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Copenhagen : Nørrebro
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The beginning of Nørrebrogade at the lakes, during nighttime

Nørrebro is a district in Copenhagen, and the most multicultural part of the city, with a large concentration of middle eastern immigrants - The area around Nørrebrogade, the districts main artery is sometimes known as "little Arabia", unfortunately instead of being considering a strength and a tourist attraction, as is the case in many North American cities, this term has racist undertones - regardless of this, it makes for a lively excursion, with many clothing, jewelry, grocery and greengrocery stores caring arabian signs and products - not to forget the multitude of cheap Shawarma places offering a cheap bite of middle eastern cousine. The Muslim attitude to alcohol aside, the multiculturalism is very visible, in that the nightlife here is very vibrant - especially the southern part of the district near the Lakes, around Sankt Hans torv.

The northwestern part of the district across the S-train tracks, sometimes known as Ydre (outer) Nørrebro , but more often simply referred to as North West, is one of - probably even the - last bastion of working class Copenhageners, don't expect much in the way of sights, fancy cafe's, stores or anything like it here, but if nothing else it offers a peak into what that might entail, in one of the richest and most equal societies in the world. Two of the cheapest accommodation options of Copenhagen are located here

Get in

By train

While a metro line is on the drawing board, for the moment Nørrebro is poorly served by rail. The S-train system's ring line F runs along the northern border of the district, with two stops Bispebjerg which is not really interesting attraction wise, and the districts namesake station Nørrebro which lies at the northern end of Nørrebrogade. The most common option is to take the train or Metro to Nørreport station, and walk from there, or catch one of the frequent bus lines running along Nørrebrogade.

By bus

  • 3A Sets of at Nordhavn Station on Østerbro and enter Nørrebro on Tagensvej with stops at Sankt Hans Torv, Nørrebrogade and Stengade. From there it continues across to Frederiksberg, doing a loop around the center, before terminating in Sydhavnen.
  • 4A Also does a half loop around the city center, serving the northern part of Nørrebro with serveral stops, from it's northern terminus at Svannemøllen station. The most important stops being Nørrebro station and Lundtoftegade, before it too crosses Åboulevarden and enters Frederiksberg. It continues it's loop all the way to Amager
  • 5A If your accomodation is on Nørrebro, this line is the best option, as it set's out from the Airport, and runs through the Inner City, stopping at Nørreport station for interchange with the Metro and S-Train lines. It continues through the length of Nørrebrogade, with stops at Elmegade (for shopping), Nørrebro's runddel square, Nørrebro Station (For interchange with S-train line F, and Bellahøj (for the Camping and Youth hostel accommodation), and terminates at Husum torv in the northern suburbs.
  • 6A Has very little use for tourists, it runs between Rødovre and Emdrup through the inner city, with stops at Tagensvej and Bispebjerg station on Nørrebro.
  • 350S Is an express line running between Ballerup in the northern suburbs, and the lovely village of Dragør on Amager. It's one of the two buslines serving the length of Nørrebrogade, with the same major stops as line 5A


Nørrebro lies a within a manageable walking distance from Nørreport station, and the northern entry point to Strøget. Walk in North-eastern direction down Frederiksborggade, until you reach the bridge across the lakes, once you've passed it, you're on Nørrebro.

Get around

Most of the interesting places on Nørrebro are concentrated southern part of the district, nearest to the city center, so it's easy to get around to the various sights on foot, or even better, on bike as the locals do. Bus lines 5A and 350S runs the length of Nørrebrogade, the major artery, if your feet gives up on you.


