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*<do name="The Operahouse" alt="" address="Ekvipagemestervej 10" directions="" phone="+45 33 69 69 33" url="" hours="5PM-last show" price="Price varies." lat="" long="">Opened in 2005 in a striking building overlooking the harbor, designed by world renowned architect Henning Larsen. Mainly hosts Opera's, but occasionally shows contemporary music concerts, and plays. For Opera's there are always 25 tickets reserved for selling on the day.</do>
*<do name="The Operahouse" alt="" address="Ekvipagemestervej 10" directions="" phone="+45 33 69 69 33" url="" hours="5PM-last show" price="Price varies." lat="" long="">Opened in 2005 in a striking building overlooking the harbor, designed by world renowned architect Henning Larsen. Mainly hosts Opera's, but occasionally shows contemporary music concerts, and plays. For Opera's there are always 25 tickets reserved for selling on the day.</do>
*<do name="Kajakole" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></do>

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Christianshavn is a district east of the inner city of Copenhagen. Once a working-class neighbourhood, today Christianshavn is a trendy part of the city with its own unique identity. people from all walks of life, live side-by-side among cool cafes, old school bodegas, fancy restaurants and charming 19-century houses along picturesque canals. Further north, Holmen is an old naval area, that has seen a dramatic change in the past few years, with the old buildings being updated for residence, along with new dramatic architecture - fittingly a new home of the royal Danish school of architecture.


Christianshavn is an artificial island, erected in the swampy area between what is now the Inner city and the island of Amager, by King Christian the 4th, as a grand unification of his mad dash of construction projects, and his ambitions to develop Denmark into a major Naval power.

The district was build as part of the southern fortification of Copenhagen in the early 17th century. It was designed in the image of Amsterdam, with a canal cutting straight through the center - from this point Danish merchants were to expand trade over the seven seas, a heritage that is still very visible today, with the forest of masts from the sailing ships docked along the canal, and the century old watering holes of sailors still handing out beers and snaps to thirsty passers by.

In the early days Christianshavn was an independent city, until it was swallowed by the rapidly expanding capital, but to this day retains a unique atmosphere - and the people refer to themselves at Christianhavners first, and then as Copenhageners. In many ways Christianshavn is still a small town in a big city. Diversity is thriving here, and the distict has managed to embrace people from all walks of life; from the alcoholic sipping beer at the corner, to the marketing yuppie, and form it's own special identity stemming from this diversity.

Get in

Map of Christianshavn

Christianshavn and the sub district of Holmen, is a peninsula stretching out north through the old fortifications - because of this it's surrouned by water, and only access is across the Knippelsbro bridge, and the dam to Amager. It is entirely located within Zone 1 of the common ticketing system of the Metro, trains and busses.


Christianshavn is only a pleasurable 10 minute walk from Strøget on Amagertorv, past the parliament, and over the Knippelsbro bridge.

By Bus

The backbone of bus transport in central Copenhagen are the A buses operated by Movia [36], which run every few minutes throughout the day. The S Buses are express buses that operate on longer lines, with fewer stops. Christianshavn's Square is the major stop, with stops by 3 different buslines, and interchange to the Metro.

  • 2A Starts at the Tingbjerg distict in the North Western part of Copenhagen, and runs through downtown, with stops at Rådhuspladen (the central square) and the central station, before it crosses the habour, and runs through Christianshavn on Torvegade, with stops at Asiatisk Plads (Ministry of foreign affairs) and the Metro station on Christianshavn Square. It terminates at Kastrup metro station on Amager.
  • 350S Begins it's journey in the suburb of Herlev, north west of Copenhagen. And runs through the inner city with stops on Nørreport station and Kongens Nytorv square, before it crosses Knippelsbro bridge, and stops at Christianshavn Square. It continues onwards to Amager, and terminates in picturesque Dragør south of the Airport.

