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Copenhagen : Christiania
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One of the best views in town
A view over the fortification canal running through Christiania

Christiana is a self-governing "free town" established in 1971, a city within the city, on the site of a military barracks as an alternative to mainstream culture. The government has recently cracked down on long-standing activities such as the open use of soft drugs (hard drugs, firearms, and automobiles are among the items prohibited though). Nonetheless it's quite safe and popular as a tourist site. Keep in mind that it's a residential area, not commercial. Photography of the central "Pusher Street" will not be tolerated by the dealers.

Get in

Christiana is car free, and parking conditions outside can be hellish on good weather, so do what everyone else does and jump on a bike, if that doesn't cut it, take public transit; there are two options: Take the metro to Christianshavn station, from there it's about a 6 minute walk (500m), when you exit the metro station continue straight ahead (south) until the 2nd intersection (there is a furniture store on the corner) turn left down (east) Prinsessegade and walk a couple of hundred meters, you won't miss it, if you have any sort of idea what you are looking for.

You can also bus opt for bus 66, which stops right outside the entrance, it leaves from both Vesterport and the central station, it leaves about every 10 minutes for most of the day.



Christiania's beach

Christiania is something of a powerhouse in Copenhagen's cultural life, especially on the alternative scene, and there will almost always be something going on, in one of the many club and venues dotted around the central part near Pusher street, or the open air scene on Café Nemoland (listed under drink)

  • Christiania Jazzclub, (), [1]. W&F:9PM-late. This Jazz club, housed in Christiania's childrens theatre, has an amazing atmosphere - and often you can go to stage and jam away at the late hours of the night.
  • Den grå hal (The grey hall). Den grå hal is something of an authority on the Danish music scene, and despite it's somewhat modest appearance , has hosted some of the biggest stars in music, like Metallica and Rage Against the Machine. But there is often something else than music going on here, like markets or theatre. Price varies.
  • Loppen, Sydområdet 4B, +45 32 57 84 22 (), [2]. Is a cool rock club in Christiania where various alternative bands play live.
  • The Opera, Gaden, +45 32 57 29 09, [3]. The Opera on Christiania (not to be mistaken by the more conventional Operahouse nearby, is combined music venue and eatery, with a wide variety of bands playing. Hosts an awesome blues night on Sundays, and doubles as a watering hole.


One of the many colorful murals on Christiana

Christiania offers some truly unique shopping, apart from it's (in)famous major export item; Cannabis. If you want to bring home a really unique souvenir from Copenhagen, there are a bunch of interesting options here. In addition to stores listed below, there is also a Bazaar at the entrance to Pusher street where you can buy everything from Cannabis posters, to bongs and Jamaican clothing.

Despite the police best efforts to shut down the Cannabis trade here, the selling is still going on - relatively openly. But potential buyers should be aware, that police occasionally patrols the area, and you could potentially be fined if you are caught possessing hashish. Guests should also take note that harder drugs are frowned upon on Christiania, and no attempts should be made buying, or even asking for harder drugs.

  • CA Butikken (The Christiania store), (Corner of Prinsessegade & Bådmandsstræde), [4]. F-Su:noon-5PM. Sells handicrafts, clothing and Christiania merchandice. And also doubles as an information point and café.
  • Christiania Bikes, Mælkevejen 83A, +45 32 54 87 48, [5]. M-F:9AM-5PM,Sa:10AM-2PM. Produces some unique handcrafted bikes, their signature bike - famous throughout Denmark, has a boot in the front for goods, kids or groceries.
  • Indkøbscentralen, +45 32 96 15 51, [6]. 8AM-8PM, Tu:noon-8PM. This store sells mostly organic groceries, some produced locally in Christiania, e.g. organic cosmetics
  • Qsmedien (The woman ironworks), Mælkevejen 83 E, +45 32 57 76 58, [7]. M-F:9AM-5PM,Sa:11AM-3PM. Is an iron workshop run by 3 women, mostly selling creative interior decorations and furnitures cast of iron and glass.
  • Tata shoes, Langgaden, +45 41 60 11 13, [8]. M-F:10AM-5PM,Sa:noon-3PM. Is a christiania outfit that makes handcrafted orthopaedic shoes, uniquely made for measure. 1300-2000 EUR.


  • Månefiskeren (Moonfisher), (Just behind Pusher street in Christiania), +45 3257 1456, [9]. 10.00 - 24.00. Relaxed café with room for both Christianites and people just dropping by for a cup of coffee, a game of Table football or billiards. Has some excellent sandwiches too, but doesn't serve alcohol.
  • Morgenstedet, Fabriksområdet 134, [10]. Tu-Su:noon -9OPM. Morgenstedet is a vegetarian eatery, the food here is made from organic and fresh vegetables from a Danish farm. mains: from 70DKK.
  • Spiseloppen, +45 32 57 95 58, [11]. Tu-Su:5PM- 10PM. Is nice restaurant where the menu changes daily, and according to what fresh foods are available during the different seasons. There is always a fish and a vegetarian dish on the menu. Mains from 165 DKK.
  • Sunshine Bakery, Pusher street. 24H. Bread and cakes and sandwiches, coffee, tea, dairy products, soft drinks, cigarettes etc., both for take away, or enjoying at the outdoor benches in front of the bakery.


Café Nemoland
  • Café Nemoland, Fabriksområde 52 (by the end of Pusher street), +45 3295 8931, [12]. 10.00 - 02.00 (Weekends until 3.00). This lovely place is part outdoor beer garden, part concert venue, part indoor café. Creative decoration, and the most varied crowd you are likely to see anywhere in Copenhagen.
  • Woodstock, Pusher Street. 9AM-05AM. A Public house with occasional live music. Breakfast, sandwiches, beer, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea.


There are no public option for sleeping, unless you bump into someone willing to lend you a couch, the nearest hotels are on Amager or Downtown


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