Søren Kierkegaard grave
  • Airplay Street gallery, Ravnsborggade 21 (Corner of Sct Hans Gade and Ravnsborggade), [1]. 5PM-10PM. Deceivingly camouflaged as a Basketball court (which it also is), but if you look closely there is a huge projector, displaying photography as well as digital and video art, on the face opposite building. Check their website for schedules. Free.
  • Herman Stilling Museum, Kapelvej 2, +45 33 12 18 69, [2]. Sa-Su 2PM-5PM. Herman Stilling was a Danish author and painter (1925-1996), who lived most of his life on Nørrebro. In 2003 a small museum was opened in the old stables by Assistentens cemetery, with many of his paintings of trolls and gnomes. 20 DKK.
  • Assistens Cemetery (Located between Nørrebrogade, Jagtvej and Kaptelvej.), Kapelvej 4, +45 35 37 19 17, [3]. 8AM-8PM. Is both a cemetery and park. The A-section has big trees, bicycle paths and historical graves, many of famous Danes such as Kierkegaard, H. C. Andersen, and Scherfig. The place has very special atmosphere, in that it also doubles as a park, so you can see people having picnic or tanning in the sun, between the tombstones. Free.
  • Barbie Doll Museum, Borups Allé 180, [4]. M-F 10AM-3PM,Sa-Su 10AM-2PM. Insanely large, private collection, of Barbie dolls from 1959 and on. The museum is only open by appointment with the owner, Lene Darlie Pedersen, who will also act as a guide. For appointment, call +45 38 10 30 23 25 DKK.
  • Grundtvigskirken, På Bjerget 14 B, +45 35 81 54 42, [5]. M-Sa 9AM-4PM,Su noon-4PM. Is a huge brickwork church at Bispebjerg, designed by Peder Klint and finished by his son, famous architect Kaare Klint. It's a peculiar mix of a traditional Danish village church, and bombastic Gothic style. Free.
  • Politihistorisk museum (Museum of police history), Fælledvej 20, +45 35 36 88 88, [6]. Tu,Th & Su:11AM-4PM. housed next to a prison, in an old police station. This museum has exhibitions portraying both cunning criminal cases, and witty police work, including artifacts from the cases displayed. 25 DKK.
  • VerdensKulturCenteret (The World cultural center), Nørre Allé 7, [7]. M-F:8AM-10PM. Run by the municipal administration, this is house is fittingly located in the most ethnic diverse district of Copenhagen. Houses festivals, lectures, art exhibitions, concerts and film screenings, organized by various ethnic minority associations in the city. Also has a cheap cafe, with a single daily dish of the day (lunch: 45 DKK and dinner: 65 DKK) Free.


Station is a local cultural stage and exhibition center
Utterslev Mose
  • Kaleidoskop - K1, Nørrebrogade 37, +45 70 26 53 02, [8]. Ticket sales:noon-4PM. Kaleidoskop is stage for modern and experimenting theater performances in the heart of Nørrebro, and has been running for 15 years. 30-165 DKK.
  • Nørrebro Theater, Ravnsborggade 3, +45 35 200 900, [9]. Ticket sales:6AM-6PM. Theatre on Nørrebro, with a focus on being the peoples theater, with down to earth plays, often edging over into Comedy. Mostly spoken, Danish performances, so probably best suited for Scandinavians. 150-350 DKK.
  • Litteraturhaus (The house of litterature), Møllegade 7, [10]. Housed in a former church, this is Denmark’s first live venue for literature. Here audiences can experience readings by national and international writers, participate in discussions, or participate in events cent red on music, film and other art forms or on their cross-fertilisation with literature.
  • Empire Bio, Guldbergsgade 29 F, +45 35 36 00 36, [11]. noon-last show. Independent Cinema, which is often described as the best in Copenhagen, despite - or because of - it's modest size. Balances between independent productions and mainstream movies. As is the case with all Danish cinemas, international movies are shown in their original language. from 50 DKK.
  • Folkets Hus (House of the People), Stengade 50, [12]. Along with the newly renovated park in front of the house, the place is a product of the squatting movement from the 80s, and still carries some of the spirit of the old days. Go here for a cup of coffee, discussions, lectures, concerts or parties with left-wing peers. Or simply ooze or have a barbecue in the nice park in front of the house.
  • Grøndal centeret, Hvidkildevej 64, +45 38 34 11 09, [13]. from 6.45AM-midnight. Grøndalscentret is a huge indoor sports complex, one of the largest in Northern Europe. Go for a good game of squash or bowling, do some swings in the gulf simulator or at the fencing operator, or a work out in the fitness center. And wind down in the cafe after wards. It's quite close to the Youth Hostel and Camping grounds. Varies.
  • Station, Lygten 2, +45 33 55 66 77, [14]. Opening hours varies. Cultural house and concert venue in a beautiful old disused station building, right by Nørrebro station. The area outdoors has tables and serves beer in the summer, inside there's a stage. Hosts art exhibitions, concerts (jazz and rock), film screenings etc. according to the program posted on their website. Usually free.
  • Ungdomshuset Dortheavej, Dortheavej 69, [15]. When authorities decided to clear out Ungdomshuset on Nørrebro, it ended up in an Orwellian nightmare, with widespread riots that trashed the whole neighborhood. The movement behind the old house, is rebuilding and relocating to Nord-Vest. The house is home for the far left, anarchist, and punk movements of Copenhagen. Hosts concerts, parties, open kitchens, Yoya classes etc. Also has a bar, workshops, etc.
  • Go for a walk in Utterslev Mose, 2 square kilometers, of lakes, grass, bicycle lanes, walking paths, and streams.