By Metro

The M1 or M2 metro lines stop at Christianshavn, located in the center of the district at Christianshavn Square. Interchange between the S-train system, and the metro is provided at Nørreport station.

By Boat

The water busses (Bus 901 and 902) have to stops on Holmen (Holmen nord and Opera). The water busses only sail in the summer. You can sail in your own boat to Lynetten Marina.

The Canal-Tour Waterbus have several stops on holmen [37].

Get around

By bus

Bus line 66 is Christianshavn's only bus line, it's enters Christianshavn over the Knippels bridge, from the city centre, and turns north at Christianshavns square, along Prinsessegade - where it stops at Vor Frelsers church, and Christianias main entrance, from where it continues on the bridge across to Holmen and terminates at the Opera house.

By bike

Christiania's small quite streets are excellent for sightseeing on a bike, and the free citybike system covers the entire district, there are stalls at Christianshavn torv, Asiatisk Plads (near the ministry of foreign affairs), Church of our saviour, at the main entrance to Christiania, and the central square of Holmen.


Freetown of Christiania

A view over the fortification canal running through Christiania

Christiana is a self-governing "free town" established in 1971, a city within the city, on the site of a military barracks as an alternative to mainstream culture. The government has recently cracked down on long-standing activities such as the open use of soft drugs (hard drugs, firearms, and automobiles are among the items prohibited though). Nonetheless it's quite safe and popular as a tourist site. Keep in mind that it's a residential area, not commercial. Photography of the central "Pusher Street" will not be tolerated by the dealers.


Christiania is something of a powerhouse in Copenhagen's cultural life, especially on the alternative scene, and there will almost always be something going on, in one of the many club and venues dotted around the central part near Pusher street, or the open air scene on Café Nemoland (listed under drink)

  • Christiania Jazzclub, (), [1]. W&F:9PM-late. This Jazz club, housed in Christiania's childrens theatre, has an amazing atmosphere - and often you can go to stage and jam away at the late hours of the night.
  • Den grå hal (They gray hall). Den grå hal is something of an authority on the Danish music scene, and despite it's somewhat modest appearance , has hosted some of the biggest stars in music, like Metallica and Rage Against the Machine. But there is often something else than music going on here, like markets or theatre. Price varies.
  • Loppen, Sydområdet 4B, +45 32 57 84 22 (), [2]. Is a cool rock club in Christiania where various alternative bands play live.
  • The Opera, Gaden, +45 32 57 29 09, [3]. The Opera on Christiania (not to be mistaken by the more conventional Operahouse nearby, is combined music venue and eatery, with a wide variety of bands playing. Hosts an awesome blues night on Sundays, and doubles as a watering hole.


Christiania offers some truly unique shopping, apart from it's (in)famous major export item; Cannabis. If you want to bring home a really unique souvenir from Copenhagen, there are a bunch of interesting options here. In addition to stores listed below, there is also a Bazaar at the entrance to Pusher street where you can buy everything from Cannabis posters, to bongs and Jamaican clothing.

Despite the police best efforts to shut down the Cannabis trade here, the selling is still going on - relatively openly. But potential buyers should be aware, that police occasionally patrols the area, and you could potentially be fined if you are caught possessing hashish. Guests should also take note that harder drugs are frowned upon on Christiania, and no attempts should be made buying, or even asking for harder drugs.

