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Copenhagen/Northern suburbs

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Copenhagen : Northern suburbs
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Copenhagen/Northern suburbs

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The Northern suburbs is a green - upper class - suburban district north of Copenhagen.

NOTE: Locals tend to see this as a string of separate towns, usually called by the name of the nearest S-train station, but there wouldn't be much point in listing each of these separately in a travel guide, as each on it's own has little to offer. Visitors should be aware though, that the suburban nature of this district means that the attractions are far between, and it could take up to an hour in public transportation traveling between Charlottenlund and Farum for instance, the names of the "towns" are listed in italic behind the attractions names.

Get in

There is 20 minute ride with the S-train from Copenhagen central and further on to Hillerød. From central Copenhagen the ticket is 4 zones. During daytime there is approximately a 10-minute frequency in each direction.

The Lyngby-Taarbæk munipality also hosts Dyrehavsbakken. This part of Lyngby is better reached by the S-train to Klampenborg.

Get around

The center of Lyngby is walkable. For a physically fit visitor it is also possible to walk to Frilandsmuseet by following the main street. Alternatively to walk to Sophienholm or Dyrehavsbakken. Though these are several kilometers away, you may walk in green surroundings. It is also possible to travel to these places by bus.

  • Taxi. Taxis are usually lined up at the train station. They are easily available by cell phone.
    • TAXINORD [29], Virum. 45 83 83 83.


house on Frilandsmuseet
  • Ballerup Museum (Ballerup Museum of local History), Pederstrupvej 51, Ballerup (Bus 143 from Ballerup Station to Telegrafvej), +45 44 97 11 13, [1]. Tu-F 10AM-3PM,Su 1PM-4PM. Is actually a small idyllic village outside Ballerup, only made up of a few old thatched roof houses. The museum is housed in 4 of these buildings, with some exhibitions of local history. In another of the old houses Grantoftegård is a ecological farm with a nice restaurant, and a shop with product made on the farm. 30 DKK. (55.734079,12.337984)
  • Brede Værk (Brede Works), I.C. Modewegs Vej, Lyngby (Nærumbanen railway to Brede - interchange with S-trains at Jægersborg Station), +45 33 13 44 11, [2]. Sundays during summer noon-2PM. Guided tours of this complex from industrialization of Denmark. It's a rare display of a preserved full industrial complex from the 18th century, with both the works, homes of workers and leaders, the dining hall, garden and the rich factory owners home to put it all in context. Easily combined with a visit to Frilandsmuseet. 50 DKK. (55.794829,12.499974)
  • Danmarks Akvarium (Denmarks Aquarium), Kavalergården 1, Charlottenlund (Bus 14 from downtown or Svanemøllen Station to Jægersborg Allé), +45 39 62 32 83, [3]. 10AM-5PM. As the name might give away, this place hosts over 300 species of nautical life, in more than 70 aquariums, the largest contains more than 85.000 liters of water. Although hardly impressive if you've been to modern mega size aquariums before, it's really good for kids with touching exhibitions, and educative feeding shows. 100 DKK. (55.748689,12.585134)
  • Frilandsmuseet (Open Air museum), Kongevejen 100, Lyngby (Bus 184 from Lyngby Station to the Frilandsmuseet stop), +45 33 47 38 55, [4]. Tu-Su 10AM-5PM. This open air museum covers a huge green area between Kongevejen and the Mølleå river, in fact it's one of the worlds largest museums in terms of area covered. It houses more than 50 authentic relocated historical farms, houses, and windmills, and sometimes live activities like making butter are performed inside the houses. If your feet gets sore, there are horse drawn carriages to take you around for a fee. Guided tours during Sundays. There are also some good picnic spots and a restaurant. Free. (55.78566,12.489907)
  • Furesø Museums (Furesø Lake museums of local history, Farum), Stavnsholtvej 3 (Walk (10 minutes) from Farum station), +45 72 35 61 00, [5]. Tu-F 11AM-4PM,Su 1PM-4PM. This is a string of 4 museums housed in old historic buildings,3 of them in the small village of Stavsholt. There is one permanent exhibition on Stavnsholtvej 170, which is the immigration museum, showcasing stories about the lives of individual immigrants through the times. The other 3 properties centers around local history, and have shifting art exhibitions as well as local history. Free. (55.815137,12.403012)
  • Gammel Holtegaard, Attemosevej 170, Holte (Bus 193 from Holte Station to Gammel Holtegaard stop), +45 45 80 08 78, [6]. Tu-F 11AM-4PM,Sa-Su 11AM-5PM. Old 18th century palace turned exhibition space, with many good art exhibitions usually on schedule (check their website). Also has a beautiful french inspired baroque garden with arcades, fountains and an embroidery parterre. 60 DKK. (55.828854,12.517188)
  • Lyngby Møllerne (Nordre Mølle, Lyngby), Lyngby Hovedgade 24A (Walk from Lyngby Station), +45 45 88 43 83, [7]. M-Sa 2PM-6PM, except W 4PM-8PM. This is a functioning museum water mill, which also houses Exhibitions about Mølleåen, and the industrial development connected to it. It's a good idea to call ahead, and get a tour since it's openings seems a bit random. Free. (55.773762,12.498847)
  • Ordrupgaard, Vilvordevej 100, Charlottenlund (Bus 388 from Klampenborg station to Ordrupgaard stop), +45 39 64 11 83, [8]. Tu-F 1PM-5PM except W 10AM-6PM,Sa-Su 11AM-5PM. One of Denmark's top art museums, featuring paintings of Monet, Renoir, Dega, Pissarro, Gauguin, Hammershøi, Philipsen, and L.A.Ring. The museum is placed in a nice park, and has recently been extended with a striking building by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. 70 DKK. (55.766902,12.562603)
  • Sophienholm (Lyngby), Nybrovej 401 (Bus 191 from Lyngby Station to Sophienholm stop), +45 45 88 40 07, [9]. Tu-Su 11AM-5PM except W 11AM-8PM. Is an old manor situated with a nice view over the lakes. There is a restaurant, a small art museum and there is a large garden with an outdoor stage. A nice alternative to the directions given above, is to take the baadfarten ferry's during the summer to the museums own pier. Admission to the artmuseum: 45 DKK, garden is free. (55.775433,12.457246)
  • Sorgenfri Palace & Park, Kongevejen 8, Lyngby (Bus 184 from Lyngby Station to Sorgenfri Slot stop.), (), [10]. Always open.. While the inside of this palace and it's inner garden is not open to the public, since it's one of the active royal properties, it still lends grace to the surrounding park, which is quit pleasant, and a good place for a stop if you are touring Mølleåen river. Free. (55.778803,12.497005)