Ravnsborggade and Elmegade are two side streets to Nørrebro's main artery, Nørrebrograde, and they are packed with small, interesting, stores. Start here at lunch, and grab a bite in one of the many small places dotted around the neighborhood, offering cheap, quality food. Do your shopping, and finish the day of with a celebratory drink, on - or around - Sankt Hans Torv, with it's excellent nightlife options (check the drink listings below) - just don't get so carried away you that you leave your shopping bags behind. Amazingly, it's all within a 500 meter radius.


Is the 2nd street on your right, after you cross the lakes from the downtown area. It's mostly famous for it's large number of Antique stores, covering every price range, and which in the summer months expand their stores out on the sidewalk. But it also has a fair amount if small and interesting fashion stores to breeze through - many of these are the fashion designers own stores. The streets commercial association runs it's own website[55], and also arranges flea markets serveral times a year (dates are posted on the website). Please note that only stores with their own websites are listed here, in order of street numbers - there are many more options to choose from, including on the side streets where Antik Hallen (The Antique hall) on Sortedams Dossering by the lakes deserves a special mention.

One of the many antique stores on Ravnsborggade
  • 66°North Iceland (Fashion), Ravnsborg Tværgade 3B, [16]. Tu-Th 11AM-5.30PM,F 11AM-6PM,Sa 10AM-2PM. This store run by an Icelandic company, sell's high performance adventure clothing, mainly for cold conditions, and has both a men's and a ladies section.
  • Strand Galleriet (Gallery), Ravnsborggade 5, +45 20 55 58 06, [17]. Th-Sa 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-3PM. A nice little gallery run by a couple from Western Jutland, hence the rather odd name (The Beach Gallery). Nice attitudes, and friendly staff - let's locals borrow paintings home, and see if it fits with their home.
  • Bau Antiques, Ravnsborggade 5B, +45 35 35 92 13, [18]. M-F 11AM-5.50PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. Mainly sells smaller items, like lamps, glass and porcelain, but also has a few furniture items.
  • Nees + Schelde (Shoes), Ravnsborggade 6, +45 35 36 11 00, [19]. M-F 11AM-5.30PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. Equips girls with their 2nd best friend (after the diamonds) - shoes, hand picked and imported by the owners from Spain, France and Italy.
  • Antikviteter & Kuriosa (Antiques), Ravnsborggade 10, +45 35 36 62 56, [20]. M-Th 10AM-3PM,F 10AM-6PM,Sa 10AM-2PM. With 45 years in the business, this guy seems to be knowing what he's doing, and his specialty is brass.
  • Veirhanen (Antiques), Ravnsborggade 12, +45 35 35 31 42, [21]. hours pending research. This store has a large catalog and a well developed website - with most of the items for sale posted online.
  • Kim Antons & Co Antique, Ravnsborggade 14A, +45 35 37 06 24, [22]. M-F 09.30AM-5.30PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. One of the more exclusive stores, dealing primarily with furniture's from the 19th century, and prices mostly going from 5000 DKK and up (way up)
  • ABC Antiques, Ravnsborggade 15, +45 35 37 01 58, [23]. M-F 11AM-5.30PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. This is one of the more cozy stores on the street, with wide variety from furniture to decor, and pieces going all the way between 18th century and modern classics time wise.
  • Phenix Antiques, Ravnsborggade 16A, +45 35 37 55 33, [24]. M-F 11AM-5.30PM Sa 10AM-1PM. Is another Antique store, nicely laid out, with a large section in the basement with Ikea like room sections in the basement.
  • Bungalow (Textiles), Ravnsborggade 17, +45 35 85 40 65, [25]. Tu-F 11AM-5PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. The Bungalow store has a large collection of home decor and textiles imported directly from India by the owner, but also sells other textiles in a wide variety of patterns and colors.
  • Diamonds & Pearls, Ravnsborggade 17, +45 35 39 00 89, [26]. hours pending research. Large selection of both antique, modern and second hand jewelry, a really competent staff, and some very unique pieces around.
  • Riktigt (Fashion), Ravnsborggade 17C, +45 35 36 18 13, [27]. M-F 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-3PM. A cozy small woman's fashion store, with the line by the same name as the boutique being hand made in a small room in the back of the store, by owner and designer Rikke Refsbæk.
  • Stig P (Fashion), Ravnsborggade 18, +45 35 35 75 00, [28]. M-Th 11AM-6PM,F 11AM-7PM,Sa 10AM-4PM.
  • Ingerslev Antiques, Ravnsborggade 22, +45 35 37 88 89, [29]. M-F 11.30AM-5.30PM,Sa 11.30AM-3PM.
  • Birte Magnussen Antiques, Ravnsborggade 22, +45 35 24 16 30, [30]. hours pending research.