  • CA Butikken (The Christiania store), (Corner of Prinsessegade & Bådmandsstræde), [4]. F-Su:noon-5PM. Sells handicrafts, clothing and Christiania merchandice. And also doubles as an information point and café.
  • Christiania Bikes, Mælkevejen 83A, +45 32 54 87 48, [5]. M-F:9AM-5PM,Sa:10AM-2PM. Produces some unique handcrafted bikes, their signature bike - famous throughout Denmark, has a boot in the front for goods, kids or groceries.
  • Indkøbscentralen, +45 32 96 15 51, [6]. 8AM-8PM, Tu:noon-8PM. This store sells mostly organic groceries, some produced locally in Christiania, e.g. organic cosmetics
  • Qsmedien (The woman ironworks), Mælkevejen 83 E, +45 32 57 76 58, [7]. M-F:9AM-5PM,Sa:11AM-3PM. Is an iron workshop run by 3 women, mostly selling creative interior decorations and furnitures cast of iron and glass.
  • Tata shoes, Langgaden, +45 41 60 11 13, [8]. M-F:10AM-5PM,Sa:noon-3PM. Is a christiania outfit that makes handcrafted orthopaedic shoes, uniquely made for measure. 1300-2000 EUR.


  • Månefiskeren (Moonfisher), (Just behind Pusher street in Christiania), +45 3257 1456, [9]. 10.00 - 24.00. Relaxed café with room for both Christianites and people just dropping by for a cup of coffee, a game of Table football or billiards. Has some excellent sandwiches too, but doesn't serve alcohol.
  • Morgenstedet, Fabriksområdet 134, [10]. Tu-Su:noon -9OPM. Morgenstedet is a vegetarian eatery, the food here is made from the ecological and fresh vegetables from a Danish farm. mains: from 70DKK.
  • Spiseloppen, +45 32 57 95 58, [11]. Tu-Su:5PM- 10PM. Is nice restaurant where the menu changes daily, and according to what fresh foods are available during the different seasons. There is always a fish and a vegetarian dish on the menu. Mains from 165 DKK.
  • Sunshine Bakery, Pusher street. 24H. Bread and cakes and sandwiches, coffee, tea, dairy products, soft drinks, cigarettes etc., both for take away, or enjoying at the outdoor benches in front of the bakery.


  • Café Nemoland, Fabriksområde 52 (by the end of Pusher street), +45 3295 8931, [12]. 10.00 - 02.00 (Weekends until 3.00). This lovely place is part outdoor beer garden, part concert venue, part indoor café. Creative decoration, and the most varied crowd you are likely to see anywhere in Copenhagen.
  • Woodstock, Pusher Street. 9AM-05AM. A Public house with occasional live music. Breakfast, sandwiches, beer, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea.

Christianshavn's main attraction, is actually Christianshavn itself. It bears some resemblance to Amsterdam, with it's quite streets branching out from the main canal, flanked by old houses, in bright colours, some dating back to 18th century. And the green oasis, of free town Christiania, with it's creative home build houses.

  • Christiania See infobox on the right
  • Dansk Arkitektur Center (Danish Architecture Centre), Strandgade 27B, +45 3257 1930 (), [13]. M-Su:10AM-5PM,W:-9PM. Each year, 5-10 exhibitions on Danish and foreign architecture can been seen here. Conferences, lectures and guided tours are held in connection with exhibitions 40DKK.
  • The Royal Danish Naval Museum [38], Overgaden oven Vandet 58, +45 32546363. Has a collection of model ships, started in 1670. Information about naval battles, cannon, uniforms, and handguns. Open 2-4 pm, closed Mondays.
  • Lille Mølle, Christianshavns Voldgade 54 (Close to Vor Frelsers church), [14]. June, July, August, and september: tours at 1, 2, and 3 pm,. A small gem worth 45 minutes of your time. It is the base of an 1783 windmill on the inside of the old defense lines. In 1916 it was bought by a young engineer who made it a home for him and his wife, who lived there until 1974. Now it is a museum, nothing is changed since 1974. DKK 50, free for under 18's, buy the ticket the same day in next door cafe Bastion og Løven.
  • Nordatlantens brygge, Strandgade 91, +45 32 83 37 00 (), [15]. M-F:10AM-5PM,Sa-Su:noon-5PM. Nordatlantens Brygge is a cultural house where you can experience culture and arts from the North Atlantic region. Housed in an old dock building, there are 3 exhibition halls with changing exhibitions, performances and lectures. 40 DKK.
  • Overgaden, institut for samtidskunst (Institute for contemporary art), Overgaden Neden Vandet 17, +45 32 57 72 73 (), [16]. Tu-Su:1PM-5PM,Th:1PM-8PM. Established in 1986 by a group of local artists, Overgaden has for more than two decades been among the leading non-profit exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Copenhagen. Free.


