaches such as, from south to north, Portixeddu, Capo Pecora, Scivu, Piscinas, Portu Maga, Gutturu e'Flumini, Funtanazza, Babari, Porto Palma, Torre dei Corsari, Pistis and Capo Frasca.

Get in

The beaches of Costa Verde (Marina di Arbus) can be reached by the town of Arbus, where hotels, bed & breakfast, restaurants and shops can be found.

How to reach Arbus:

By train: It is possible to get a train to S. Gavino from any of the main railway stations of Sardinia (such as Cagliari, Oristano, Sassari, Olbia). Get off at S. Gavino. From S.Gavino, take a bus to Arbus.

By bus: If you are travelling from Cagliari, you can take a bus to Arbus. In Cagliari, the bus station is located next to the railway station, in piazza Matteotti (the big square between via Roma and the harbour area). The bus company which gets to Arbus and to the neighbouring cities is called ARST.

By car:

  • If you are travelling from Olbia, take the SS 131 D.C.N., take the SS 131 (heading towards Cagliari) onto the exit Marrubiu-Terralba, then take the SS 126 onto Arbus.
  • If you are travelling from Cagliari, take the way SS 131 (heading toward Sassari) until km 46, then choose the exit Sanluri-Guspini-Arbus. Take the SS 197 (heading towards Guspini). When in Guspini, take the SS 126 to Arbus.
  • If you are travelling from Porto Torres-Alghero, take the SS 131 (heading towards Cagliari) and continue onto the exit Marrubiu-Terralba. Then, take the SS 126 onto Arbus.


Get around

The beaches of the Costa Verde can be all reached from Arbus by car. This is the distance between the beaches and the town of Arbus (the beaches are listed from south to north):

  • Portixeddu and Capo Pecora (33 km from Arbus)
  • Scivu (27 km)
  • Piscinas (22 km)
  • Gutturu Flumini (24 km from)
  • Funtanazza (24 km)
  • Porto Palma (31 km)
  • Torre dei Corsari (33 km)
  • Pistis (41 km)




In Arbus, like in other cities in Sardinia, there is an artisan production of knives. In Arbus you can get the arburesa





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