Two streets further up Nørrebrogade, on the same side as Ravnsborggade, is Elmegade. This small street has many small and interesting fashion stores, and many options for quality take away, or a quick bite of sushi, organic bread, bagels or good sandwiches. Again only shops with a web presence are listed here.

Store signs on Elmegade
  • Fünf, Elmegade 2, +45 35 37 13 80, [31]. M-F 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-4PM.
  • Goggle, Elmegade 3, +45 35 37 50 49, [32]. M-Th 11AM-6PM,F 11AM-7PM,Sa 11AM-4PM.
  • Carhartt, Elmegade 13, [33]. M-Th 11AM-6PM,F 11AM-7PM,Sa 10AM-4PM.
  • Iloveilove, Elmegade 13, +45 35 37 87 01, [34]. M-Th 11AM-6PM,F 11AM-7PM,Sa 10AM-4PM.
  • Hooha, Elmegade 14, +45 35 37 60 37, [35]. M-Th 11AM-6PM,F 11AM-7PM,Sa 11AM-3PM.
  • Juice, Elmegade 17, +45 35 35 15 58, [36]. M-F 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-3PM.
  • Elme Børn, Elmegade 21, +45 35 35 60 65, [37]. M-Th 11AM-5.30PM,F 11AM-6PM,Sa 10AM-2PM.
  • Bark, Elmegade 26, [38]. Bark closed? research pending



Nørrebrogade is the schawarma street of Copenhagen with a large number of small restaurants competing on especially schawarmas. They start at DKK 15 for a small schawarma in a pita and DKK 20 for a large one in a home-made wrap.

  • Ayuttaya Griffenfedsgade 39, tel +45 35373868 [56] Thai food, menus at DKK 135. Open Tu-Sa noon-11pm, Su 5pm-11pm (Kitchen closes at 10 pm).
  • Cafe Escobar [57], Blågårdsgade 29A, 35399606, relaxed atmosphere, soups and snacks DKK 50, mains DKK 85. Good beer and cocktails. Free open wireless internet.
  • Café Lygten, Lygten 29, +45 35 81 88 90. 11AM-18PM. A really old school Danish working class cafe, as authentic as it get's. with the traditional danish food Smørrebrød (open faced rye bread sandwiches) on the menu. The outdoor garden area is a really cozy place to hang out in the summer, for feasting on another traditional Danish eat; røgede sild (smoked herring) and cold beers on the benches. Although the audience here will probably give any foreigners here a puzzled look, and very atypical of Denmark, don't expect anyone to speak English.
Blågårds Plads
  • Floras Kaffebar. Blågårdsgade 27, tel:35390018, Good coffee and food.
  • Kashmir. Indian restaurant. Nørrebrogade 35, tel: +45 35375471.
  • Lá Lúa, Frederikssundsvej 32, +45 38 19 63 63, [39]. 4PM-11PM. Cheap Vietnamese restaurant, surprisingly good food considering the location and the price, but the environs are definitely non pretentious. Mains from 90 DKK.
  • Den Persiske Stue, Nørrebrogade 102, +45 35353572. Small and simple, cosy restaurant with persian/turkist food. 3 course meal for DKK 89.