  • Christianshavns bådudlejning of café (Christianshavn boatrental and cafe), Overgaden neden Vandet 29, +45 32 96 53 53 (), [17]. Interesting mix of a café on a floating dock in the canal, that also rents out rowing boats for sailing in the canals of Christianshavn. Also sells picnic baskets for the boats. 80 DKK/hour.
  • Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of our saviour), Sankt Annæ Gade 29, +45 32 54 68 83 (), [18]. Closed till April 2009 due to major renovations. Climb the 400 steps to the top of the spire of the church for panoramic views of Copenhagen. The last steps are on the outside of the spire. Rumor has it that that the designer throw himself out the tower, when he discovered the rotation of the stairs was the wrong way, so that sword fights would have to be fought with the left hand, however the spiraling stares was meant to symbol the ascend into heaven.
  • Casino Copenhagen, Amager Boulevard 70, +45 33 96 59 65 (), [19]. 2PM-4AM. Is the only Casino in Copenhagen Entrance: 85 DKK..
  • The Operahouse, Ekvipagemestervej 10, +45 33 69 69 33, [20]. 5PM-last show. Opened in 2005 in a striking building overlooking the harbor, designed by world renowned architect Henning Larsen. Mainly hosts Opera's, but occasionally shows contemporary music concerts, and plays. For Opera's there are always 25 tickets reserved for selling on the day. Price varies..
  • Kajakole.


Shopping possibilities on Christianshavn aren't as extensive as in other parts of Copenhagen, but there several small and interesting stores dotted around Christianshavn's quite side streets, and on Christiania. Groceries can be bought in the Super Brugsen on the Christianshavns Torv, Christianshavns central square where the metro station is located.

  • Ceramic Studio and Shop, Wilders Plads 9B, +45 32 96 29 20, [21]. This is a combined studio and shop for the two ceramicists Inge Vincent and Karin Michelsen, carrying products in the beautiful Scandinavian design tradition.
  • Ginnungagab, Overgaden oven Vandet 4A, +45 32 54 22 11. M-F:11AM-6PM,Sa:11AM-3PM. A place to go for some alternative souvineers, the store is specialized in products of leather and wool, from Scandinavia and Greenland, like clothing, shoes and bags. It also carries the vikings prefered alcohol; mead, and organic vegetables. Have fun pronouncing the name, when asking directions for the store.
  • Pang Christianshavn, Dronningensgade 46, +45 21 69 21 02, [22]. This small store carries furniture's and interiors in every color of the rainbow, as long as it packs a punch. Pang is a danish word for colors that stands out.