See also Lyngby Turist Information, Lyngby Torv 5, 45 88 66 16, [30].


  • The small river Mølleåen (literally Mill river) runs through the center of Lyngby near the church. It is possible to follow the river on foot from Lyngby all the way to the sea (Øresund) through park and forest. Apart from the park of Sorgenfri Slot (Sorgenfri manor) it is also possible to bike all the way.
  • The lakes (Lyngby sø, Bagsværd sø and Furesø). During summertime there are boats running on the lakes: Baadfarten, Sorgenfrivej 23, [31]. The boats can take you from the center of Lyngby to Sophienholm, Nybro Kro and the hotel at Frederiksdal. Nybro Båd & Kanoudlejning, Nybrovej 384, 45873919/28143919, [32] has row boat, canoe and kayak rental during the summertime. It is possible to sail on the Lyngby and Bagsværd lakes, but if one wants to sail on the Furesø and the Mølleå then the boat has to be carried across roads. A row boat might be too heavy for this.
  • Bellevue Theatre, Strandvejen 451, Klampenborg (Walk 5 minutes from Klampenborg station), +45 39 63 64 00, [11]. Ticket office hours: M-F 3PM-6PM. Stage by the Øresund coast, with a wide range of performances, from international ballet companies over comedy to conventional plays. Lists international performances, relevant for foreign visitors, on the English version of their website. Prices varies, but if you are 4 people under 25, tickets are 60 DKK a piece.. (55.777524,12.590101)
  • Klampenborg Gallopbane.
  • Experimentarium [33] Science center, Tuborg Havnevej 7, Hellerup. tel: +45 39273333. DKK 115, DKK 70 for children.
  • Dyrehaven (Officially Jægersborg Dyrehave and literally in English The Deer Garden). is a forest park north of Copenhagen. It covers around 11 square kilometres. The northern boundary is at Jægersborg Hegn (Forest), which until 1832 was part of Dyrehaven. Eremitageslottet is a small royal hunting castle placed on a hilltop in the northern part of the area. There are several event's taking place here throughout the year, The Hubertus hunt[12] the 1st Sunday of November is a huge sporting event with 100's of "hunters" in red jackets on horseback. While the erimetage running event[13], the largest in the country, takes place on the 1st Sunday of October. There are also sometimes theatrical performances in the Ulvedalene (Valley of wolfs, don't worry they're long gone) - check with a tourist information for details.
  • Dyrehavsbakken [34] (or just Bakken) The worlds oldest running amusement park in the middle of the forest.