  • Bodega.
  • Front Page [58], Sortedam Dossering 21, tel: 35373829. Nice restaurant and separate cafe at the lakes. Has a non-smoking room. 2 course menu 200 DKK.
  • Tribeca NV, Bygmestervej 2, + 45 35 85 10 50, [40]. 11:30AM-11PM. This place is in a old 30'ties factory, and does a fairly good job combining a raw New York style loft - in the spirit of the neighborhood, with an Italian tratoria. And the food is excellent. Mains: 169 DKK.



  • Apparatet.
  • Blågårds Apotek [59] Blågårds Plads 2, +45 35372442, open 12-02 (winter 15-02). Good atmosphere and beer. Live music Th-Sa.
  • Nørrebro Bryghus [60], Ryesgade 3, TEl: +45 33300530. Brewpub and restaurant. Open Mo-we: 11am-12am, th-sa: 11am-2am, su 11am-10pm.
  • Saxons.
  • Gilt, Rantzausgade 39, [41]. Tu 6PM-noon,W-Sa 6PM-2AM. A bit far away from anything else, this is a good cocktail bar in unlikely surroundings. For Copenhagen the coctails here are reasonbly priced, and the servings are quite big.

Clubs & Venues

  • GlobalCPH

Sankt Hans Torv nightlife

Sankt Hans square

Sankt Hans Torv is a square in the southern part of Nørrebro, the square itself, and the surrounding streets, is packed with fantastic bars and clubs - many locals go here to drink, and the close proximity of the bars make it a perfect place for a pub crawl, where you can breeze through the bars drink by drink, till you end up at a place you really enjoy. When it's warm Pussy Galore, Café Sebastopol and Plenum has very popular outdoor seating on the square. If you're cheap, just grab a beer in the 7-11 store on the corner, and hang out with the "poor" students by the fountain.

  • Barcelona, Fælledvej 21, +45 35 35 76 11, [42]. M-W 3PM-02AM Th 3PM 4AM F-Sa 11AM-4AM. A large bar with a dancefloor, which also doubles as a restaurant during the day. It's very popular and get's crowded in the weekends - when the DJ starts spinning records around midnight.
  • Cafeen Funke, Blegdamsvej 2, +45 35 35 17 32. Su-W 2PM-2AM Th-Sa 2PM-5AM. The rather odd name, comes from a pun in Danish, translating into something like "Will the cafe work?". It's a cheap place, popular with the alternative crowd, and more of bar than a cafe. Sometimes there are live performances.
  • Cafe Osbourne, Elmegade 23, +45 35 39 99 17. Su-Th 4PM-2AM,F 4PM-3AM,Sa 2PM-3AM. Are you favourite premier league club playing? this is your place then. Unpretentous to the extreme, and a few expat regulars who come her for a beer, chat and watching football.
  • Cafe Sebastopol, Sankt Hans Torv 32, +45 35 36 30 02, [43]. M-W 8AM-1AM,Th-F 8AM-1AM, Sa 9AM-2AM,Su 9AM-1AM. Huge café, with a large outdoor serving area, that get's very busy during sunshine - also serves decent food, so it's a good place for brunch if the weather is good. Brunch from 78 DKK, Mains from 128 DKK.
  • Mexi bar, Elmegade 27, +45 35 37 77 66. M-Th 7PM-2AM,F-Sa 7PM-3AM. Tequilas anyone? what other place to "get things moving", than probably the only Mexican themed bar in the city, on the corner of Elmegade and the square. It's quite cheap too.
  • Oak room, Birkegade 10, +45 36 60 38 60, [44]. Tu 7PM-midnight,W-Th 7PM-2AM,F-Sa 7PM-3AM. If you're up for some cocktails, head north past Rust, and into this place in the basement. It's often really crammed, but take it as a sign that the cocktails here are good. Although there are a few misses on the drinks menu.
  • Gefährlich, Fælledvej 7, +45 35 24 13 24, [45]. Tu 5PM-1AM,W-Th 5PM-3AM F-Sa 5PM-4.30AM. A seemingly odd mix of restaurant, cocktail bar, nightclub, hairdresser and art gallery, but it works surprisingly well. DJ starts spinning records for the crowd on the dance floor around 11PM Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Plenum, Skt Hans Torv 3, +45 35 37 02 77, [46]. M-Th 10AM-midnight,F-Sa 10AM-2AM,Su 10AM-10PM. Play it cool with the fashionable Danish students, from the medical faculty of the university. Outdoor seating on the sidewalk opposite the square, and good cakes!
  • Pussy Galore's Flying Circus, Sankt Hans Torv 30, +45 35 24 53 00, [47]. M-F 8AM-2AM,Sa-Su 9AM-2AM.
  • Temple Bar, Nørrebrogade 48, +45 35 37 44 14. Su-W 1PM-1AM,Th 1PM-3AM,F-Sa 1PM-5AM.
  • Understellet, Nørrebrogade 24. Open to 5AM. Fancy a round of pool? this place is a a bit worn down, but not only have two (worn out) pool tables and a game of fussball. It's also cheap, with beers going over the desk for 25 DKK.
  • Ølbaren, Elmegade 2, 45 35 35 45 34, [48]. M 9PM-1AM,Tu-Sa 4PM-1AM. This is a small place, with one of city's largest selections of beers. The menu is huge and very explanatory, and if you're still lost - the clever staff will be able to sort you out. Crammed on weekends.