  • Bastionen + Løven, Christianshavns Voldgade 50, ''+45'' 32950940 (), [23]. Nice resataurant in romantic green sourroundings. Serves Danish inspired gourmet food. DKK 350 for dinner menu, DKK 85 for lunch.
  • Cafe Hekla, Prinsessegade 59, +45 32 54 87 28, [24]. M-F:3AM-midnight,Sa:11AM-midnight,Su:11AM-10PM. Quality bistro style with Christiania across the street and 10 min. walk from the Opera. Serves French and Danish food. Mains from 110 DKK.
  • Café Lynge Larsen, Strandgade 50, +45 32 54 46 24. M-Th:8AM-10PM,F-Su:10AM-12PM. Sandwiches, traditional smørrebrød, and salads
  • Café Wilder, Wildersgade 56, +45 32 54 71 83, [25]. M-Th:9AM-midnight,F-Sa:9AM-2AM,Su:9.30AM-midnight. Good simple food for brunch, lunch, dinner, or just a drink. Lunch from 60 DKK, Mains: 145 DKK.
  • Frederiks Bastion, Refshalevej 80, +45 32 57 08 51, [26]. W-Sa:noon-9PM,Su: 11AM-9PM. Old gunpowder house turned into bar and cafe, big nordic bruch on weekends. Danish food with a french twist. 2 courses: 279 DKK.
  • Lynetten, Refshalevej 200, +45 32 57 17 08, [27]. M-Su:noon-9PM. Restaurant on the Lynetten Marina, which serves traditional Danish food. Dish of the day from 62 DKK.
  • Ravelinen, Torvegade 79, '+45'' 32962045 (), [28]. M-Su:11.30AM-midnight. Very traditional summer restaurant in townhouse from 1728, serving traditional Danish cousine including smørrebrød, in either the beautiful building, or on an outdoor balcony with view over a canal. Lunch from 62 DKK, Mains from 142 DKK.
  • Spicey Kitchen, Torvegade 56, +45 32 95 28 29. Very cheap Indian style food, including some vegetarian dishes. Mains from DKK 45.


  • Noma, Strandgade 93, +45 32 96 32 97, [29]. Lunch:Tu-F:noon-1.30PM,Dinner:M-Sa:6PM-10PM. Noma is not only one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen, it has also repeatedly been nominated as one of the best in the word by the reputable British magazine Restaurant, and the Michelin guide. It specializes specifically in Nordic cuisine. The chefs find unique Nordic ingredients and combine them in inventive ways to create meals that really hang together as dinner. Housed in an old brick warehouse on the water, the environs are almost as good as the food. Try the tasting menus (from 700 DKK)-- the things you wouldn't normally choose may well be the best. Mains from 295 DKK.
  • Era Ora, Overgaden neden Vandet 33B, +45 32 54 06 93, [30]. Superb and expensive Italian restaurant, which imports it's ingredients directly from Italy, and provides quality service. Dinner menus from DKK 1100 to 1750 including wine..


  • Fingerbøllet, Wildersgade 39, +45 32 54 67 17, [31]. M-Sa:11AM-02AM,Su:noon-2AM. This bar is unpretentious and old school, a hangout for alcoholics, seamen, and students - who feast on the low prices, and plays a game dices or billiards, with rock or country music blasting out the speakers.
  • Eiffel Bar, Wildersgade 58, +45 32 57 70 92, [32]. daily:9AM-2AM. Eiffel bar has something of a 30'ties Paris feel to it, although the Can Can girls has disapeared since the place it opened in 1736. The crowd here is as diverse as the district, but definitely not pretentious. Bottled beers: 14 DKK.
  • Halvandet, Refshalevej 325 (Holmen), +45 70 27 02 96, [33]. Open from 11Am until it becomes to cold at night. Restaurant, bar, and beachbar. Halvandet has two big warehouses. Outside a big area is filled with sand to create, a beach-bar, a beach-wolley fiels, and a beach-football (soccer) field. A warm summer evening, sitting with a cold beer in a beach chair at the edge of the quay, this is probably the most relaxing place in Copenhagen to have a drink. Brunch DKK 95, main course DKK 95.
  • Kontiki Bar, Takkeloftvej 1, +45 29 46 54 17, [34]. Bar on poles in the canal behind the architect school. Connect to the restaurant boat, "Ellen". Also have sandwiches and other food.


  • Radisson SAS Scandinavia, Amager Boulevard 70, +45 33965000. 542 rooms, most with a view over Copenhagen. The Dining Room restaurant is on the 25. floor.


Guided tours

  • Christiania guide group, Bådmandsstræde 43, (, fax: +45 32 57 60 05), [35]. summer only, daily 3PM. 30 DKK.
Vor Frelser Church
Lille Mølle
Street on Christianshavn
Sunday brunch at Frederiks Bastion
Windmills at Lynetten

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