  • Bellevue Beach, Strandvejen 340, Klampenborg (Walk 4 minutes from Klampenborg station), +45 39 90 06 95, [14]. Copenhagen's own Copacabana, and probably the country's most famous beach, with half a million visitors per year. Wide (but packed on sunny days) sandy beach and a large grassy area. Toilets, Icecream kiosk, beach volleyball fields, and 3 piers. (55.776308,12.591619)
  • Charlottenlund Fortress. Nice beach near the forest and an old fortress
  • Frederiksdal Fribad, Frederiksdal Badesti 1 (Bus 191 from Lyngby Station to Furesø Parken stop), +45 22 34 71 71, [15]. Is a cozy sand beach near the canoe rental place in Frederiksdal. It's kid friendly with lifeguards keeping watch. There is both shallow water for the kids, and a pier out to the deeper water in the Furesø Lake. Excellent spot for a picnic on the grassy area's and there is also a restaurant and ice cream shop. Free. (55.785002,12.443706)
  • Hellerup Strand.


Main street in Lyngby

Lyngby is probably the main area for shopping for the northern part of Copenhagen.

  • Lyngby Hovedgade the main street of central Lyngby has numerous stores.
  • Lyngby Storcenter [35] the mall
  • Magasin, Lyngby Hovedgade 43, [36], the mall in the Magasin chain just opposite the Lyngby Storcenter.

Both Magasin and Lyngby Storcenter are at the intersection of the streets Lyngby Hovedgade and Klampenborgvej.


  • Bamboo, Lyngby Hovedgade 50. Chinese.
  • Brede Spisehus lies a few kilometers north of central Lyngby in Brede, I.C. Modewegsvej tel: +45 45855457, [37] [38]
  • Den Gule Cottage (Klampenborg), Strandvejen 506, +45 39 64 06 91, [16].
  • Den Røde Cottage (Klampenborg), Strandvejen 550, +45 39 90 46 14, [17].
  • Frilandsmuseets Restaurant, Kongevejen 100, 2800 Lyngby, [39]. The restaurant in connection with the open air museum. Open during the summer (and late spring, early autumn).
  • Lottenborg, Lottenborgvej 14, 2800 Lyngby, [40]. Close to Sorgenfri Slot.
  • Nybro Kro (Lyngby), Nybrovej 376, +45 45 87 01 49, [18].
  • Restaurant Jakobsen, Strandvejen 449, +45 39 63 43 22, [19].
  • Restauranten ved Frederiksdal Fribad (Lyngby), Frederiksdal Badesti 1, +45 45 83 81 85, [20]. 5PM-10PM. A hangout for locals in nice weather, is this restaurant located right next to the lake bath of the same name. While there is a few tables indoors, the real attraction is the outdoor tables by the lake, where you can dine til you drop with food from the barbecue. All you can eat buffet 198 DKK.
  • Rådvad Kro, Svenskevej 52 (Lyngby), +45 45 80 61 62, [21].
  • Søllerød Kro, Søllerødvej 35 (Søllerød), +45 45 80 22 70, [22].
  • Kongekilden, Enghavevej 8, +45 39 63 31 01, [23].


  • Hobitten, Lyngby Hovedgade 50 (In the Nothern part of the main street), 45 93 14 20.
  • Pure Passion, located near the corner of the Main Street and Nørgaardsvej, is a nightclub mainly for younger people, 16-20 years [41].
  • Post Pub, also located near this corner (on the opposite side), provides a place for the older generation to hang out.
  • Usually, in weekends and on thursdays, many events and parties are held various places on the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) campus, located 1.5 km from the city centre.
  • Templet, Jernbanevej [42]. Often live music friday and saturday.


  • Scandic Eremitage hotel, Klampenborgvej, Lyngby Storcenter 62, [43]. Housed in the same building as Lyngby Storcenter and the somewhat smaller
  • Hotel Fortunen Ved Fortunen 33 [44]. A small hotel near the forest (Dyrehaven) with rooms from 425 DKR with shared bathroom.
  • Hotel Postgaarden Gammel Jernbanevej 18-20, [45], with 31 rooms. The key holder is at Post-Pub, Lyngby Hovedgade 78
  • Lyngby-Taarbæk Vandrerhjem Raadvad 1,[46] is a hostel in the middle of the forest and somewhat far from the center of Lyngby.
  • Sinatur Hotel Frederiksdal, Frederiksdalsvej 360, +45 45 85 43 33 (), [27]. Singles from 1095 DKK.

Get out

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