Clubs & Venues

If you get tired of drinking, and want to burn out some calories on a dance floor, head for these two clubs. That also has frequent live acts on their stages.

  • Stengade 30.
  • Rust.



  • Bellahøj Camping, Hvidkildevej 66, +45 38 10 11 50, [49]. checkin: 24 hour reception. As cheap as it gets, and as close as it gets to the city center for camping. The camping ground has a small shop, and rents out bikes for 65 DKK/day. Only open in summer (July 1st-August 31st). 65 DKK per person.
  • Bellahøj Youth Hostel, Herbergvejen 8, [50]. checkin: 2PM-5PM; checkout: 10AM. Nice clean hostel, with shared kitchen, TV lounge,laundry facilities and a Foosball table available. The outdoor garden area is really nice, with barbecue, a mega size chess game, and benches available. Strict enforcement of no-alcohol policy though. 140 DKK for HI Hostel members.
  • Sleep-in Green [61], Ravnsborggade 18,tel: +45 35377777. Open from may to the end of October.
  • Sleep in Heaven Hostel Struenseegade 7 tel: +45 35354648. [62] with beds starting from 130 DKK in dorms, right around the corner from Tjili Pop - a local jazz bar. Extremely spartan conditions! email:[email protected], €17.47


  • Leda Hotel, Svanevej 6, +45 35 83 12 22, [51]. A 44 room hotel on a sidestreet to Frederikssundsvej, close to Nørrebro station, run by 3 very dedicated girls. Decorated as a traditional danish Inn. Rooms from 950 DKK.


Contact information is currently not entered.


  • Bispebjerg Hospital, Bispebjerg Bakke 23, +45 35 31 35 31 (), [52]. This hospital is the main ER, for patients from the Nørrebro and Østerbro districts.
  • The Laundromat Cafe, Elmegade 15, +45 35 35 26 72, [53]. Su-Th:8AM-midnight,F-Sa:10AM-2AM. Nothing short of a match made in heaven for any traveler, this is a combined bar/cafe and coin laundry, where you can wash your rags, drink a coffee or cold beer, and read in one of the numerous books, while you are waiting for you laundry to finish. 32 DKK for laundry including detergent.
  • Sjællandsgade Badeanstalt, Sjællandsgade 12A, +45 35 39 06 06, [54]. M:7AM-1PM,Tu-F:9AM-6PM,Sa:8AM-3PM. Communal bath and spa. Get a shower for DKK 15.

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